Saturday market

There is a lovely antique shop at the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. (North building, west corner)

The owner, Barbara, has many lovely quilts for great prices. Over the years, I have purchased several.

Today I picked up an applique quilt.

vintage quilt, hand appliqued and quilted
I love the birds!

I am giving it someone I love very much.

there are hearts quilted along the border
I know there was a lot of love put into making it!

Oh, I am so tired

I just posted that last bit, read it through, and noticed I said that I liked that Kate wore her hair today. Good call, Princess! Wearing hair to your own wedding is seriously recommended.

So I added the word "down" as in she wore her hair down.

Time to stop blogging today. Past time, even.

One last thought about the wedding aesthetic

I like that Kate wore her hair down, don't you? No prom hair for Kate on her big day. And I think it looked lovely and shiny and softly curly, and I just realized right this very minute, she bears an astonishing resemblance to my friend Martha's daughter, Andrea. Who's getting married next month. Maybe I should tell Andrea to skip the prom hair?


I have had trouble putting together this last piece. Not sure why...the deadline, my trip to Europe coming up, things on my mind...

I decided it was time to re energize with some classes.

I have enrolled myself in a summer course in Mixed Media at the Toronto School of Art.

Never stop learning.

When all's said and done, here's what I learned today

Herbal tea tastes better with cream.

Why haven't I ever put cream in tea before? It's divine. So thanks, Royal Family! You put me in the mood to go all splurge-y and now I'll never drink virgin tea again!

When all's said and done, here's what I learned today

Herbal tea tastes better with cream.

Why haven't I ever put cream in tea before? It's divine. So thanks, Royal Family! You put me in the mood to go all splurge-y and now I'll never drink virgin tea again!

Um . . .

As short as my kiss was, it was longer than Kate and Wills'.


The Kiss

Hi, Amelia over there in Scotland (with a new baby!). We're waiting for the kiss, too. HOPING it's not an Al and Tipper Gore moment.

I was so nervous for the altar kiss when Ken and I got married. And in the end (because I was so nervous) we barely kissed. We pecked. And people mocked us after for it.

I keep expecting

. . . the archbishop to say "MAH-WAGE" (and now I can't remember the rest of the gag from Princess Bride).


Malachi 3:3 And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness.

In the Bible, the purification of the believer is compared to the purification of fine metals. Supposedly, silver and goldsmiths heat their metals until they are very, very hot. During that process, according to what I have read, during this process, smiths never leave the room or takes their eyes off their wares. They wait and watch until all of the yucky stuff, the dross, is burned off, and only the very purest, most precious metal, the really good stuff, is left. Only then do the smiths turn off the heat.

This week, I found this poem about the refining process. It's absolutely beautiful, and I wish I could put the whole thing here. Instead, I'm just sharing the middle. You can read the rest of the poem here.

By Dorothy Walters

...What do you know of furnaces?
This is a sun that returns
again and again, refining, igniting,
pouring your spirit
through a cloth of delicate gold
until all dross is taken…

Tabatha Yeatts is hosting Poetry Friday at THE OPPOSITE OF INDIFFERENCE.

And here comes the bride

We're catching glimpses of her in the car with her dad--lacy bodice and all. And the veil, the veil. I am digging this.

I gotta say

. . . that Queen Elizabeth is pretty awesome. 85 and still kicking butt.


Waity Katie's mom is hot! Nice outfit. They keep saying it's powder blue--looks dove grey on my TV.

oh how times do change

One of Diana's great virtues is that she was a virgin. This was very, very important at the time. And now we have Kate and Wills living together--which does speak to their suitability, perhaps. But it's interesting how much things have changed since the early 80's.


. . . to the clergy in the red dress. I always love me a clergyman in a red dress.

It's been said a million times before . . .

but the Brits know how to do pomp. Way to go, Brits!

British cars

. . . are my favorite. Give me a Bentley or a Rolls, please.

Here comes the Prime Minister

He's not in a tux and his wife isn't wearing a hat. She looks kind of naked, actually.

Let's take a vote

Should hats make a comeback? Would you be willing to help hats make a comeback.

For the record, I'm wearing a hat right now. It's from the forties, I believe. With feathers. I am being very careful not to move my head.


