Elongated 9-patch

While watching Bonnie sew more of her Moth in the Window blocks on Quiltcam today, I pieced rows of elongated 9-patch blocks into a quilt top. I am not adding borders to this one. A few days ago I found my special needs son playing with some green and blue 2.5" strips so I made some simple blocks with them. I was three blocks short so I added the orange blocks to make up the numbers. No need to hide mistakes or shortages of fabric - make it a feature!

Next problem is how to quilt it?  Hmmmm, maybe pebbles in the white patches, straight lines down the sashings and nothing in the coloured patches.  The blocks are12" x 6" which makes the quilt 72 x 50".

East Street Mystery step 2

Woo Hoo!  Bonnie posted the Clue 2 instructions about 9pm Queensland time, so I was able to cut out the triangles and start sewing.  I managed to get all the right wings on before I had to go to bed, but was up at 4.45am and finished them off before my young son woke up.

I can't tell you how much I love working with the EZ ruler and the Companion ruler.  My piecing is much more accurate than the 'old' method of sewing squares onto recgangles and cutting away the excess triangles.  I also love that I don't have to square anything up - it all fits together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Since I'm using a solid white for the background and no scraps for the colours either, my quilt probably won't be quite as interesting, but I'm loving the fresh look it's starting to have.

My blue fabric has butterflies on it and they are higgeldy piggeldy in my pic because butterflies don't fly straight ;-)

Step 1 and Step 2 together.  I'm really liking the fabric combo.  My other colours are yellow and peach. 

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Magazine Coverage

I just received a copy of Burda Patchwork in the mail.

winter 2012, issue No. 36

Astrid Franchet wrote a wonderful article about Tradition in Transition as part of her coverage of the 18th Carrefour Européen du Patchwork. She sent me the french version but said they also printed a german one. So if you get this issue in your country, go out and buy it!

works seen from top to bottom
1st row:Valerie Collins, Quilter's Courtyard, detail
 Meredith Annett, And So It Goes
2nd row: Gordana Brelih, Strong and Beautiful, full and detail
Chung-Im Kim, Dawn
3rd row: Judith Martin, Twenty Four Hour Care
(this work was also printed on a banner hung outside our exhibition space)
Laurentian Hills, 20 person collective: R. Crown, J. Popiel, B. Garner, 
 C. Breedyk-Law, M. Pal,  L. Morin, C. Moore, D. Bates, 
M. Zohar, S. Garner, R. Field, M.Dunsmore, M. Morris, M. Cope,
 M. Filshie, J. Gerster,  C. McNair, E. Quehl, S. White, M. Hannigan

I am so glad the exhibit, Tradition in Transition, got so much attention. It was good for the artists and also for me both as curator and participating artist.


Starting tomorrow, December 1st,
the esteemed and tireless FAF committee will bring you
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So I'm in Vegas for the day where I am (among other things) visiting my brother (the one who wears a dress) (see Trib column from a few weeks ago).  I took a little walk in the warm winter air and looked at the oleander shrubs, which triggered a memory.  I think I must have been about nine--at any rate, it was the first time our family drove to California.  Once we hit Vegas TRQ pointed out the oleander which was in full bloom.

"Those flowers are poisonous," she said.  "Don't eat them."

So I spent a fair amount of time in the backseat of our car, worrying about beautiful poisonous flowers.  What if I forgot my mother's warning and ate them by accident?  Or what if I didn't forget, but somebody slipped some oleander flowers in my food?   Would I even notice?  That I was eating flowers?  And why did God make poisonous flowers anyway?  Snakes and spiders were one thing.  But flowers?

Here was the scariest thought, though.  What if I WANTED to eat oleander flowers, just to see if they really WERE poisonous?  Because guess what.  I have a whole huge history of doing things specifically because people told me NOT to.   I am serious about this.  I once stopped at a grocery store and bought some grapes, which I didn't want, simply because there were people out front protesting with signs that said DON'T buy the grapes here.  (And you should know I am usually on the side of labor in these kinds of disputes.)

So far I've resisted about the flowers.

I'll keep you posted.

