A new kind of bagel

The other night at the Bees Baseball Game, our two year-old granddaughter suddenly became focused on my girls.

I'll bet you didn't see THAT coming, did you?

Anyway, she started calling them "bagels," which amused us all and (of course) gave a whole new meaning to the word.  And when the evening was over, her mother told her, "Don't worry, Honey.  One day you'll have bagels, too."

Happenings - Scarecrows on Broad

This is the first year of this unique competition. We are thrilled to invite you in turning our Main Street into a beautiful and creative fall display. Not to mention competing for great prizes and of course bragging rights! This year’s theme is “Recycling.”  This is a perfect autumn family activity, team building exercise for the office or back to school project for your new class.  For a small entry fee of $35, you can get into the fun.

    Judging Criteria
    20% Description (250 words maximum)
    20% Execution of Theme 
    20% Variety of Repurposed/Recycled Materials
    20% Name/Title of Scarecrow
    20% Overall Creativity 

    Click HERE and follow the instructions to participate

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    We stopped at MACRO in Rome to see a particular art piece.

    Me viewing Plastic Bags, (2001-2011)
    by Cameroon artist Pascal Marthine Tayou
    It is a giant vase-shaped installation made with plastic bags measuring almost 10 metres in height.

    The thing that surprised me was that the bags seemed new and not repurposed.

    If "plastic bags are forbidden by law and should no longer pollute or constitute a danger to the world's ecosystem" says the artist, then why did he choose to use new bags?

    What do you think?

    So everything I hear and see on the radio/TV is making me cry this morning.  The news that babies are born addicted to painkillers.  That story about the Puerto Rican delegate at the RNC who was interrupted by chanting on the floor.  The realization that MSNBC has become as big a joke as Fox on the news front.  The knowledge that Paul Ryan and I have both Led Zeppelin and AC/DC on our playlists.

    What do you think, people?  Time for me to break out the Celexa again?

    Birdies and Elephants

    This cake was just adorable!  Designed for a first birthday to match the baby's room decor.  Too sweet for words!!!

    Retirement Cake

    This is not your traditional retirment cake!  This was a stunning design for an elegant and classy retirement party.  The flowers on this cake really turned out fabulous and really made the cake very special!!!


    Another super cute version of Minnie for Caroline's First Birthday!  All edible including Minnie!


    This was Tatiana's birthday cake.  She celebrated her birthday with friends and family at a local water park.  This was such a fun and colorful cake!

    Happenings - History Walking Tours and Story Benches

    Debuting at the Woodbury Fall Arts Fest is a new Woodbury Historic Walking Tour.  A record number of local organizations have come together for months of research and preparation to create a fresh approach to the city with a more personal angle.

    The new booklet full of images you've probably never seen and complete with map will debut at the festival courtesy of Main Street Woodbury, The Woodbury Public Library, Gloucester County Culture and Heritage Commission, City of Woodbury, Gloucester County Historical Society, Woodbury Olde-City Restoration Committee and the Historical Preservation Commission.  The booklet will feature the research of historian Bryan Bonfiglio and the graphic design of artist Jacqualynn Knight, printed by Bellia Printing.  

    To celebrate the debut of this new addition to the landscape of our fine city, Budd Realty will be sponsoring  FREE HISTORIC WALKING TOURS! 

    Don't feel up to a quick walking tour?  Sit down at a bench and hear a story.  Also debuting at the Woodbury Fall Arts Fest are Story Benches.  Find these benches scattered throughout the fest, take a seat and a local history buff will tell you a quick, fascinating story about Woodbury.  Make your rounds and hear them all!

    Don't be surprised if you fall in love with our little city.  Stop by Budd Realty for the current available properties!

    What I Meant to do Today

    1.  Put back together the upstairs guest room after Ken's heroic effort to re-floor (looks awesome!).
    2.  Write 1000 words on my novel.
    4.  Write Q. a letter.
    5.  E-mail a couple of friends to say I miss them.
    6.  Avoid watching the RNC on TV.
    7.  Deadhead some roses.
    8.  Throw away old melons still hiding in my fridge.
    9.  Go to The Body Shop (I think that's what it's called--the one that isn't Bath and Body.  Or Bed, Bath and Beyond.)  ANYWAY.  To buy some coconut body lotion.
    10.  It's just really confusing to have so many stores with the words "bath"and also "body" in the name, don't you agree?

    This is what I did instead.
    1.  Napped.
    2.  Ate brownies.
    3.  Ate more brownies.

    Yes.  It has been an awesome day and I do not say that ironically.

