A couple of christmas piccies

 Hi folks i thought id share a few pics with you....
This first one is after we had tidies up the presents....yep that is what tidy looked like on christmas afternoon lol and there is mama trying to help bless her lol

 here is hubby in his santa hat, we wore one all morning till 4pm into the afternoon, doesnt he look dashing lol
 Here is my massive table for christmas dinner, i had to get in an extra table as i had 12 to cook for lol, we had a three bird and a large lamb roast with all the trimmings, as you can see my colour theme was burgundy/gold and cream.
We said we didnt want any more tracks for the boys or large items as we literally dont have the space, and we bought our alex a hot wheels wall track, but look who didnt listen....
its flippin massive, where on earth are we putting that i dont know.
It was completely bonkers all day long, and the last of our guests went by 7pm, then me an hubby could relax, although i had to be up at 4,30 boxing day morning for the next sale so not much sleep.
Anyone else sharing thier pics id love to see,