Exhibit in Valmalenco

I had a very busy year concentrating on curating "Tradition in Transition" and was only able to produced three art pieces.

One of them was for an exhibit by invitation from the association, Quilt Italia.

The inspiration for the works was Le Città Invisibili, a novel by well known italian writer, Italo Calvino. The idea to create a body of work inspired by this book was that of past vice president of the association, Gabriella Manara.

Each piece was to measure 1 metre x 2 metres.

I posted during the year about the work in progress but never posted an image of the entire piece.

Cyber City, detail, 2012

Now that it has been exhibited in Valmalenco, Italy, for the first time, I feel I can post it.

Click here to view all works in the exhibit. You can view mine on page 2 (detail) and page 15 (full).

Click here to view another blog post by an italian about the exhibit.