FAF 2012 Best In Show - Tom Mirochna

It's near impossible to be in a room with Tom Mirochna and not be inspired and charged up from his relentless creative spirit and driven intellect.  The curious and calculated metal creations that won this artist a Best In Show at the 2012 FAF are only samples of what his mind can and has done over the years.  Tom explains that art has always been a part of his life in some way "but has often been overshadowed by daily responsibilities for making a living. I have worked in photography, charcoal, pencil, oil and designers qouache, concept art and temporary installations but found what I enjoy most is working in three dimensions with metal."  

An engineer by trade, Tom wields creations from both sides of his brain.  Born in Queens, New York to a military family, Tom has lived in the Mid-Atlantic, Upper Midwest, Alaska and Germany. Before being transferred from Michigan to the east coast in 1978, he attended school at Eastern Michigan University for fine arts followed by community college for commercial art.  His formal career has since taken a path through several employments and small businesses, the latest of which (Technisys) has kept him more than occupied for the better part of 20 years.  

The recent Fall Arts Fest in Woodbury kindled an enthusiasm to provide space for local and regional artists to exhibit their work.  Tom was not only an exhibiting artist at the fest but was also a key committee member to take what was an idea and make it a reality.  Now he has done that again.  The tria art gallery concept was born and implemented in only 6 weeks, capped by a very successful grand opening in late November thanks to many dedicated supporters and a core team of artists.  Tom's passion has brought an art gallery into the center of downtown and now his focus rests on the current state of and future plans for the tria art gallery.

When asked about his work, Tom explains that he is inspired not only by real life experience but by other artists and more specifically, automotive industrial environments. "The creative process is experimental throughout the works’ creation. The first phase of the process is to find seemingly compatible components from heaps of found and other materials." Tom goes on to say that "from this 'compatible' selection, the work then begins to develop as perhaps three or four components are selected for possible use. Perhaps all but possibly only one or two of those is chosen to be incorporated into the piece. Then three or four more are selected and the process continues until the final form is completed. Some components are cleaned, treated and re-finished prior to incorporation, while others remain in their original state. The resulting work delivers visual spatial relationships that change as viewed in the round."

Congratulations Tom Mirochna and we'll see you at FAF 2013!

Moth in the Window

Bonnie was doing her live webcam feed at 9pm her time.  World Clock (thank you Google) told me that it would be 12 noon here in Queensland.  Wow - if I get my shopping finished on time, I'll be able to join in the fun.  I raced home and was right on time.  How much fun is the quiltcam!  I felt like I was sewing with a friend.  It was mighty hot in the sewing room, but I managed to get the borders sewn on to my granddaughter's quilt as well as some snowball blocks for an I-spy quilt.

The blocks Bonnie was sewing were Moth in the Window - a pattern she wrote for Quiltmaker magazine.  I don't have the mag - do we even get it here in Australia?  Dunno.  Anyway, I reverse engineered it (are we allowed to do that?) and here she is - my very first Moth in the Window block made from my 2.5" strip bin scraps.  The block finishes at 8" and I should have enough of the backgrounds to do 30 blocks - a nice lap sized quilt.

I like it.
I like it a lot.

More Diary

Here's another great entry written a few weeks after my thirteenth birthday:  "The last time I wrote [in this diary] I was twelve.  Now I am a teenager and confused."

I am here to bear witness that the confusion has NOT gone away.

Beautiful Sugar Roses!


Congratulations Eva Mae and Dan

Eva Mae and Dan recently got married at the beautiful Mansion of Tuckahoe in Jensen Beach.  I had the pleasure of working with them and being part of their most special day.  For their rehersal dinner, I designed a Tarpon groom's cake for Dan and their wedding cake was a classy but bright and fun wedding cake finished in buttercream with sugar orchids.  They were both very happy with the cakes! 

Grand Slam!

A Cleveland Indian's player recently scored a Grand Slam when he married his beautiful bride and I had the honor of making a surprise groom's cake for their wedding.  He also enjoys fishing, football and playing golf.    The cake was a hit among his friends and of course, he loved it as well! 


