Road Trip! Road Trip! Road Trip!

My boy Dylan and I are taking off first thing in the morning for a cross country trip to North Carolina. He's on his way to graduate school at East Carolina, so I'm helping him drive his car down there. You guys, it'll be awesome.

Wish us bon voyage. And if we eat anything interesting, I'll for sure let you know.

Edward Burtynsky's work was at the ROM

I have seen his photographs in galleries in several cities. He is my absolute favorite photographer- a Canadian who has achieved international recognition for his large format photographs of industrial landscapes. I think his works are beautiful and often his subjects are disturbing- our world and its pollution. Below is the photograph of his work I took at the museum.

Oil Spill #2, Discoverer Enterprise
Gulf of Mexico,
May 11, 2010,
Chromogenic print
The image reminds me of Yoko Okuyama's scarf.

Yoko's painting digitally transfered onto silk.

The silk scarf is signed
The fabric under it is from Bhutan.

I'm glad MY ocean off the coast of Italy does not look like that!

our summer spot
I leave today.

Yummy Tequila Lime Cupcakes

Baby Shower Cake

Spiderman Birthday Cake

Sweet Sixteen Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Create with Connie and Mary -160

I saw a REALLY cute card on Renee van Stralen's blog and just HAD to try it. After I looked at her card I also noticed that the Dirty Dozen had a challenge going on on SCS, so I combined the two challenges and came up with this card.

Another Cooking Clip

Siamo Donne has edited another of the video recipes I did last May while in Verona.

pancakes and maple syrup

This one is way less serious! But what is with that eyebrow??

If you remember from previous blogs, Marina, the host, is a textile artist.

Some thoughts on tomorrow's nuptials

I've been thinking about my friend Becky this week, partly because I always think about her, but mostly because her second daughter, the lovely and talented Alexandra ANN, is getting married tomorrow.

Here's the deal. When Becky was alive we talked almost every single day, and so we both had the sense that we lived doubly--I had my own life and I had her life, too. She felt the same about me and mine, as well. So when she died, I lost my friend AND I lost my second life. There were parts of myself that shut down that day, and frankly I've just never recovered them, although in my own defense, I have tried.

I can't help but think how frustrated Becky would be with me about this state of affairs. She and I were alike in many ways, but there were differences, and one of them is that Becky had a talent for inhabiting the present with a fierce, delighted energy. When I spoke at her funeral, I quoted C.S. Lewis who said his mother was one of those people who took to happiness the way some people always find the best seat on the train. I, on the other hand, am always looking for ways to keep my past alive, to make it present long after I should let a thing go. I can practically hear Becky scold me. ANN! DARLIN'! I LOVE YOU BUT YOU GOTTA MOVE ON, BECAUSE I HAVE.

On the other hand, she would be thrilled with her girls who are beautiful and smart and emotionally healthy and very much engaged with the present. They are truly their mother's daughters. Awesome cannot begin to describe them. And their father, too. I do love them all dearly.

Update on the birth sampler

Here's a little bit of an update on Rune's birth sampler, I've almost finished the top corner. If you take a look at the original you can see I've used another 'beam' at the top, I think this one is a nice finish but doesn't take away any of the attention from Rune's info.

the response ...

Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Datuk Masidi Manjun responded to the Terengganu Turtle Sanctuary Advisory Board (TTSAB), demanding them to furnish evidence that indeed the turtle eggs found sold at their markets came from Sabah.

  Guess the man with the bionic eyes has to prepare an answer to support his claim.

  To know more, click here for the article on Masidi's response.

Give me the Wonderful, Ordinary, Everyday.

Well hello there!!
It has been a while hasn't it?
This past month has been pretty much hectic with work,  and also emotionally draining, after the passing of my brother in law. Scrapping has been pretty much non existant. So I was pretty happy when I managed to finally finish this layout. It has been sitting half finished for quite a while and it got to the point when I thought...just finish the darn thing!! lol.
This is for Sue's Quote challenge from last month, combining it with this month's sketch challenge over at escape2create
I love the Twiddleybitz chicken mesh wire and the barbed wire fences.  Perfect for boys pages, which is something that I struggle with. ;-)

and just noticed while I was there getting the link that they have a whole heap of new products uploaded!!

The circles are made from the hems of my old jeans...yep, I am such a scrooge!!! lol
Thanks for stopping by.

DDCC#123 Birthday time

Its all about birthdays over at dutch dare, a nice and easy challenge for you this time so im expecting lots and lots of entries,

we are being sponsored by stamping dragon designs

Now this isnt my week as you may know we work in teams so i dont have a card for you but be sure to pop over and have a look at the dt's work its fabulous.



It's been a week since I've posted? Apparently I took an unscheduled, unplanned blogging vacay.

I subbed for Margaret at TKE today and read a lot of new picture books, which leads me to make this observation. One of the cardinal rules of writing picture books is this: EDITORS DO NOT ACQUIRE PICTURE BOOK TEXTS THAT RHYME. Rhyme = Satan. Or so the axiom (which you hear at every writers conference in the world) goes.

But here's the deal. Over half the new books I read today were in verse. And they were fun to read, too!

Yes. I know.


I really blew it with my mini art work this morning.

don't look!

I believe even when things go wrong there is a positive lesson.

Find it.

when one has good eyes...

