Tradition in Transition is set up. It will have another showing, this time in Canada, before the 35 pieces go back to their makers.

The opening reception was on November 25th at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre. The show runs till January 6, 2013.

The main room at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre during the opening.

I gave my last 'talk' about the exhibit at the opening.

I spoke for about 10 minutes at the opening about the exhibit
with some participating artists in attendance.

Left: Quilt Sampler by Riel Nason
Right: Judith Martin stands in front of her work, Energy Cloth

Some of the artists and I celebrated the evening beforehand- a dinner at my house.

Sitting in the kitchen having appetizers
before heading to the dining room for a sit-down dinner.

Shrimp Remoulade - I had to make the presentation artistic!

I can't believe what I worked on for one and a half years is Done.

Ron played during the reception.
A few years ago he and his classmates made a community quilt
which later went to Verona, Italy, to be exhibited
 in the public library there during Verona Tessile.
He really added to the afternoon


Visitors loved to see the Canadian skill and artistry.


Judith Martin and I in front of her piece, Twenty-Four Hour Care

Well, onto the next project!