I feel buried by all the messaging we do these days--e-mails, texting, voicemail, facebook, etc.  I am SOOOOOO behind in terms of responding.  And I'm also losing e-mails--a few weeks ago a good friend e-mailed to inform me that her first grandchild just made her grand entrance--and I missed it altogether.  I hate the way g-mail bundles stuff.  There's probably a way to address that particular issue, but I'll be damned if I know what it is.  I spent two hours yesterday going through my queue, and I still have loads more.

I think people of my kids' generations feel freer to ignore and delete.  My communication model is that you should respond somehow, although I often don't do it in a timely fashion these days.

Because I'm buried, you know.  How are you feeling on the communication front?  How do you manage?

Thanks for letting me whine.