FAF 2012 Best In Show - Jenn Dodd of Paperchoke

Jenn Dodd has a love affair with paper.  Her devotion can be found in the painstaking intricacies of her work and the lace like patterns she finds like a sculptor finding a figure in the stone.  When asked to characterize her work, this artist had a most eloquent answer.  "Simple. Handmade. Warm. Maybe a little funny and weird. I have a love affair with paper," Jenn explains.  "I want to go back to the days where people sent hand written notes to each other through the mail instead of throwing a thumbs up on a mass Happy Birthday post. I think a tangible object with the evidence of hand that shows effort and thought and time shows you care in a way that technology will never convey. It's a little out there, but I really do think that paper fortifies connections. That thought translates to my maps as well. We are all connected. Like streets. Like fibers in paper. That's the designer in me talking."


We couldn't agree more and the voting public put a stamp of approval on it.  Jenn Dodd walked away from the First Annual Woodbury Fall Arts Fest as one of only three artists awarded Best In Show as voted on by a very discerning crowd.  Amongst her repertoire of work is a collection of custom hand cut maps that will stop you in your tracks.  Fine, delicate cuts of streets and waterways make for almost abstract movements in the paper.

But where does one start cutting paper in their spare time and turning it into a thriving business and passion?  Well, Jenn comes from a rather artistic family in upstate New York with "childhood memories of little blue pencils, salt on watercolors, and paintings on found pieces of wood."  Equipped with an education from the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University and a found love of graphic design, this budding artist developed her own expression in paper only recently with her online shop Paperchoke.  "I have been a maker all my life, but I really started working on my Etsy shop after my father passed away last year. It was a very dark time for me and I knew if I didn't DO something I would continue down a bad path. I needed to laugh. I needed to create in the midst of crazy loss. So... I started drawing and thinking up puns. When someone reads one of my cards and smiles or laughs, it really, truly makes my day."  According to Jenn she also started papercutting around that same time.  Jenn explains, "I had always been into maps and traveling and I know how people can connect to places, so I started cutting out blocks of their favorite cities until all that was left were streets and rivers. They were a huge hit and I started getting orders soon after that. It's funny how life kind of steers you into things you never thought you would do!"

Congratulations Jenn Dodd and we'll see you at the FAF 2013!

Beres - Beres Lemari Giveaway

Oke, nama giveawaynya ga keren ya, Beres Beres Lemari. Kenapa ga pake bahasa Inggris aja Ren? Nanti dikiranya ini internasional, ha ha ha (garing ih :p). Tapi hadiahnya tetep keren dong. Kali ini saya akan bagikan beberapa buku koleksi saya, dalam rangka memberi ruang khusus buat buku - buku yang saya barusan beli. Tetap yah naluri beli buku baru ga bisa dibendung, walau entah kapan mau dibaca bukunya, he he he. Buku - buku yang mau saya kasih ini ada 10 buku. Berhubung bakal berat di ongkos jika satu orang satu buku, maka saya bikin per paket yang masing - masing paket isinya ada dua buku. Apa saja buku yang akan saya bagi, ini dia :) :

Paket 1

 The Thief - Megan Whalen Turner (Terjemahan)
Silver Phoenix - Cindy Pon (Terjemahan)

 Paket 2

Pacar Alternatif - Lusiwulan
Poconggg juga Pocong - @pocongg

Paket 3

Kiss of Midnight - Lara Adrian (Buku bahasa Inggris)
Midnight in Ruby Bayou - Elizabeth Lowell (Buku bahasa Inggris)

Paket 4

Dracula, My Love - Syrie James (Buku terjemahan)
The Darkest Surrender - Gena Showalter (Buku bahasa Inggris)

Paket 5

Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov
River's Note - Fauzan Mukhrim

Semuanya masih dalam kondisi bagus. Beberapa ada yang sudah saya baca dan yah, saya anggap biasa aja benernya. Lalu ada juga yang dapat gratisan tapi kok kayaknya bakalan ga saya baca kan sayang. Ada juga yang kayak Kiss of Midnight, sudah punya bukunya dan pas menang kuis malah dapat lagi. Jadinya dobel deh, cuma yang saya ambil tentu yang edisi ada tanda tangan dari pengarangnya, hehe. Mau dapat salah satu paket buku di atas? Ini syaratnya :