It's comforting to know you're sitting in your apartment a few blocks away from here, also watching boys in snappy uniforms.

Marching bands

The boys are looking good in their snappy uniforms. WELL-PLAYED, BOYS IN YOUR SNAPPY UNIFORMS!

Did I say?

There are a lot of feathers attending this wedding?
Oops! I was so excited to see Elton John in his lilac tie that i accidentally pushed the POST button.

AND LOOK AT THE HATS! Feathers, feathers, everywhere feathers!


And le voila! Here I am!

I just finished making up some scones because you know how it is when you get up at 1:30 in the morning. You always say to yourself, "hey! why don't I make some scones!"

cardmadfairy's digi days ~ Weddings

The success of our new challenge blog cardmadfairy's digi days has been fantastic, in part because of all our fabulous sponsors and entrants but also because of jenni's amazing digi's.

The challenge this time of course has to be no other than


Any brit will no why and maybe lots of others too,I got to use a digi from our sponsor "whoopsi daisy"

And isnt she a beauty!!!!!Ive tried to show you the lovely sparkle on her dress but it still hasnt shown to great, i used lace stickles and my promarkers to add some very pale pink to give the dress a slight bit of colour,
I would very much like to enter this card into several challenges if i may,


crafty sentiment-royal wedding

crafts and me-vintage/distressed

A spoonful of sugar-a right royal knees up

incy wincy-buttons and bows

crafty catz-congratulations


dovecraft wedding paper pack

digital image bride from whoopsie daisy

digital image sentiment from cardmadfairy

white grossgrain from stampin up

dovecraft brad

pink card

woodware button

silver twine

white sakura pen for faux stitching

stickles in lace

I hope you like it, and be sure to pop over take a look at the dt's work


Live blogging the royal wedding

Yes. I think I'll do it. I'll be up this morning around 3:00 with warm scones and tea. If you're in the neighborhood, put on a hat and join me in my back room. Otherwise, we'll share the moment of the royal kiss in cyberspace.

Love poetry by young guys

Quinton has been going through old school papers. He just shared this poem he had to write when he was a freshman. CLEARLY someone wasn't very happy with the assignment . . .

This is about how I hate love sonnets,
They use stupid language and metaphors:
They have stupid girls in stupid bonnets,
Goodness, just thinking of them makes me snore.
I cannot figure out why people love them,
I can’t describe why they suck, they just do:
These moronic poems are condemned,
And are simply quite splendidly untrue.
Anybody can write these stupid things,
Though, some are better at it than others:
But Shakespeare’s got nothing on my writings,
Though, he’s slightly better than my brothers.
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
These poems will bring displeasure to me.

A bit of bacardi

I was asked to make a card with bacardi and a music theme from a wife to her husband and i must admit i was a little scared!!! as in all the craft shops ive ever been in ive never seen anything bacardi lol, so it was of to google to have a nosey round, to be honest i never thought it would look any good but thats what she wanted, so i tried my very best to do something decent and this was the result!!Here is a close up of the front, i put a little heart charm on it for that emotional element, and the wording was copied word for word from what she waanted written and printed off my laptop

I am entering this card into the following challenges

  1. OCC - Easel cards


  • Dovecraft papers for men

  • oval nesties plain and scallop

  • whie sakura

  • A5 card blank

  • white grossgrain from stamping up

  • die cut piccies from craft central

  • blue/gold shimmer card

  • card candy from craftwork cards

  • metal heart charm from meiflower

  • fiskars ribbon border punch

  • sentiment computer generated

  • silver/grey pearl paper

  • jump rings

  • bacardi piccie of google

And there you have it! what do you think? i hope you like it as its turned out much better than i imagined lol


Young Love

Thirty-four years ago today my parents and I got in the car and drove over to Ken Cannon's house. He was going to ride up to Salt Lake with us, because, you know, we were getting married.

Only when we got to his house, Ken's mom said he was in the bathroom throwing up. So I went back to the car and told my parents that Ken was in his bathroom throwing up. Then I burst into tears. The boy was having second thoughts about marrying me. CLEARLY! Time to pack it in and go home. We could just freeze the damn wedding cake and pull it out for birthdays. FOR THE REST OF MY MISERABLE LIFE.

