Well, hello! 

Come on in! 

My name's Jack!

 Jack Black to be exact, but all my friends call me Jack!

My mom said you were coming!

She said you wanted to share poetry???

Umm, I don't know too much about poetry.

But I would be happy to take you for a ride!

We could go to the dog park!

I'll drive!

After we get back

We could play in the back yard

I'll let you throw my favorite bone

And I'll run and bring it back

So you can throw it again.

And we could always do a little digging--

I like to dig.

My mom said that this used to be her rock garden.

Emphasis on the garden part.

But I don't understand why someone would bury

A perfectly good rock

Unless they wanted someone like me

To dig it up!

You don't want to do that either?

All right then,

I guess we will have to try that poetry stuff!

My mom says if you leave your poems in the comments,

She'll round them up throughout the day.

Thanks for stopping by!

By the way, I actually am a very literate dog!

My mom reads poetry to me all of the time!

Here's one of my favorite dog poems…

Under a maple tree

The dog lies down,

Lolls his limp

Tongue, yawns,

Rests his long chin

Carefully between

Front paws;

Looks up, alert;

Chops, with heavy

Jaws, at a slow fly,

Blinks, rolls

On his side,

Sighs, closes

His eyes: sleeps

All afternoon

In his loose skin.