Magazine Coverage

I just received a copy of Burda Patchwork in the mail.

winter 2012, issue No. 36

Astrid Franchet wrote a wonderful article about Tradition in Transition as part of her coverage of the 18th Carrefour Européen du Patchwork. She sent me the french version but said they also printed a german one. So if you get this issue in your country, go out and buy it!

works seen from top to bottom
1st row:Valerie Collins, Quilter's Courtyard, detail
 Meredith Annett, And So It Goes
2nd row: Gordana Brelih, Strong and Beautiful, full and detail
Chung-Im Kim, Dawn
3rd row: Judith Martin, Twenty Four Hour Care
(this work was also printed on a banner hung outside our exhibition space)
Laurentian Hills, 20 person collective: R. Crown, J. Popiel, B. Garner, 
 C. Breedyk-Law, M. Pal,  L. Morin, C. Moore, D. Bates, 
M. Zohar, S. Garner, R. Field, M.Dunsmore, M. Morris, M. Cope,
 M. Filshie, J. Gerster,  C. McNair, E. Quehl, S. White, M. Hannigan

I am so glad the exhibit, Tradition in Transition, got so much attention. It was good for the artists and also for me both as curator and participating artist.