Designed this creepy but cool cake for Peppis's surprise party.  Her sweet husband wanted to surprise her with an awesome cake and suggested a skull theme.  First timer for me and totally happy with the final result.  The skull is molded using rice crispies and then covered and hand crafted with fondant.  Almond brandy cake.


Designed these two luau themed birthday cakes for cousins Angie and Jazlyn who celebrated their birthday together last Saturday.  Moist and tasty vanilla cake filled with strawberry buttercream and vanilla buttercream.

next steps in our garden

I thought id give you all an update on my garden, if you read a few posts down we are landscaping our garden as it was many different levels,we hired the micro digger and hubby started work,

He actually had alot of fun and so did our little lad alex, he is 4 1/2 so you can just imagine the look on his face when he got to go in it, (well actually here is a piccie lol )

There is so much mess everywhere and it doesnt look like much now but when its done it will be lovely, ill keep you posted.


another challenge card

And here is another card i have made, ive used a penny black image on some of my MME papers,
Im entering this card into 2 challenges as well;
  1. Papertake weekly - in stitches
  2. A spoonful of sugar - animal crackers

This card is a little plain but i like the end product, the colours are really nice together,


sketch an stash meets creative card crew

Here is my entry into 2 challenges and also a family friends birthday card, he is a mad fisherman so thought he might like this,

The 2 challenges are ;

  1. sketch and stash - sketch
  2. creative card crew - easel card

i hope you like this card, if you want any details on this one just ask.


my new tattoo - well it is body art lol

Well i thought id show you this...............i know tattoos arent everyones cup of tea but i had this done when i took my sister for her first one for her birthday, i absolutely love it and thought id share it as it is still a form of art.
What do you think????????????????

WHEN YOU REACH ME- Rebecca Stead

I have decided that the world is composed of two kinds of people-- those that are good at moving and those that are not. Unfortunately, I have also decided that I definitely fall into the latter category. Two weeks later and we are still not all the way out of the old house, nor are we settled in the new one. So, once again resorting to my favorite coping strategy- when the going gets tough, the tough find a corner and get reading. This week I have been reading this year's Newbery award winner, WHEN YOU REACH ME, by Rebecca Stead.

Twelve year old Miranda has been friends with Sal almost since they were born. One day, when they are walking home from school, a boy who neither Sal nor Miranda knows walks up and punches Sal in the stomach. After that incident, Sal no longer wants anything to do with his former best friend, Miranda. Shortly after that, Miranda starts finding tiny notes hidden in her schoolbooks and her backpack…

This story doesn't read like a friendship or coming of age story. It's really more of a science fiction-y time travel mystery. Miranda's favorite book is Madeline L'Engle's WRINKLE IN TIME. She carries her worn copy with her wherever she goes and there are repeated references to WRINKLE sprinkled liberally throughout WHEN YOU REACH ME. Miranda's mother is studying to go on THE TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR PYRAMID, and there are also numerous references to that show throughout the book. Each chapter, in fact, is a "category" title, e.g. THINGS THAT HEAL.

I liked this book. I was not sure, however, that fourth or fifth graders would find it particularly engaging. I wondered if they would have to know the story of WRINKLE IN TIME or would have to have seen TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR PYRAMID. It was interesting to me, then, to read this review on EDUCATING ALICE. Mona's kids loved the book, hung on every word, wrestled to put all of the clues together…

I'm still not sure I'd use it as my back to school read aloud. But maybe, a little later in the year, when kids had a little more experience with read alou…

More blanket

Now that her name is there, it's time to go back with the pattern and knit a row of hearts again, then green again etc until I finish with the dark blue.
It's fun to do this and hopefully Rune will enjoy this blanket for a long time!

a card for a special boy

I have made this card for my nephew, its his birthday at the end of the week, i chose to keep the design quite simple but with alot of colour,
i am entering this card into 2 challenges;
  1. charisma - For the boys
  2. Fab 'n' funky - Sew an sew

i have used the followin in my design;

  • papermania papers for the boys
  • card candy
  • sugar nellie rockstar stamp
  • promarkers
  • coloured card stock from stash
  • sakura for faux stitching
  • blue inks for edges

I do hope he likes it xxx


Bob is finished!

Here she is, folks!


Designed this farmyard themed cake for Logan's first birthday celebration.  All the little animals are hadcrafted out of sugarpaste. 


Created this beautiful bright and modern cake for Frenecia who loves zebra stripes and peace signs.


Made this cool looking record player for Barbara who celebrated her birthday with a couple of her radio friends.

a few links

I don't  have any scrapping to share so I thought I might share a  few links to some great sites.