My parents, however, said we'd wait for Ken. Which we did. We sat in the driveway and waited until Ken was finished with his business and whatnot and so forth. Eventually, he wobbled outside into the pale April sunshine, blinked and climbed into the back seat with me, all clammy and wan.

And then we drove to Salt Lake. And then we got married.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Recycle it !!!!!

Its abother challenge over at creative craft challenges and we are going green, no i dont mean the colour lol i mean recycle,

Our embossing challenge was a hit and we are hoping to see similar again guys.

Here is my recycling project, which is a pair of earrings made from several other bits of old or broken jewellery,

Our sponsors for this challenge are crafty ribbons and they are offering that lovely bundle of ribbons And some odd girl who are giving 3 digi's

we are offering a 1 month GDT spot also

And our lovely aly is offering a small embellishment pack to the winner of our top 3.



About a month ago, my fourth grade friends and I finished HOW TO STEAL A DOG. Three or four chapters before we finished, the kids began talking about what we might read next. I really wasn't sure.

J approached me after our discussion. "I think you should read something scary," she advised me. "Maybe a GOOSEBUMPS." She named one of her favorites, telling me that it was one that she was sure all of the kids would love. I told her that I usually didn't read aloud books like GOOSEBUMPS or DIARY OF WIMPY KID, just because kids usually find those books by themselves. I also am not big fan of scary books (or movies), and don't know many good ones, but I would think about it. I knew that DEEP AND DARK AND DANGEROUS by Mary Downing Hahn, had recently won the Colorado Children's Book Award. I hadn't read it yet, but thought it might be a possibility. I promised J I would read that over spring break.

And I did. DEEP AND DARK AND DANGEROUS. was scary, creepy scary. Bad dreams at night scary. And well-written. A book I thought kids would love. At the same time, I was a little nervous that some parents might be uncomfortable with the ghost element. And while I'm not ok with censorship, I also felt like there are so many really good books, that maybe I just didn't have the energy to fight that battle at this particular time in my life.

The Monday after spring break, I put that book in my bag for J. I told her a little about the plot- that it was about Ali, a 13-year-old girl and her four-year-old cousin, Emma, who were spending the summer at a cottage on a lake in Maine. The cottage had been in their family for a long, long time, but one summer, many years before, something mysterious had happened, and no one had been back to the lake cottage for twenty years. Finally, Ali's aunt, had decided to return. The first week back, Ali and Emma were at the beach when they met Sissie, a strange and nasty little girl, who turned out to be the ghost of a child who had drowned in the lake. No one in town seems to know Sissie, but she keeps reappearing in the girls' lives…

I explained to J that I wasn't going to read DEEP AND DARK AND DANGEROUS out loud because I thought some parents might be uncomfortable with the ghost element in the story. I suggested that if she wanted to read the book, and if she thought her parents would be ok with it, I would be glad to lend it to her. J assured me that her parents would be fine with it, and took the book from me.

The next day, J was back. She loved DEEP AND DARK AND DANGEROUS. Did I have any more by that author? We looked for Mary Downing Hahn in our school library, but didn't find any. I returned to TATTERED COVER that night. Bought three more. J finished those within another week. I went back to TATTERED COVER. Found a couple more new ones. Bought those. J read them. This weekend I was at a bookstore in another part of town. Found three more. Bought those. When I brought them to J, she said, "I already read this one, don't you remember? But I don't have these two, so I'll take those." She added them to her stash, and when I saw her in the cafeteria several hours later, she was halfway through one. As of yesterday, as far as we know, J has finished all of Mary Downing Hahn's scary stories. She wants me to bring in PROMISES TO THE DEAD, a Civil War story by this author, that I bought because it had a scary cover. And I'm hoping that might help J's love of Mary Downing Hahn books might help her to make the leap into a new genre- historical fiction.

There is an interesting subplot to J's story, and one that I am still trying to wrap my head around, J makes a point of seeking me out pretty much every day- she stops by my office, or we chat on the playground or in the lunchroom. We talk about the books. Compare notes on which ones are the scariest. J asks if I've brought any new ones. J and I have kind of unconsciously formed our own pseudo Mary Downing Hahn book club. And somehow, other kids have picked up on these conversations. And it's almost like they are a little jealous of this relationship. They are clamoring to get into our club. Someone grabs each Mary Downing Hahn's books as soon as J shuts the cover. Makes a point of showing it to me. Ask if I can bring them books, too.