    Circles and Shadows

    Morning Coffee in Rome
    view from the bathroom window,
    Sulmona, Italy

    Happenings - Craft Beer Garden

    There's something for everyone at the fest.  Sit, relax and enjoy a pint from our selection of craft beers while you take in the sounds of the acoustic Music Lounge.  Get a commemorative pint glass, bring in some food from the fest and take in the sights.  Meet some of the finest local brewers who will discuss the art of beer making and let you taste the exquisite end result.  The Woodbury Fall Arts Fest Craft Beer Garden brewers include Yards, Dogfish Head, Weyerbacher, River Horse and Flying Dog.

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    True Love

    So Ken had knee surgery last Thursday and dude's on crutches for six weeks.  This, of course, has changed both of our lives.  There's a lot he can do for himself--and he does--but there are some things that are just really complicated, so then I take over.

    Which is easier said than done.

    This morning, for example, we stopped at Sinclair on his way to work to fill up the car.  I hopped out and went about my business when SUDDENLY he poked his head out the window started telling me how to pump gas.  I just stared at him.  And in my Wordless Stare there were many Wordless Sentences spoken, such as:

    "Do you know how long I have been pumping my own gas, Buster?"

    "Where are you usually when I pump my own gas?  NOT WITH ME."

    "How do you think my car gets filled week after week?  By the gas fairies?"

    The Wordless Stare had the effect of making him pull his head back in the car (like a turtle) and keep his mouth shut.  Meanwhile, one more Wordless Sentence went through my head:  "In spite of what just happened here, I love you anyway."

    Gallery Garden

    Tom Mirochna
    Nestled in the spectacle of the Woodbury Fall Arts Fest will be a Gallery Garden with a meandering path, lush greenery and the work of several local artists.

    Among them is Tom Mirochna, FAF committee member and metal sculptor.  Despite his college education in fine and commercial art, the majority of Toms career has been in technical fields but art has always been with him.  In recent years, Tom has found a love in the sculpting of metal using both found and purchased materials.  " I consider my work to be process art. Materials selection is a primary consideration to determine which shapes and textures will provide the aesthetic that I am trying to achieve. My goal is creative design with emphasis on spatial relations."
    Regina Friel

    The Gallery Garden will also be home to the work of Regina Friel, FAF committee member and local painter.  While studying fashion design at Drexel University, Regina discovered a love for painting and quickly transferred to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where she received classical training in oil painting.  "I am inspired by everything around me and I am currently working on a series of "Plein Air" paintings with similar color schemes as well as subject matter for the "Garden Gallery."

    Doris Nogueira-Rogers
    Joining Tom and Regina will be local artist Doris Nogueira-Rogers with perhaps a few surpises throughout the garden.  This is an area not to be missed during your time at the fest.  

    Exhibit in Valmalenco

    I had a very busy year concentrating on curating "Tradition in Transition" and was only able to produced three art pieces.

    One of them was for an exhibit by invitation from the association, Quilt Italia.

    The inspiration for the works was Le Città Invisibili, a novel by well known italian writer, Italo Calvino. The idea to create a body of work inspired by this book was that of past vice president of the association, Gabriella Manara.

    Each piece was to measure 1 metre x 2 metres.

    I posted during the year about the work in progress but never posted an image of the entire piece.

    Cyber City, detail, 2012

    Now that it has been exhibited in Valmalenco, Italy, for the first time, I feel I can post it.

    Click here to view all works in the exhibit. You can view mine on page 2 (detail) and page 15 (full).

    Click here to view another blog post by an italian about the exhibit.

    Mushroom Cloud Groom's Cake


    Here we are, proud with our Mushroom Cloud Groom's Cake!  This cake was a challenge to say the least!!!  I remember when I met with our client and he said he wanted a mushroom cloud, and I said  "Oh Yes! We can do that!!!"  Because they booked their wedding several months in advance, I put the project away for a few months, and when the time came to figure out logistics, I was freaking out!!! LOL  It's funny how we worry so much and at the end, everyhting comes together wonderfully!!  We were very happy with this cake and most of all, our client was thrilled!!!


    Patchwork Sidewalks

    Spent a morning in Maratea, the town nestled into a mountainside just south of where we stay.

    Maratea with view of the port below

    Maratea, Basilicata, Italy

    The sidewalks surprised me.

    They are patchworks made of ceramic tiles.

    Everyone knows I love scrap quilts!

    There are some good ideas for quilt making in these examples.

    I got back to our town late but still had a good swim before the sun set.