1. Pilih paket yang kamu mau. Boleh milih satu paket saja atau malah semuanya. Tapi satu orang hanya akan dapat satu paket saja. Jadi jika kamu memilih lebih dari satu paket, beri urutan paket nomer berapa yang kamu mau ya. Contoh :
"Mau paket no 5,3,4,2, atau 1"
"Mau paket no 3 atau 5"
Kalau kamu menang, maka akan saya kasih yang nomer 5. Kalau itu sudah diakui pemenang lain, saya akan kasih yang pilihan ke dua, dan seterusnya Jelas yah? :D
2. Harus berdomisili di Indonesia. 
3. Berlaku untuk semua umur, kecuali paket 3 dan 4, harus berumur minimal 21 tahun. Cover seksi, isi juga seksiyyyy, jadi harus sesuai umur yang baca ;)
4. Komen di kolom komentar dengan menyebutkan nomor paket yang dimau, umur berapa (jika memilih paket 3 atau 4), dan alamat email. Komen anonim wajib mencantumkan namanya.
5. Giveaway dibuka sampai tanggal 7 Desember 2012. Pemenang akan diumumkan pada hari Senin tanggal 10 Desember 2012. Pemenang ditentukan secara random.
6. Share giveaway ini. Kalau yang ini optional :)

Yup, tunggu apalagi. Ayo pilih buku yang kamu mau! ;)

FAF 2012 Best In Show - Jason Brueck of Alter Images

Lost in Colorado
No, it wasn't your imagination.  That was indeed a huge canvas of an astronaut in a boat passing by you under the arm of a very satisfied FAF 2012 customer.  The booth of Jason Brueck was hard to miss on September 29th at the First Annual Woodbury Fall Arts Fest not only for passing customers but for the voting public.  Awarded one of only three Best In Show, Jason remains modest about his work despite continuing and growing success.

Abandon Ship
Born in Chicago, Jason moved south at the age of 4 and found a lifelong inspiration near his new home in Ft. Myers, Florida.  Courtesy of a family friend who worked for NASA, this budding artist fell captivated after a few up close and personal shuttle launches.  "Truth be told, I'm not sure if it's the actual exploration of outer space or just the mere imagery that holds my interest," Brueck explains, "but when it came time to design something, I didn't have to think too long as far as what I wanted hanging from my own walls... astronauts!!!"

After a chance viewing of his first design Lost in L.A., Jason was offered a an opportunity to display his work.  After a few more originals, some prints adorning the walls of a local bar, selling at First Fridays in Philly, Alter Images was born.  "Prints turned into business cards. Business cards turned into a website. The website helped lead me to more public showings and now I have a small gallery in Old City where my work is displayed full time," explains this full time attorney and weekend warrior artist.  Yes, you read that correctly.  This multimedia specialist has a degree from the University of Florida in journalism his law degree from Villanova Law School.  All the more evidence that artists are born not trained.  Inspiration comes from some place unspoken and execution of an idea does not come from instruction but from instinct.

A Prayer to Genevieve
Recently featured in September's Catapult Magazine and honored with this Best In Show accolade, the current momentum of this self proclaimed fledgling hobbyist gives some merit to the idea of making art a full time career in the near future. For now, his fan base builds with a continuous fascination about the origins and inspirations of the images.  

When asked to describe his work, Jason explains that "at its core, it's photo illustration, with the genre maybe being described as pop surrealism.  My goal is to blur the line between the real and surreal, creating an image that draws the viewer in, making the unlikely and even unattainable, somewhat more tangible."  

Congratulations Jason Brueck and we look forward to seeing you at FAF 2013!


It's been a hard six weeks. The first week of October Son #1 tore his ACL. That same weekend, Son #2 made one of those stupid, stupid, stupid, underdeveloped frontal lobe, two second teenager decisions that has had enormous and  far reaching consequences for him, and also for me.

And as so often happens, when the big things start falling apart, so do the little ones. Or maybe the little ones fall apart regularly, but you just notice them more when the big ones are hard. Two weeks ago, for instance, I broke a crown on a tooth. And last week my computer died. 