I've been trying to make sense of this story in my teaching life. I have always worked in an urban setting. Often, my students don't have lots of access to books outside of school and we don't have many kids who come to us as avid, book-a-day readers. I'm always thrilled, then, when I encounter one of those kids. I buy lots of books and can't wait to pass them on. I love talking about books with other readers. I go out of my way to get to know kids and match books with readers.

At the same time, if I'm really honest, the book-a-day kids are not where I invest most of my energy. I spend far more time thinking about my "dormant" readers (I borrowed that term from Donalyn Miller-I love the hopefulness of that label)- finding books they'll love, conferring with them, scaffolding their reading. I go out of my way to make sure those dormant readers are surrounded by great books (and other interesting print). I spend lots of time conferring with them, and getting them off on the right foot.

Thinking about J, and the influence she has had on her class, though, I'm wondering whether I might start next year differently. Instead of working so hard with my dormant readers early on, I might spend more time "going with the goers"- seeking out kids who love to read, fueling those kids' reading fires, and letting sparks from their reading fires ignite the other readers in the class.

I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on this subject…

Melissa and Noel's Wedding

Congratulations on your wedding!  Melissa and Noel celebrated their wedding reception a couple of weeks ago at the new Civic Center in Port St. Lucie.  They were very happy with their cake and wrote:
"Hey Sandra,
Everything was great.. I loved the cake... Noel and I will definately be using your services again and I will recommend your cakes to everyone".

Thanks to Verola Photography for sharing these beautiful photos!

Some thoughts on plays

Doni called to say she had tickets to see FRANKENSTEIN and did I want to go with her. I got things all mixed up in my head and thought she had tickets to see Mel Brooks' YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (the musical!). Anyway, I said yes because it was Doni and I LOVE Doni because she's the best. But dude. I was also excited to see YF.

Only she didn't have tickets to the play--or at least THAT play. She had tickets to a a filmed version of the stage play FRANKENSTEIN currently running in London. And suddenly I had anxiety because I can get nervous watching plays with no dancing involved. Especially if they go for over two hours. I get really claustrophobic, in fact. Like, the house lights go down and I start thinking, I'M TRAPPED IN THIS SEAT AND THIS SEAT IS ON THE TITANIC AND THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT. BECAUSE I'M TRAPPED.

But actually the play turned out to be pretty fabulous. It's been on my mind ever since I saw it on Saturday. It gives you plenty to think about, including the subject of who's really more monstrous, man or monster. Also Johnny Lee Miller was terrific as Frankenstein. I wanted to call him after and tell him how great he was and also ask him what it was like to be married to Angelina Jolie for five minutes when they were younger.

Thanks, Doni, for a nice evening.


As far as our fourth, fifth, and sixth graders are concerned, the WIMPY KID series is where it's at. They read these, and reread them, and reread them. I have no problem with this series. I'm delighted kids are reading. I'm glad they have found an author they love. I don't care if they read them over and over again. The trouble is, there are only five (I think that's right?) of them, and at some point, I need to be able to hand them another book.

Enter the just-published THE LOSER LIST. Format wise- it looks a lot like DIARY OF A WIMPY KID, similar font, and lots of illustrations throughout. The main character is a sixth grade kid, Danny, an artistic, comic book loving, kind of "geeky" kid who learns that his name is on the "Loser List" on the wall in the girls' bathroom. He and his best friend, Jasper, sneak into the bathroom to try to remove their names, but Danny is caught, and must spend a week in after school detention.

In the detention room, Danny becomes linked up with a group of the school's resident "bad boys." This gang is impressed by Danny's ability to draw cool tattoos with a sharpie, and Danny becomes a pseudo- member of their gang. He enjoys his new-found status until his "buddies" steal a valuable comic book from one of Danny's friends, who owns a comic store.

I think this book is going to be a huge hit with our intermediate grade kids. First, they are going to love that "Wimpy Kiddish" format. Danny is a likeable main character, struggling with intermediate grade issues- identity/coolness (or lack of), friendship, peer pressure, etc. I also think they are going to love the ending, which was a surprise, even for me.

