Going South

First and in fairness I must provide context: I came THIS CLOSE to losing my license as a teenager because practically every time I got into our car there was "an incident." Nothing majorly serious. Just majorly stupid. And expensive. Oh, look! Ann just ran into the back of another parked car! Oh, look! Ann just got another speeding ticket! Oh, look! Ann just broadsided Tom Brown's VW on the way to church!

Still, I'm always a little unprepared for TQR's reaction whenever I drive someplace alone. Like to St. George, for example, where I am right now. As I spoke to my dad on the telephone prior to heading out, I could hear TQR in the background going, "LAVELL! TELL HER SHE WANTS TO GO SOUTH! TELL HER TO LOOK FOR THE SIGNS THAT SAY LAS VEGAS! SOUTH! SOUTH! TELL HER, LAVELL. TELL HER!"

My mother. She just makes me happy.