When I took my computer to the shop I've used for the last ten years, they told me it would take 3-5 business days. After five days, the computer store called. The off/on switch was shorted out, and they thought it I might have spilled liquid into the computer. I hadn't. They wanted $380 to replace the switch and the top case. I wasn't sure whether my four-year-old computer was actually worth that much. My twitter friends suggested I get a second opinion.

Last Saturday I went to pick up my computer. They guy said I couldn't take have it. It was in pieces on the workman's bench and I would have to wait until he put it back together on Monday. I couldn't get there on Monday or Tuesday, so I went to pick it up on Wednesday morning (on my way to the dentist to get the crown repaired). The repairman offered me $30 for parts. I didn't take it. He then suggested that I try the Apple Store.

I should confess that I am not a big fan of the Apple Store. It's always super, super, super busy. There are all kinds of different computer noises, and classes, and conversations, and it puts my ADD brain into full fight or flight mode. That day, the day before Thanksgiving, was no different. The store was busy, busy, busy. And super noisy. And I couldn't get an appointment at the "Genius Bar" until Saturday.

So on Saturday I went back. And it was still busy, busy, busy. And super noisy. And I had to stand in front of the speaker display and every time someone needed to look at the speakers, I had to kind of scootch over and try to make room in this really crowded store. At one point someone asked me for advice about which speaker they should buy. And I was really, really glad when it was my turn for the Genius Bar and I could sit facing away from the craziness of the store. 

Mr. A., my genius, was very personable. In the first five minutes, I knew that his favorite part of Thanksgiving was cornbread. And that he has a sister who is a social worker in Minneapolis. And about his friend who is a football player that tore his ACL. He knew about my boys. And all the while, he was plugging in my computer and running different tests.Soon he was able to confirm that there is something wrong with the on/off switch. I thought about the $380. And I wanted to cry.

"Let me see what I can do for you," he said. And he walked away and went over to a different computer. In five minutes he was back. "Ok, here is what they are going to do," he said. They are going to replace the top case. And then they are going to replace this part on the bottom too. But it will take about 3-5 days."

"How much?" I asked, hoping I wouldn't start to cry in the store, in front of all of those people.

"Nothing," he said. "Apple is taking care of it."

"Nothing?" I said, thinking of the $380 I was expecting to hear.

"I don't joke about money," says Mr. A. "Really. You just need to sign with your finger."

I sign and leave the store quickly, then go to my car and cry.

It has been a long hard six weeks.

Tonight I am going to write Mr. A a note, to tell him how much his kindness meant to a very tired mom.

Well Hello long time no see lol

Good evening guys, i thought i needed to explain my absence her on blog land lol, i have been super duper busy and i havent crafted for weeks now, the occasional hour here and thier has been orders and not even done much dt work, hopefully i will be able to craft a bit tomorrow??
i am having severe withdrawals lol i really want to craft lol,
 As some of  you may already know me and my hubby have bought a franchise for me to run whilst he continues with his work, we chose commercial cleaning,
anyway after waiting 7 weeks we finally got my new van!!! i had to px my lovely zafira sri, i loved my pappap, but this van is pretty cool lol with mots of mod cons,
anyway here is my van..............what do you think???
And here we are at head office in chester after we took the van to get all done up lol,
I really hope to get on more this week and share some work with you all, i have lots of dt work to catch up on so i better get my butt in to gear lol,


Tradition in Transition is set up. It will have another showing, this time in Canada, before the 35 pieces go back to their makers.

The opening reception was on November 25th at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre. The show runs till January 6, 2013.

The main room at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre during the opening.

I gave my last 'talk' about the exhibit at the opening.

I spoke for about 10 minutes at the opening about the exhibit
with some participating artists in attendance.

Left: Quilt Sampler by Riel Nason
Right: Judith Martin stands in front of her work, Energy Cloth

Some of the artists and I celebrated the evening beforehand- a dinner at my house.

Sitting in the kitchen having appetizers
before heading to the dining room for a sit-down dinner.

