The Music Lounge - Megan Knight

Megan Knight is fourteen but don't hold it against her.  There is little evidence of her age in her music.  While she has spent years on the stage, the world of music is new.  On a bit of a whim in the summer of 2011, Megan decided to teach herself guitar.  By September she had made her first open mic appearance.  She is now booking gigs throughout NJ and Philly and has found a home in songwriting.    This Thursday, a little over a year after her first public performance and after weeks in the studio, Megan is releasing her original EP at Lazy Lanigans in Sewell, NJ which will soon be available on itunes and CD Baby.

Her strong, belting voice is hard to ignore but her sound isn't easy to identify as any particular genre. That is perhaps due to the range of musical influences from Johnny Cash to Led Zeppelin to Nirvana.  Her taste in music rests in the heaviest of rock legends and the latest, darkest music but she brings something refreshing to it all without loosing her edge.  As she surfs through the first waves of the entertainment industry, Megan has found that her age has worked both for and against her for different reasons.  Most underestimate her and assume her songs will be pop princess fare.  Others see her as something they can mold.  Both are wrong.  This young songstress has a strong sense of identity despite her current state of limbo between teenager and top billing.  

The Woodbury Fall Arts Fest is proud to welcome Megan Knight to the Music Lounge sponsored by Radio 104.5.  This is a performance you don't want to miss.