Escape 2 Create challenge (s)

After reading an article in the current Creating Keepsakes where they challenged you to try a different style and go out of you comfort zone, I thought of a graphic or clean and simple style.
I thought of using Sue's Sketch over at Escape2Create and in the end the layout incorporated more than one of their challenges! ( box challenge..the colour orange, stamp on vintage book paper and date for a title, the colour grey, blackboard, and scrabble pieces)
If you are ever short of mojo or ideas I recommend having a peek at their challenges...!

Normally my style is probably best described as 'random'!
(all over the place!! lol)
I do find clean and simple/ linear/ or graphic styles very difficult and have great respect for those that can achieve it.
I find getting the right balance difficult.
It's much easier to have a 'random' style..if it looks unbalanced you just 'whack' another flower there! lol

I find boy layouts difficult also (bit hard to 'whack another flower' there when its a boys layout.)
I found the Twiddleybitz gears and cogs PERFECT!!
I did print out the journalling but it was all a little toooooo graphic for me.. I had to 'mess it up' a that is where the blackboard challenge was just perfect also.
It just all seemed to fall into place.
But I think I will stick to random layouts...much easier to photograph!! this one looks wonky, but it is straight I promise!! lol

sorry if that all didn't make sense, it is over 40 degrees here and I have had a couple of ciders to help contend with the heat.... (my husband doesn't call me 'Cadbury's for nothing...a glass and a half and I'm gone...and I am over my quota!! lol)
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a great weekend.