*I LOVE this Norwegian sketch challenge site....
love love love

*The Twiddleybitz ning gallery is just overflowing with amazing work!!
pop in and have a browse!

*The everyday scrapper is a site with new ideas every day!

Well, hopefully next time I pop in I will have something scrappy to share.
Also Telstra is giving me the run around with my internet.
It keeps dropping FRUSTRATING!
It certainly has cramped my blog browsing and posting!
New modem in the mail apparently... ....fingers crossed this fixes the problem!!
thanks for stopping by and in the mean time
Take care of you.

new challenge at creative craft challenges

This is my designer card for the next challenge at creative craft challenges

the challenge is called stamp it up
so any stamping on your cards is great,
we have a fab prize from the crafty pad as the sponsor
also we have announced the new dt too so why not pop over have a nosey.


Creative craft world vs saturday challenge

Here is another card for you all, its obviously a wedding card lol, i have put this one together as a bit of a quickie but hope its ok?

this is going to be entered into 2 challenges;

  1. creative craft world - weddings

  2. secret craft sat challenge - wedding/anniversary

this is made with buzzcraft decoupage, and some of the new kate night papers i got free with a magazine, a few peel offs and some ivory ribbon.


Fab n funky

Here is one of the fathers day cards i have made for my father in law, he is quite a traditional fella so i went with dufex and layered it up, as opposed to my beloved stamp collection,
i have made this card for the fab n funky challenge blog, which is just for dad,
To make this card i used;
  • dufex stickers
  • blue/white card
  • A5 card blank
  • bulldog clip
  • peel offs
  • card candy

hope this is ok, oh also there is a dt call over at fab n funky as well,


Energy: Nuke power plants should hold no fear for us

Energy: Nuke power plants should hold no fear for us

WHAT, they think we're stupidkah???

a friend of mine just SMSed and told me about an idiotic person who wrote a report that when the sea water temperature rises four degree celcius, it would destroy the plankton, BUT not the fishes???

come on lah, use your common sense, if you destroy the plankton, what are the fishes gonna eat? those are their source of food ... the report writer can't be that stupid to think that people do not know this basic knowledge.

with regards to the coal fired plant project, obviously the government has long decided that it is on even before the EIA report is out, so stop pretending, drop the act, because, honestly, i know where my votes are going in the next election ...

Reflection ...

I often reflect my past to evaluate the present life i'm in, and often, i believe there are a lot of things that i could have done better to make life meaningful.

but i cannot carry on regretting over things that could have been or should have been, right? past is past, it's the present that counts ... so i'm picking every bit and pieces of little achievements i've salvaged, and try, as hard as i can, to re-paint it and become a more beautiful picture ... the result may not be perfect, but at least i'm always smiling ... and for now, i'll rest with it, until i find the perfect ending.


Designed this cake for Maximus' First Birthday Celebration. Elmo made out of rice crispies and covered in Fondant.  Moist and fragrant vanilla cake.
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SJA, just at the click of your finger

hey friends,

for those who wish to know what the media people are doing, visit

for updates.

we're also on facebook, just search for Persatuan Wartawan Sabah and click to add as friend, thanks for your continuous support :-).


Designed these fun graduation cakes for a couple of special high school graduates that will be attending college.  The top one was for a student who will be attending Flagler College to become an Art Teacher.  The bottom one is for a special JBHS graduate that will be attending FSU.  Congratulations to both!!!

just got back

I have just got back from taking my mum to 2 appointments at the queens med, and to add to her angina, heart attack at 45 and mental health problems she has just been diagnosed with emphysema and has abnormal nodules on her lungs which look to be fibrosis, and she is only 51
she has to have yet another ct in 4 months to check the nodules out,
now i do realise that things could be worse and there are far worse conditions but i feel so upset as i worry so much for her health and well being as it is, im struggling to manage everything at the moment what with sorting mum out my 2 under 5's and a husband that works away mon-fri.
well anyway to cheer myself up i have ordered few crafty bits today so there is something to look forward to when postie arrives i hope everyone is having a lovely day today?

Finished Celtic style sampler

It's been a while since I finished this one. Ah, you know what it's like when you're busy :)

I've been debating with myself about some decorative border but I've decided to leave it as it is.


OK, so it's day #417 of the move (or maybe it's day #4 but it feels like day #417). And so, I assumed one of my all time most useful life mottos-- when the going gets tough, the tough find a bookstore and get reading. And that's exactly what I did today-- the boys had football at 4, I dropped them off and went and discovered-- MOCKINGBIRD. A TREASURE. Maybe the best novel I've read this year.

Caitlin, a fifth grader who has Asperger's, sees the world a little differently than most of her peers. Her mother is dead and Caitlin has always relied on her older brother Devon to help her make sense of life, but then Devon is killed in a shooting at his middle school. And Caitlin must help her grief-stricken father to "bring closure" to the loss.