And so I came across with this article today, and it made me wonder about many things.
  The article is about the Terengganu  Turtle Sanctuary Advisory Board's (TTSAB) statement, denying that the turtle eggs sold at their market are collected locally.
  I quote TTSAB chairman Datuk Mazlan Ngah's statement that: "I don't see any Terengganu turtle eggs being sold openly in the markets, but if they are being sold secretly, then I would not know." That was his statement to Bernama on Tuesday.
  He claimed that the turtle eggs came from Sabah, Sarawak and the Philippines.
  Something is not right here. Turtles are protected species, and that include its eggs. How can such protected items, which is prohibited from being sold or exported, are found elsewhere, as claimed by Datuk Mazlan Ngah.
  Which brings into question our enforcement and security at the gateways. Is it that easy to 'smuggle' out turtle eggs from Sabah to Terengganu? How can this happen?
  And, most interesting fact is that how on earth does Datuk Mazlan Ngah knows that 'no Terengganu turtle eggs are sold openly at their market' ... is there any difference to distinguish the Terengganu and Sabah turtle eggs? He must have very good eyes to tell the difference.
  Kudos to Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun for his statement to demand for evidence from the Board to support their claims that the turtle eggs came from the state.
  He also called for thorough investigation to shed light on how Sabah turtle eggs end up in Terengganu ... well, someone will face the music, they're in big trouble!

  For more details on the article, click here

Anya goes shopping

I just had to get anya out again ive not used her for a while, and she is too lovely too keep locked away, A friend asked me to make a special card for thier daughter with flowers on,
I made this this afternoon, it took quite a while to do as i had to wait for glues and glitters to dry,

The colours dont come out to well on the piccies but it is really pretty, i tripled up some pretty flowers and popped some pins in, its the first time ive done that so i hope it looks ok?I used my new doily lace punch on it and then the papers are from MME,I hope my friend likes it ?

im entering this into some challenges

Lexi's creations - a shaped card

Cupcake craft challenges - shabby sparkle
The crafty pad - embossing
Totally gorgeous - punch or die (both)


The next chapter - Decking

Some of you may remember the photo's i have posted in the past about us completely redesigning our garden, when we moved in it was dangerous for children, rocky and on 3 different levels,

Bit by bit we have been working hard to make it a nice place for us to be and mainly safe for the kiddies and there friends,

I thought you were due some more updates lol

around the side and top edges we have put railway sleepers and bark in them, eventually im popping some nice planters there

Here is the base that dan
spent the whole day making, it took hundreds of nails/cuts and measurements but he carried on bless him and made it structurally sound. Here he has started putting in the decking with my help, we chose to do it diagonally too which was more work and time but looks much nicer, the space is massive, ive not measured it but its something like 3.5-5 metreNo post would be complete without our little helper who kept getting the hammer and pen trying to help, here alex is having a drink after all his hard work. getting in our way lol
We have actually finished the decking now as of sunday but ive not had chance to photograph yet, will update againg when i have them xxx


quiet down

Making the stars has reminded me how much I like hand sewing.
How quiet it is as an activity.
How different it is from my daily life.

I appliqued a piece of silk by hand onto painted cotton.

I embroidered.

Did you know that basting a work using a tailor's basting stitch holds the layers of the work better that a running stitch?

I wasn't sure about the embroidery. I did not want it to fight with my painted design. I can always take it out if I decide it is the wrong thing.

For now I like it.

A shaped card

Well hello folks, its been a few days as we have been super busy here finishing off the decking on our garden, and might i say its lookin gooooood, just in time for my vie makup party friday, where my nearest and dearest are coming to enjoy a lovely girly nite in, i will show you some piccies on the yard soon promise,

anyway here is a card i have made using my new shaped card blanks that i got from the summer crafting show at doncaster, arent they yummy.i love greeting farm stamps and this young lady is one of my faves she is called "madelyn"

I also bought some lovely lace/ribbon from meiflower that ive used its so cute,
the papers are form the dovecraft basics part 1 range which are lovely,
and ive added some lovely paper flowers which set it off i think, ive used pink card for all the matting and layering

then some clear gems and lots of stickles to finish it off,

what do you think to my new nesties as well arent they just fabulous, i love them, ive been naughty and have 4 new sets, yeah thats right 4 lol

I would like to enter this into a few challenges if ive not run out of time lol

Lexi's creations - shaped cards

Cupcake inspirations - inspirational piccie (2nd)

Allsorts - free and easy

Totally gorgeous - punch or die (die cut nesties)

Stamp something - embellished (gems/ribbon/flowers)

Crafts and me - add a flower

What do you think??? i think im fairly pleased with this one, my mojo has suffered a little recently but think it may be returning lol


Let the Wedding Bells Ring!

For those of you that have been in the closet (no pun intended) and do not know it, New York became the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage, and at 12:01AM today, it began.  It's a day of rejoicing for same-sex couples and the many hetero people who believe marriage is a right that all couples should be allowed to enjoy....or not! 

For the most part, I am sure the majority of couples will have your traditional wedding with a few exceptions.  But some couples will choose to have weddings designed to show who and what they are really all about.  Some critics of same-sex marriage will scream, "Look what those fags are doing to the sanctity of marriage!"  But I remind them, from the photos above, it's not just same-sex couples that do some outlandish wedding ceremonies.  (See more at Damn Cool Pictures).