Now that's a sentence (or two)

Do you ever run across a sentence or a passage that makes you sit up in your seat and go damn! I wish I'd written that!

That's how I felt tonight at the bookstore when I read a New York Times Book Review piece written by Stephen King about a new novel called THE LEFTOVERS. The novel, which I haven't read, is set in a post-Rapture world, which gave rise to this riff by King: "For those of you who wasted the spring of 2011 following less substantive stories--tornadoes, nuclear meltdowns, unrest in the Mideast, the further adventures of Snooki--[Harold] Camping is a preacher with an apocalyptic worldview, moderately hilarious dentures and strong ideas about the biblical prophecy known as the rapture."

The phrase "moderately hilarious dentures"? It is genius, people.

Fabulous Vegas Themed Quince Cake

We created this amazing looking Vegas Themed Cake for Victoria's Quince celebration.  We absolutely loved this cake; each detail was perfect!

Cardmadfairy's digi days - Add some flowers

And doesnt time fly we are on another challenge over at Cardmadfairy's digi days and yep its all about flowers !!! although dont forget you HAVE to use a digi somewhere on your creation, I chose to keep the main focus on the digi of jenny's which is flowers, the rest of the card is understated but without being too plain?? hope thats what came out of it lol

Its a simplistic design using my cuttlebug embossing folder, along with some pale lilac ribbon some card candy and my promarkers, then of course my double scalloped martha stewart edged punch, the paper is a lovely pearly shimmery purple.


I wanted to show you jenny's latest digi design on my cards but time has not been kind this week lol so i thought id show you them anyway, they are our prize as well for this challenge, remember that jenny's doesnt charge alot for these digis and they are amazing

I am entering this into a few challenges as well guys

Crafty catz - monochromatic(shades of purple) / Cute card thurs - a pinch an a punch

Charisma - anything goes / Fab n funky - embossing / I love promarkers - anything goes

Passion for promarkers - anything goes / Creative card crew - anything goes.

Hope to see you there xxx


DDCC #128 photo inspiration

We have a lovely theme for this challenge and you have to go from 2 piccies for your inspiration, i chose this one!!! to see the other one pop over to dutch dare and of course to see if you are a winner and to see the Dt's projects for you, Here is my card using a lovely digi from our sponsors crafty sentiments

Frontal view

i chose lots of bronzes and burgundy's for mine with a splash of colour

Its on a rectangle scalloped card from samual taylors,

I am entering this into a couple challenges if i may,

I love promarkers-anything goes / Creative card crew-anything goes

My time to bloom-in full bloom / One stop craft-anything but clever


Construct, Compose, Conceive

Creativity is food for my soul.

Creativity relaxes me, makes me feel calm, makes me feel happy.

I have to create every day.


I concoct in the kitchen.


I brought into being a family. Together, we are 6.
I am creative in my parenting.
(detail of my t-shirt quilt)


I am imaginative when I teach because everyone learns in a different way.
(teaching a fabric painting class in Verona, Italy)

This week two people told me they did not like my work...(I am waiting for the third!).

So what!!!

I don't create for them. I create for me.

Antonym of create - ruin and destroy.

Park sightings

This morning while I was running, I saw a man I often see--a short, square (actually stocky is a better word) Latino man wearing a pair of tight jeans, a zip-up windbreaker and an adjustable golf hat which seems like a sensible outfit if you're going to a football game in November. But here's the deal, this guy runs in that outfit. And he doesn't just run. Dude totally books it. Like, he has little clouds of speediness trailing him as he roars around the park. He's my favorite sighting.

Of course it must be said that I've turned into a sighting, too, because sometimes I rip off my shoes and run barefoot. I know. This information makes some people want to throw up in their mouths a little. Running barefoot? In a public park? But you guys, it feels awesome.

It feels like being a kid again.

New challenge and a DT call

Over at creative craft challenges

We have lost some amazing girls of late so we are having a dt call,

all you have to do to apply is email us at


with 3-5 pieces of your best work

a little info about yourself

what other if any dts you are already on

and of course be able to commit to us for a 6 month term.


Our challenge for this fortnight is


use a charm on your project guys and thats it!!

here is my card using a stitchy digi

I would like to enter into the following challenges

Passion for promarkers - anything goes / Creative card crew - anything goes

Stamptacular - divatacular / Anything goes - tv film inspired (gi jane)

Totally gorgeous - as you like it / Charisma - glitter it

Have a lovely day everyone xxx


Falling trees and other hazards

Dylan was going into the second grade when we moved to Tuxedo Park, New York, a place populated with huge trees and old stone houses. I mention the part about huge trees and old stone houses, because both of them figure into this little story.

I was inside our OLD STONE HOUSE (see? I told you) when Dylan rushed inside to say A HUGE TREE had almost fallen on top of him. I kind of said yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what huge trees do--they just jump out of the ground and purposely fall on second graders who CLEARLY FEEL LIKE THEY'RE NOT GETTING ATTENTION FROM FRAZZLED MOMS WHO JUST UNPACKED A BIG OLD U-HAUL AFTER DRIVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY WITH FIVE KIDS AND THREE DOGS.