I loved, loved, loved this book. Erskine does an amazing job capturing the voice and thinking of an Asperger's child (I kept thinking of Cynthia Lord's RULES, another book I really loved). Next, it's chock full of references to one of my all time favorite novels, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Devon and Caitlin love the movie and have spent many hours watching it over and over again-- Devon even calls his little sister Scout. And I know the book would evoke some great discussions about compassion and kindness and respecting other people's differences.

OK, no more blogging, I gotta go pack a box or ten…


I have really noticed the come back of crochet lately.
Or maybe it just something that stands out when I look at a layout or a card.

I have even taken up trying to crochet myself!
Every Thursday morning a very talented  (and VERY patient) lady comes to the Sheoak Craft Cottage and teaches crochet.
Not only am I learning a new craft, but also providing entertainment for my family as I sit there with my tongue poking out, fingers sticking out awkwardly, which in turn creates cramps (how on EARTH can this be good for people suffering arthritis???) and then the inevitable happens... I pull it all out and start again lol.

But I will perservere!! It hasn't beat me....yet :-p

What I am really excited about is using crochet not only to create flowers, but also as trimming or edging on layouts....
Here is a fantastic tutorial by Lollychops (one of my favourite sites for inspiration!)

Can't crochet but still love those crochet flowers?
Here is a tutorial by Danielle Flanders (such a clever lady) on how to make these faux crochet flowers...
(I will be trying these today!)

Thanks for stopping by!

what a massive job

We have decided to get our garden landscaped, its quite a large garden and is 3 different levels and allsorts of rubbish on it, we want to get it all flattened and relawned, to make it safe for the kids and then when its done we are getting a new patio set and a pagoda, we wanted it to be done for his summer but looking at the slow progress i think it will be ready for next summer instead lol,
This is what it looked like to start with........the fence is new as well we had that put in a couple of months ago,
We hired a lawn cutter to get rid of the old lawn as it was full of weeds etc, we are getting grade a turf when its readyI cant wait to get this all clear, then we are getting a mini digger and some chaps in to get it all level,
Im so sick of all this mess, it will look great when its all done xx



My boys are not avid readers, nor are they avid students. They like football, technology, their cell phones, video games, and girls; (the order depends on the day). Nevertheless, I will not give up. Every night, we have thirty minutes of family reading time (ok, I admit this moving thing has kind of thrown a wrench in the works). I buy way, way, way too many books and graphic novels and magazines hoping to find the one that will turn my guys into readers. I carefully position the newspaper, interesting photo up every morning, hoping that it will catch their attention.

This week, I bought a book I think middle and high school teachers should know about. Karl Mecklenberg was a Denver Bronco for 12 years. He played with John Elway. He was defensive player of the week/year, all conference, and all pro. He has been married to his high school sweetheart for more than 25 years. He has remained active in Denver charities since his retirement.

In the HEART OF A STUDENT ATHLETE, Mecklenberg identifies six qualities- teamwork, courage, honesty and forgiveness, dedication, desire and goal setting. Each chapter focuses on one of these traits. Mecklenberg shares lots of stories about his life on and off the field. He talks about game winning tackles, but he also talks about adversity- having to run a million hills for missing a makeup game in middle school, blowing out his knee after he made the starting lineup at the University of Minnesota, and being shot by a good friend on a hunting trip.

HEART OF A STUDENT ATHLETE is a book my boys might read. It's about football. The voice sounds like lots of the coaches my boys have played for. There are lots of stories. It's broken into short sections that could be read in any order. There are color photographs.

HEART OF A STUDENT ATHLETE is a book I would want in my classroom, if I was a middle or high school teacher. It's a book that guys like mine might actually pick up and read.

Hello Sunshine

A layout for the Escape2Create Colour Challenge and also the Use Fabric Challenge.

manga boy card

Hi guys i made this card for my little nephew for his birthday,
its one of the sugar nellie manga stamps, he is super cute dont you think?
im entering this card into 2 challenges,
  1. Totally gorjuss - for the boys
  2. OCC - gotcha cornered

I know this card is simple but i think he will like it as he looks a bit like the little fella in the card,


Pattern for Bob

Here's the pattern for the doll, enjoy it!
The arms are easy: cast on 20 stitches, knit 22 rows, cast off

cute card thursday - anything but a square

here is my non square card we made these cards at craft group, it was abit tricky but fun to make, the papers etc were part of a goody bag so not sure of type/brand etc,

ive entered this card into the cute card thurs challenge as it wants a card but not square which this definately is lol.

hope its ok?