Featured Vendor - Nevin Fahs

Meet Nevin Fahs, longtime Woodbury resident, ex-carpenter, exquisite mandolin craftsman and official FAF vendor.  Nevin is originally from Ohio drawn to this region as a student at Temple in Philadelphia.    Not unlike many in this little city, the then carpenter found himself at home in Woodbury and in 1993 decided to stay and raise his family in the embrace of this historical town.  Specializing in historic restorations and adaptations, Nevin has a very special connection to the Fall Arts Fest as he worked tirelessly to restore our now glorious Woodbury Train Station at the grand entrance of our festivities.  This September, Nevin returns to the Woodbury Train Station not as a contractor but as an artist with a very special niche.

The collapse of the housing market was a turn of fate building upon a lifelong inspiration from his father who loved to make dulcimers.  This carpenter took his knowledge as a quality contractor to a new love, a new muse in the intricacies of hand made mandolins.  Red Head Mandolins, made right here in Woodbury, are not your run of the mill musical instrument.  Made from the highest quality woods of Sitka spruce, rosewood, padauk, lacewood, bloodwood, ebony and holly, Nevin's mandolins, mandolos and mandocellos are at the highest end of this market more fit to be described as art than instrument.  With inlaid intracacies, soft turns and angles and a signature bright red padauk wood headstock with a classic scrolling detail, these pieces are a far cry from the factory made clones you find elsewhere.  These are masterpieces worth collecting.  

Welcome to the Fall Arts Fest Nevin!