So I ignored him and went about my business, and later when I went outside, I realized I couldn't back out of the driveway because there was a 100-foot tree that had fallen (TIMBER!) across the road and landed squarely on our property. Where, apparently, my little boy had been standing, all slack-jawed with amazement.

That's why I was interested in a picture he and Julie sent me after Hurricane Irene. Guess what fell down near their house?

I know. My son the Tree Magnet.

Walking to the Beach

Gianna and Camillo's house

Look what I found on the way to the beach while I was in southern Italy. A quilt! The colours compliment the flowers so well. Looks like a shot from a travel magazine!

I tried to do some hand sewing while I was in Italy but was too busy laughing, swimming, playing cards and eating!

And now for another column


Weight Watchers

So Phil and I have been going to Weight Watchers. He wants to lose some, and while I would also like to lose some, I mostly don't want to gain some. Psychologically I'm in that place right now where I just want to go BRING ME A TROUGH OF MEXICAN FOOD RIGHT NOW SO I CAN PLANT MY FACE IN IT AND EAT UNTIL I'M DEAD.

You know how it goes.

Anyway. We had weigh-in this morning, and I was worried I would be over my limit, which means I'd have to pay money--even if I was like an ounce and a small breath of air over my target weight. So before I left the house, I honestly took off all the clothes I could w/o being absolutely nude. I tried to be as lean as possible. Like, I would have cut all my hair off and pulled out some molars and amputated a limb, too, if I'd had time. Also, I didn't eat or drink anything, even though I ran four miles before weigh-in, which meant I was so weak I had to crawl through the Weight Watchers door on my belly. Like G.I. Joe.

But! It worked! I was RIGHT ON THE FREAKING MONEY. So yeah. I'm glad I didn't cut a leg off this morning. That would have sucked.

I'm back

What a great summer break!

the sky and the sea in southern Italy

Today's jobs: unpack, laundry, groceries, sew, sew, sew.

Yeah, I'm old like that

You know how old people always go, "Well, back in MY day"? I had that kind of moment when Al was out here visiting this summer. We were talking about how the Obama campaign has decided to go after Romney by making him look weird (I heard this on MSNBC so it must true, okay?). Specifically, they're gonna bring up the fact that the Romneys used to put the dog carrier (with the dog inside) on top of the family car whenever they went on trips. (Discuss amongst yourselves--on a Weirdness Scale from 1-10, how weird is this really? I will say when I was a kid I would have much rather been in a dog carrier on top of the car then in the back seat with my brother, John, who put his scary bare feet all over me for torture purposes.)

Anyway. Al and I--animal lovers both--discussed how some people are a leetle crazy when it comes to their pets. Then I went on to say and YEAH, some people are also a leetle crazy when it comes to their kids, too. Like, they don't let their kids go outside unless they're wearing goggles and helmets and have 911 on speed dial and so forth. What's wrong with parents these days?

What I didn't notice is that I was the only one having this conversation. Finally, Al said, something like oh RIGHT, Mom, it's a really bad idea for parents to protect their children, isn't it?

Okay. Point well-taken.

Meanwhile, Al and his adorable wife Randi write a very funny blogthemselves. I especially love the Skymall post, and I sprayed Dr. Pepper through my nose when I read about "Wunchiesville."

Save me

Sometimes you create and the outcome is disastrous!

Take my husband's birthday cake, for instance.

It is a two layer chocolate cake made from scratch.

The top split down the middle and slid off the raspberry jam filling. I repaired it...somewhat... and when I poured the warm chocolate icing over it, the moist cake split apart again...I just kept pouring the icing... sometimes you have to go with the flow.

I saved it! I made it into a diamond mine (he's a geophysicist)!! Thanks for the idea, Mike.

He loved it!

Time for a bubble bath

I bought this embossing folder from my last craft fayre i think it was a creative expressions?????

i loved it when i saw it and had to have a play, this stamp was a friend of mines cant remember what brand sorry

I used my promarkers sparingly on this but still think it looks ok?? The only other stuff i popped on to this is some cerise pink card, ribbon and lots of stickles on the bubble and job done,

Challenges for this card

Digi's with attitude - anything goes / Charisma - glitter it / Truly scruptious - rocked up pink

Passion for promarkers - no backing papers


Wherein I prove that I'm really kind of a crappy person at heart

So I often give money to panhandlers even though they say you shouldn't because really. Why not? It ain't much and it's not my business what they do with it.

Anyway. As I was driving out of the Smith's Parking Lot today I saw a guy standing there at the entrance, so I got out a dollar. But when I got closer I noticed he was wearing a Utah Utes hat. And suddenly I went never mind.

