Broad Street Stage - Jenee Halstead

The Fall Arts Fest would like to welcome singer/songwriter Jenee Halstead.  In her third and most recent album release titled Raised By Wolves, Jenee has gone back in her inspiration in order to move forward in her art and true art she has found.  Embracing the wildness of her childhood, allowing the pureness of the creative spirit to guide her and finding a new level of uninhibited expression, Jenee has wowed the crowds with this latest installment.  The sound is soulful.  The sound is an echo of nature.  The sound weaves together a diverse background in music.

Jenee is from Spokane, Washington but her adventurous nature took her from the deserts to the snows of Alaska and onto the urban landscape of Boston.  Raised by Wolves was written in the Netherlands in an escape, in a journey which brought her further into the writing process.   "I think in some ways it is less precious and at the same time more personal. Less precious because I don't take songs or the writing process as seriously as I did when I started writing in 2006. I know that for a song to become good or great it may really need to be torn about and rewritten and sometimes there is only one phrase that gets taken from the initial writings, but the phrase is the gold nugget from which you build the song. This requires really taking ones ego out of the process or at least putting it aside temporarily in order to serve the song," Jenee explains.  

Welcome to the Fall Arts Fest Jenee!