FAF 2012 Best In Show - Tom Mirochna

It's near impossible to be in a room with Tom Mirochna and not be inspired and charged up from his relentless creative spirit and driven intellect.  The curious and calculated metal creations that won this artist a Best In Show at the 2012 FAF are only samples of what his mind can and has done over the years.  Tom explains that art has always been a part of his life in some way "but has often been overshadowed by daily responsibilities for making a living. I have worked in photography, charcoal, pencil, oil and designers qouache, concept art and temporary installations but found what I enjoy most is working in three dimensions with metal."  

An engineer by trade, Tom wields creations from both sides of his brain.  Born in Queens, New York to a military family, Tom has lived in the Mid-Atlantic, Upper Midwest, Alaska and Germany. Before being transferred from Michigan to the east coast in 1978, he attended school at Eastern Michigan University for fine arts followed by community college for commercial art.  His formal career has since taken a path through several employments and small businesses, the latest of which (Technisys) has kept him more than occupied for the better part of 20 years.  

The recent Fall Arts Fest in Woodbury kindled an enthusiasm to provide space for local and regional artists to exhibit their work.  Tom was not only an exhibiting artist at the fest but was also a key committee member to take what was an idea and make it a reality.  Now he has done that again.  The tria art gallery concept was born and implemented in only 6 weeks, capped by a very successful grand opening in late November thanks to many dedicated supporters and a core team of artists.  Tom's passion has brought an art gallery into the center of downtown and now his focus rests on the current state of and future plans for the tria art gallery.

When asked about his work, Tom explains that he is inspired not only by real life experience but by other artists and more specifically, automotive industrial environments. "The creative process is experimental throughout the works’ creation. The first phase of the process is to find seemingly compatible components from heaps of found and other materials." Tom goes on to say that "from this 'compatible' selection, the work then begins to develop as perhaps three or four components are selected for possible use. Perhaps all but possibly only one or two of those is chosen to be incorporated into the piece. Then three or four more are selected and the process continues until the final form is completed. Some components are cleaned, treated and re-finished prior to incorporation, while others remain in their original state. The resulting work delivers visual spatial relationships that change as viewed in the round."

Congratulations Tom Mirochna and we'll see you at FAF 2013!