Taking this one to school today!

Pear tree and colourful

Ive not been around much lately have i !!!!!!

with easter holidays hubby has been home, and he is a misery when it comes to my crafting :-o he doesnt feel the crafting love as i do, so ive not made anything for almost a week, and i can tell you im having serious withdrawals lol,

I thought id pop in briefly and show you this bright bracelet i made for my mum, she loves bright stuff espesh oranges.

I thought id enter it into the pear tree challenge as well as the theme is bright

i used cracked glass beads for this, all of which i got from ebay lol

bye for now happy crafters xxx


Stamping 411 Saturday Sketch (On a Sunday)!!!

Hello everyone

So I played a bit yesterday but didn't upload anything. So I amended that today.

Here's the card I made for the awesome Saturday sketch over on the Stamping 411 blog. They have AWESOME challenges and I think I'll be playing over there quite a bit from now on.

Here's another card I made today, playing along with the Featured Stamper over on SCS. Check out the thread here.

Well enjoy your Easter Sunday. Our plans include a BBQ and hopefully MI weather allows.


And now it's Easter

When it's spring, I go into noticing mode--noticing each new thing reappearing in my garden, and so it's no surprise that Easter, even more than Thanksgiving, stops me up short and causes me to acknowledge with deep gratitude the tender mercies present in my life.

You, for instance.


getting back to work

I got back to printing. I made my paint colour. I made a pattern with paper and used my silk screen frame to print.

I love the design I made.

The panels are dried...

 and on the design wall for now.

I like to see my work first thing in the morning. Then I can really tell if I like it or not. If there is anything that bugs me I can see it right away with fresh eyes.

Tomorrow I will sew.

Pomp and Circumstance

Our Dylan graduated from BYU today. Congratulations, Dylan! It seems just like yesterday that you were stuffing baseball bats down the back of your shirts because you were the awesome and fearless ninja turtle Donatello and you NEVER left home without your bow.

I always felt very safe in your presence in those days, Dylan. Thank you.


This past week, instead of going ahead with my art work, I did everything else but!

I added the flowered binding on the quilt I am giving away

I finished two zippered pouches that I started
for the class I taught while in Italy

I made a pastiera di grano,
a Napoletano dolce made during Easter 

I took our Ukranian Easter eggs out of the box
and put them in a crystal bowl.

My best friend from our neighbourhood when I was 6 was Ukranian.
Her big sister taught me how to make them.

I taught my kids how to make them.

I love looking at all of them and remembering our time making them.

Tomorrow I promise to get serious and do my art work!

starting over

It is so difficult starting my art work after I have been away from my studio for long periods of time.

It should be easier but I feel lost!

Why is that?

I feel more relaxed. I have had time to think about things and I have had time to react and respond to my thoughts and things that I have seen around me.

Yet I cannot create.

Holy week…Easter morning will be a time of singing and celebration, but the earlier part of the week is a time of great darkness. Last night, I attended the Maundy Thursday service at my church. When the congregation arrived, the sanctuary was dark and quiet, with the majority of light being provided by a few candles. Different pastors read scripture about the night Christ was betrayed. After each pastor read, he blew out a candle, and the sanctuary became darker and still darker. Finally, after the last pastor read, the sanctuary was totally dark, and the congregation left in silence.

I went looking for an Easter poem this morning. I found this one, by Edmund Spenser, an English poet best known for "The Faerie Queen."He wrote this about five hundred years ago, but it seems like a great poem/prayer for Easter weekend…

Most glorious Lord of Lyfe! that, on this day,
Didst make Thy triumph over death and sin;
And, having harrowd hell, didst bring away
Captivity, thence captive, us to win:
This joyous day, deare Lord, with joy begin;
And grant that we, for whom, thou diddest dye,
Being with Thy dear blood clene washt from sin,
May live forever in this felicity

And that Thy love we weighing worthily
May likewise love Thee for the same againe
And for Thy sake, that all lyke deare didst buy,
With love may one another entertayne!
So let us love, deare Love, lyke as we ought,
Love is the lesson which the Lord us taught.

