What I Meant to do Today

1.  Put back together the upstairs guest room after Ken's heroic effort to re-floor (looks awesome!).
2.  Write 1000 words on my novel.
4.  Write Q. a letter.
5.  E-mail a couple of friends to say I miss them.
6.  Avoid watching the RNC on TV.
7.  Deadhead some roses.
8.  Throw away old melons still hiding in my fridge.
9.  Go to The Body Shop (I think that's what it's called--the one that isn't Bath and Body.  Or Bed, Bath and Beyond.)  ANYWAY.  To buy some coconut body lotion.
10.  It's just really confusing to have so many stores with the words "bath"and also "body" in the name, don't you agree?

This is what I did instead.
1.  Napped.
2.  Ate brownies.
3.  Ate more brownies.

Yes.  It has been an awesome day and I do not say that ironically.