It's almost fall, people. Fall as in football. Old memories die hard.

wowzers AMAZING candy

Wow have you ever seen so much paper !!!!!!!! 1000 sheets

there is some other fantastic candy to over here you really ought to pop over and have a look, a great blog too This candy is open till 23rd september xxxx


another easel card....Boy i do love those things lol

This card was made for a ladies 70th birthday, one of my mums friends asked me to make her this and she wanted an easel card in this shape, they are soo lovely but tricky to shape the rest of the papers that way,I used one of my art deco style stamps i have and my laura ashley papers which dont get out often, i just felt they matched so well on this occasion lol My other bits an bobs that i used where my martha stewart doily lace punch and my oval nesties, plus these gorgeous flowers in a mixture of peaches,pinks and whites with a lovely pink gem in the centre, also i have this lovely peace of pale pink lace which seemed perfect

all the papers are shimmery and pearly, and then i just used silver peeloffs for the sentiments,

Challenges entered

Papertake weekly - dies to die for / My time to craft - here come the girls

I hope she will like it, ill find out today or tomorrow if she didnt lol xx


And so we say good-bye to Q

Well, it's certainly been a time of transition at la Casa de Cannon. Everyone is moving on. Today I followed Quinton up to Logan to help him move in, which is where our story begins.

When we arrived, I realized Q had basically tossed stuff into his car rather than into boxes or suitcases. He just had a car full of posters and clothes and incense and bike crap all jumbled up like a big old freshman boy tossed salad. And so I went, "Q! WHAT? Didn't you know this is why boxes were invented? So tired moms with no stomach muscles due to giving birth repeatedly don't have to walk up four flights of boy dorm stairs 1,000 times instead of just 5 or 6 times?"

But also I was having this thought: where THE HELL was that boy's mother when he needed her? For sure she wasn't overseeing the packing part. And why was that? Because in many ways Q. has been an adult from Day One. Like, I'm pretty sure he had facial hair when he was born. As a result, sometimes I've just forgotten that he's only 18. Eighteen and fabulous. Even if he doesn't know about boxes.

Man, I am gonna miss him.

congratulations, your a star

Yesterday i was asked to make a card for this coming friday!!!! yikes, it is for a congrats on exam card, i was in a bit or a quandry as i dont really have any stash for that and wasnt sure what design to use, so i used rozzy's sketch from our trimmie challenge and went from there,Its actually a very simple card as i havent used any DP's at all just my metallic dcwv matt stack and some lovely burgundy card stock, and my newest fave punch from martha stewart which is this fabby star norder punch, its so versatile, i had already coloured this fab fella from greeting farm in and is what i took my colour scheme from as i didnt want another male blue or brown card lol, tha tag digi is a stitchy one, as per my usual choice i used stickles all around the edges.


I have entered this little fella into the following challenegs

Ooh la la - no backing paper / Poodles parlour - anything goes(2nd entry)

I love promarkers - easel card(3rd entry) / Cards for men - anything goes (2nd entry)

I do hope they like this card it was a bit of a quickie lol



So I had two unexpected reactions to my funeral music column. The first one was from my bishop, a wonderful man who's a therapist by trade. Anyway, he wanted to know if I'm doing . . . okay. And I said yes, because the truth is I'm thinking a lot less about death and so forth than I used to. The second one was from my neighbor Kathy who is now anxiously worrying about writing her talk for my funeral.

Anyway. Sorry! I didn't mean to throw my bishop and Kathy for a loop. They don't need loops! That's why I won't turn this blog post into a column anytime soon.

Okay, so my brother is a surgeon, right? And the good thing about having surgeons in the family is that they can hook you up with other surgeons when you fall down and break your wrist. And the other good thing is that they're always good for a useful graphic medical metaphor. For example, my brother, who is a buoyant, natural born optimist, has been known to say in mordant moments, "Well, one way or the other, all bleeding eventually stops."

I find this sentiment oddly comforting. In fact, I think we should all cross-stitch it on little pillows. It's a reminder that there's an end to things--pain, problems, disappointments, crap situations, whatever. And here's the good news, most of the time you're still alive once the bleeding, in fact, stops. I think this is awesome. Don't you agree?

(You can see, however, why I might not turn this into a column right away.)

A little humour

My mum takes my cards to her local pub as the folks there like to buy handmade, well they have asked me to make more humourous ones so here is one of them, i have loads of those stamps think they are creative expressions??????


This is ethel and her bathing suit lol

I coloured her in first on one of my evenings with my promarkers so when i made the card i used corresponding colours on it, i dont often use yellows but the card seemed to need yellow lolI want to enter this one into the following challenges

Craft your passions away - they said what / Crafty calendar - hot colours

A spoonful of sugar - happy birthday

I have some more to show you later if i get the time, my little boys want to wander over to field opposite our house with thier bikes so will be off in a bit,


Handmade Mango Callas!

Sweet First Birthday Cake

Beautiful Beach Wedding Cake


Birthday cakes for grown ups!

Suzzane turned 50 and celebrated her birthday big!  She went all out and cake was not an exception.  We created this cake to match her theme and she absolutely loved it!

This birthday cake represents a loving father of two who loves his career and also loves to play with tools!

This was a fun cake to make!  Designed to match the invitation.

This beautiful cake was designed for a gal turning 40.  Her husband came in to the studio and wanted something super special for his sweetheart!

Made this cake for our friends John and Hollly from All In Fun, who took it for a ride on a Cruise where they celebrated Grandma's 80th birthday!

Simply Elegant!