Shrimp Remoulade - I had to make the presentation artistic!

I can't believe what I worked on for one and a half years is Done.

Ron played during the reception.
A few years ago he and his classmates made a community quilt
which later went to Verona, Italy, to be exhibited
 in the public library there during Verona Tessile.
He really added to the afternoon


Visitors loved to see the Canadian skill and artistry.


Judith Martin and I in front of her piece, Twenty-Four Hour Care

Well, onto the next project!

Easy Street step 1

I love making 4-patch units.  From cutting the strips, to sewing them together in a long chain, to cutting the sub-units, chaining those and the final pressing.  Relaxing and fun.  I forgot how much I love piecing.

Green and white is such a refreshing looking combo.  I'm also using the Half Square Triangle blocks as leaders/enders while piecing Easy Street.  Love making two quilts at the same time!

Linky to Quiltville: http://quiltville.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/easy-street-monday-link-up-1.html

When writers read

Do you ever have this experience?

Because I'll be working at the store during the month of December, I've been trying to catch up on newer titles and wow.  The experience has left me kinda depressed.  I KNOW.  I GOTTA STOP WRITING ABOUT BEING DEPRESSED--because actually I'm fine.  But here's why I say this about the reading part.

I get depressed half of the time because I think, "If THIS got published, why aren't all those manuscripts I have circulating right now getting published?!!!!!!!!"  (Feel free to insert more exclamation points here.)

The other half of the time I get depressed because I think, "I'll never be as good as this."  (Feel free to lie down and just say "uncle" right now.)   It all depends on the book, don't you know.

But on the bright side, it's been fun to discover I still enjoy books for young readers.  I was beginning to think that just wasn't the case anymore.  So YAY for that, I say!


Thanskgiving weekend. The weather has been gorgeous in Colorado, so I spent a lot of time outside, but I did get a little bit of reading done. Rebecca Stead's LIAR AND SPY was at the top of my list- I've been seeing it on lots of Newbery lists for several months, so I finally put it on reserve at the public library. It did not disappoint!

When the book opens, Georges (pronounced George) and his mother and father have just lost their home, and moved into a new apartment. The first day there, Georges and his dad are in the basement and notice a sign that says SPY CLUB. Through the Spy Club, Georges comes to know Safer and Candy, two homeschooled kids who live in his apartment, and learns a lot about truth and friendship…

What intrigued me about this book was the bullying thread that ran throughout. Georges is an outcast at his middle school and is subject to some really unkind treatment by other students. Even so, he manages to maintain his center and sense of okay-ness. I think back to myself in middle school-- I wasn't bullied, but even so, I remember feeling like I never quite fit in, and hating it. I lived for 3:00, when I could escape to ride my horse, and hang out with other kids who were more like me.

As I was reading, I kept thinking about WONDER. The message in that book is really powerful, but I think the message in LIAR AND SPY is equally as powerful. I could see myself reading aloud  WONDER, then following it with LIAR AND SPY. I think the two books together could open up some really amazing conversations about the way we treat each other…

Reading has always been an escape for me. When I need to get out of my life, I just find a good page turner and lose myself in it. Recently I have come across Lisa Scottoline, a new to me author who writes those kind of books for adults (If I taught high school I would be book talking some of these because I think they could get reluctant readers into books). The first day of break, I read SAVE ME by Lisa Scottoline. SAVE ME is the story of a mom who is in an elementary school cafeteria when an explosion occurs. She is faced with the dilemma of rescuing her own daughter who has gone to a bathroom to hide from some kids who are bullying her, or saving the other children who have just bullied her daughter.  She makes her choice, then has to deal with repercussions from other parents and the media. In the attempt to clear her name, she uncovers a secret…

On Saturday, I started ENRIQUE'S JOURNEY, the book for ONE BOOK, ONE DENVER. ENRIQUE'S JOURNEY is nonfiction, the story of how a young boy travels from Central America, via train, and crosses over the border, to find his mother, who has left her family to earn a living working as a housekeeper in California. I'm not very far into this--- got bogged down in the author's prologue and almost decided to return it to the library, but then read a little more when I was waiting in line at the car wash, and decided to try it again. That's at the top of the pile for this week.

