FAF 2012 Best In Show - Jason Brueck of Alter Images

Lost in Colorado
No, it wasn't your imagination.  That was indeed a huge canvas of an astronaut in a boat passing by you under the arm of a very satisfied FAF 2012 customer.  The booth of Jason Brueck was hard to miss on September 29th at the First Annual Woodbury Fall Arts Fest not only for passing customers but for the voting public.  Awarded one of only three Best In Show, Jason remains modest about his work despite continuing and growing success.

Abandon Ship
Born in Chicago, Jason moved south at the age of 4 and found a lifelong inspiration near his new home in Ft. Myers, Florida.  Courtesy of a family friend who worked for NASA, this budding artist fell captivated after a few up close and personal shuttle launches.  "Truth be told, I'm not sure if it's the actual exploration of outer space or just the mere imagery that holds my interest," Brueck explains, "but when it came time to design something, I didn't have to think too long as far as what I wanted hanging from my own walls... astronauts!!!"

After a chance viewing of his first design Lost in L.A., Jason was offered a an opportunity to display his work.  After a few more originals, some prints adorning the walls of a local bar, selling at First Fridays in Philly, Alter Images was born.  "Prints turned into business cards. Business cards turned into a website. The website helped lead me to more public showings and now I have a small gallery in Old City where my work is displayed full time," explains this full time attorney and weekend warrior artist.  Yes, you read that correctly.  This multimedia specialist has a degree from the University of Florida in journalism his law degree from Villanova Law School.  All the more evidence that artists are born not trained.  Inspiration comes from some place unspoken and execution of an idea does not come from instruction but from instinct.

A Prayer to Genevieve
Recently featured in September's Catapult Magazine and honored with this Best In Show accolade, the current momentum of this self proclaimed fledgling hobbyist gives some merit to the idea of making art a full time career in the near future. For now, his fan base builds with a continuous fascination about the origins and inspirations of the images.  

When asked to describe his work, Jason explains that "at its core, it's photo illustration, with the genre maybe being described as pop surrealism.  My goal is to blur the line between the real and surreal, creating an image that draws the viewer in, making the unlikely and even unattainable, somewhat more tangible."  

Congratulations Jason Brueck and we look forward to seeing you at FAF 2013!