Edmund Spenser

Poetry Friday is at The Book Aunt (and I do so love the name of her blog!)

Happy Easter! Or Passover! Or Spring! Or all three!

Modern Family

Did you catch last night's episode? V. funny, I thought. Also, I could relate. In case you didn't see, Mitch and Cam were busy trying to figure out who they should appoint as Lily's guardians in case of their (tragic) (also early) deaths. I know. I'm talking about them like they're real. That's because THEY'RE MY TV FRIENDS, AND I LOVE MY TV FRIENDS.

Anyway, I remember back in the day how I felt really bad that no one--my brothers, Ken's sisters, Becky--made me their kids' guardians. I kept wondering what was wrong with me. Did they think I would let their kids swallow staples, in which case I would have to rush them to the ER? The answer is NO! I would have not let their kids swallow staples.

We only let our birth children swallow those. Duh.

More MDS

Ok so I'm on a roll with MDS and just had to make one more card with it. I used a layout that I've done before and really like, and used some colors from the stamping 411 challenge.

More info for that here.

Now here's a thing that makes me happy

Seeing the way Alec (my son) plays with Chloe (my grandbaby). He tosses her around and hangs her upside down by her tiny heels and blows noisy raspberries on her stomach. And the whole time that girl baby is just SHRIEKING with crazy happiness.

It reminds me so much of how my dad used to play with me. He was coaching football AND wrestling at Granite High School, and while he knew something about football, he was a novice wrestler. He jokes that he coached while reading outloud from a 1950's version of THE DUMMY'S GUIDE TO WRESTLING. So sometimes he'd practice wrestling holds on me. OKAY HERE GOES! he'd shout. HALF-NELSON! And the next thing you knew I'd be flat on my back on the living room floor, flat-out gulping with laughter and so would he.

I know. I hit the Dad Jackpot. And so has Chloe.

Easter sale on digi's at cardmadfairy creations

jenni aka the cardmadfairy has an amazing sale on starting midnight thurs 21st till th 25th april, all her wonderfull digi'd are buy one get one free, and seeing as they are only 99p in the first place thats pretty fabulous, have a nosey here and see her lovely digi,s and remember if you use them in her challenge blog you can enter as many times as you like,


Beach Themed Wedding Cakes

 We created these two beautiful cakes this past weekend for two special couples. I cant' really choose which one I like best! They are both beautiful and perfect for a Florida beach wedding!

My Digital Studio

Hello stampers!!! Today I saw this REALLY cute card on SCS and just had to try my hand at it on MDS! So here's the card I made using Stampin Up's My Digital Studio.

The reason I've tried copying a handmade papercard is because I went to a Stampin Up seminar in Holland this weekend. Friday night was spent at a MDS class and I learned a lot!!! So I'm practicing a bit to see if I can copy cards to make them look like the paper kind.

So if you own MDS go try your hand at CASEING!!!

I'll post pics of the event we had this weekend.


lots of layers for cupcake

Wow havent we had a lovely weekend, well we have here in derbyshire anyway lol, we walked to my mums for dinner yesterday, its about 2 mile each way, so that was lovely but alex (5) found it tiring lol.


Anyway here is todays offering for you, another decoupage card, ive found these style go down very well at the local where folks keep asking for them.

A close up of the embossed card, i absolutely love the swirls folder, and hopefully you can see whare ive put my fave glossy accents on the lights and the models piccies in back ground, and glittered up the ladies dress.Challenges**

  1. Cupcake......lots of layers(decoupaged)

  2. Incy wincy......bright and bold ( i think it is as ive got lots of bright colours on green/yellow/pink etc)

  3. craft your passion......use dots (gems/liquid pearls/accented lights)

  4. Cute card inspired ( now you may wonder why i think this is weather inspired but let me fill you in,most of us ladies inc myself start to feel the need to look extra good when the sun is shining dont ya think, like getting your hair done hence my interpretation lol)

  5. Crafts and me.......ribbon

  6. Papetake weekly........truly dimensional

My recipe**

  • swirls cuttlebug folder

  • grossgrain ribbon

  • glossy accents

  • decoupage sheet ?

  • liquid pearls

  • green pearl gems

  • yellow and green card green inks