I am deep into CYBILS judging, also read lots of poetry, but will probably blog about that later this week. Some of the ones I read were EDGAR ALLEN POE'S PIES by J. Patrick Lewis, FORGET ME NOTS: POEMS TO LEARN BY HEART, selected by Mary Ann Hoberman, and THERE'S A BANANA IN YOUR EAR by Michael Rosen. Piles and piles of poetry on the TBR stack this week as well.

Review : Bo & Jo - Ketika Suami Berusia Jauh Lebih Muda oleh Mira Rahman

Judul : Bo&Jo - Ketika Suami Berusia Jauh Lebih Muda
Pengarang : Mira Rahman, VBi Djenggotten Penerbit : Sahabat Ufuk
Tebal : 130 halaman
Diterbitkan pertama kali :  2012
Format : Paperback, Graphic Novel
Target : Remaja
Genre : Kontemporer
Bahasa : Indonesia 
Status :Numpang baca :D


Sebuah kolaborasi dua orang ilustrator, mengisahkan suka duka dalam pernikahan dengan kondisi suami yang berusia jauh lebih muda. Diinspirasi dan diadaptasi dari sebuah kisah nyata, dikemas dengan cara yang segar, santun dan masih seirama dalam konteks kekinian.


Note : Ini versi lebih upgrade (alias dibagusin lagi :)) ) dari review saya di Goodreads :)

Pas saya nulis review graphic novel ini di hape lewat aplikasi Goodreads di Android (pamer nih :p), dah capek2 nulisnya, eh reviewnya hilang gara2 ditelpon pacar saya si K. Erggggghhhh!!!!! Bete banget pas itu,  rasanya dah kayak mau injak - injak  si dia aja *bercanda :)). Seperti biasa, saya numpang baca ini di Leksika. Waktu itu ada obralan novel banyak dan kebetulan nih buku plastiknya dibukain. Kayaknya kok Si Ren ini hobi banget yah numpang baca disitu? Kayak g ada kerjaan aja :)). Masalahnya bagi saya, kan pas itu lagi nungguin si K. Dan daripada bengong nyariin sepatu atau baju, lebih mendingan kalau baca aja, kan?. Soalnya menurut saya sepatu itu ga bisa dicoba tanpa dibeli lalu dimiliki. Beda sama buku. *ada yang merasa aneh dengan frase ini?*

Bo & Jo adalah edisi mainstream (diterbitkan penerbit besar, setelah sebelumnya beredar secara indie) dari "Married with Brondong" karya illustrator yang sama. Premisnya sederhana, gimana kalau seorang cewek yang sudah umur 30 tahun ke atas (dalam kasus ini 32 tahun) nikah sama cowok yang lebih muda. Ga tanggung - tanggung lho, lebih muda 7 tahun. Disini pengarangnya nyentil banget kebiasaan orang Indonesia. Belum tau A-Znya, belum dijelasin sama si Jo, tokoh utama cewek,  sudah komentar macam - macam. Mulai dari teman - teman Jo yang gaya hidupnya borjuis abis sampai keluarganya sendiri. Ngejleb juga sih pas baca ini, hahahaa. Tapi toh akhirnya Jo pun menikah dengan Bo yang dari Malang, dengan restu kedua orang tua mereka. Asal usul Bo inilah yang membuat saya ngasih 1 bintang plus dari awalnya yang cuma 3, huahahahahahaa X) #ketawasetan

Bo sendiri adalah pemuda 25 tahun yang ceplas-ceplos. Okelah, ga semua orang Malang kayak gitu kok, walau saya akuin saya juga. Bisa lihat dari beberapa review saya disini kan, hehehe.  Bagian yang paling menohok hati sebenarnya adalah saat bab Bo dan Jo membahas masalah keuangan. Teringat dengan keadaan saya ma BF saat ini (edisi curcol ini sebenarnya), dimana walau kami kerja di kantor yang sama, gaji saya jauh lebih gede dari dia. Jujur ada ketidaknyamanan masalah ini. Saya tertegun saat membaca adegan Bo yang bilang "gajiku cuma 2,5 juta" ke Jo, dan dia menyerahkan semua uang itu ke Jo. Dan gaji Jo yang 9 juta itu buat Jo sendiri. Saya langsung "nyesssss" baca ini. Hampir nangis juga. Dan malu. Selama ini saya sering bercanda sama teman kayak gini "yah gaji suami buat istri. gaji istri yah buat kita-kita dong". Tahu sih maksudnya itu hanya bercanda, tapi kok kesannya jadi kayak ga hormat sama suami? Setelah baca bab itu cuma bisa berdoa gini :"Ya Allah, seandainya saya dan BF emang jodoh dan nikah, jangan sampai masalah gaji jadi masalah pelik. Dan semoga saya ga jadi sombong."  Dan semoga juga bisa mencoba hidup sederhana seperti Jo. Amiiin (jadi berdoa disini X) )

Untuk Jo sendiri, entah kenapa saya merasakan dia itu "too good to be true" untuk seorang wanita seumuran dia. Apa karena beberapa orang seumuran Jo yang saya kenal ada yang skeptis sama pernikahan? Banyak yang menganggap karir lebih di atas segalanya daripada pernikahan? Tahu kok setiap orang beda - beda, dan itulah yang membuat saya merasa Jo jadi kayak "perfect" banget. Mungkin saya yang belum dewasa ini melihat kedewasaan Jo jadinya seperti itu :). Tapi salut sama Jo. Ketika dia menjelaskan bahwa dia ga keberatan dengan Bo yang lebih muda, karena bukankah Nabi kita, Muhammad SAW menikah dengan Khadijah yang 15 tahun lebih tua? Banyak kejadian menarik yang terjadi antara Bo dan Jo. Pertengkaran rumah tangga juga ada, lika liku kehidupan mereka setelah menikah dan hubungan dengan keluarga dan orang sekitarnya.

Novel grafis ini seolah ingin mematahkan anggapan bahwa cewek lebih tua nikah dengan cowok lebih muda, karena ga ada pilihan. Oh, dear, sakit banget kalau anggapannya seperti itu! Kalau memang yang cewek nyaman sama si cowok, why not? Ga ada masalah kan sebenarnya. Hanya anggapan orang pada umumnya itu, lebih ideal kalau cowoknya lebih tua karena dianggap sudah mapan dan dewasa. Emang sih dalam kasus beberapa artis seperti si Demi Moore-Aston Kutcher dan yang dari Indo sendiri Yuni Shara-Raffi Ahmad, kayaknya jadi kelihatan kalau hubungan cewek lebih tua-cowok lebih muda itu buruk. Dan pasti deh yang disalahin tuh, biasanya yang cewek! Saya jadi kasihan liat asumsi masyarakat yang seperti itu. Padahal kan bisa aja cowoknya yang ga dewasa. Malah selingkuh sana sini sementara yang ceweknya jadi menderita Iya ga? [-( #malahcurcollagi

Memang tidak ada pernikahan yang sempurna, begitu juga dengan Bo dan Jo. Tapi pernikahan itu yah, kalau emang sudah waktunya dan ketemu orang yang tepat, lalu Tuhan meridhoinya, pasti akan terjadi. Ga peduli sama urusan usia mau beda berapa tahun kek, yang cewek lebih tua kek, atau apalah. Graphic novel ini sangat cocok dibaca oleh remaja, supaya tahu gambaran menikah dan hidup rumah tangga kayak apa. Ga masalah kok remaja baca ini, biar mereka tahu lebih dini dan ga dibuai fantasy bakalan dijemput kesatria pakai kuda putih atau nikah sama bangsawan entah darimana #ups X). Buat yang akan menikah, apalagi yang keadaannya mirip sama si Jo, buku ini bisa banget dijadikan referensi. Banyak banget hal - hal penting yang bisa diambil dari graphic novel ini. Gambarnya juga sederhana dan enak dilihat. Berhubung saya numpang baca buku ini, janji deh saya bakalan beli buat koleksi. Dan nunjukin ke si K, siapa tahu dia jadi terinspirasi, hihihihi ^-^.

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