Affirmation Album

Recently myself and 2 other scrapping friends, made an album each to be given to a very dear friend of ours.
This is the album I made.
sorry about the quality of the photos, but I think you get the general idea.
The album is a TwiddleyBitz acrylic it! (thanks Tiff)

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Graduation Cakes

These graduation cakes are examples of what can be done for a graduation party.  These are my creations and they can be customized for your special event. 

ideas galore!

So many tips, techniques and ideas!! There's a fair bit to browse through ;-)

Splitcoast Stampers

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My Class layout

Thank you for the encouraging comments about my class.
I had posted a photo of  my layout in the last post, but after a dear friend told me about her concerns about people scraplifting and not coming to the class, I took it off. But then, obviously, I re-thought it through and decided to repost it again. The layout is obviously a basic layout, and can be easily replicated...but the class is more than just the layout its also about getting the most out of your papers and using the scraps to make embellishments for your page. I will be teaching how to make the flower illustrated on my layout and also a couple more I will keep under wraps until the night ;-)
As I said in my last post...there's lots of room to play with this layout and hopefully the class will play along and make the layout their own.
The layout is also for the budget conscious and those who love making their own flowers etc etc.
So with that in mind the class will also be very affordable...hopefully lots of you will come and join in the fun...!

Mardi Gras Surprise Cake!

I created this cake for Kim-le.  She celebrated her 35th birthday last week and wanted a Mardi Gras theme.  The twist is that after I got all the information about what she wanted, I told her I could not do it!  Is that cruel or what?!  Now, the reason is because her lovely Mother-in-law wanted to surprise her on her special birthday.  She loved the cake and was very happy!!!

Oh My Goodness!!!

I'm going to teach a class!!
It will be a vintage class...a vintage layout and making your own flower.
The layout is pretty basic, but it lends itself to more embellishments and distressing etc, I hope the class plays along and runs away with it! ;-)
 I would LOVE it if everyone walks out with a different layout, something that they've made their own. ifykwim?
Will show picture of the layout later, once the details have been finalise ;-)

It will be at the Sheoak Cottage early next month.
I am starting to get nervously excited about it and also starting to say to myself ....
"what on earth  have you gotten yourself into now!! lol
Fingers crossed that I don't make a complete idiot of myself!!

Trish's web

Trish wrote:
There are no dew drop jewels here but I love the sunlight on the strands,and it took a few shots to be able to capture it. And how did the littleblighters manage to jump from one power line to the other LOL.

I've got them seeing spider webs everywhere now! lol
This pic is from Trish, I wonder what the passers by thought you were photographing Trish? (Ahh the visual!! lol.)
Thanks .. great photo!

(Funny how I love spider webs but HATE spiders!!!! Especially huntsmen...blech!!
I love the look of spider webs but I end up  looking like a raving lunatic trying to get it off me if I happen to walk through one!! lol )

Luau Bridal Shower Cake

This cake was designed to match the decor of the bridal shower.  Buttercream frosted cake with fondant applications.  Moist and fragrant coconut cake with coconut flakes filled with vanilla buttercream.  Everyone raved about it, yay!

Just HAVE to share!!

Just found this site this morning and I just HAD to share it with you.

Inspiration PLUS!
It a scandinavian site (love European sites!!)
Great tutorials!! There is a great tutorial at the moment to make your own flower stems... gorgeous and easy to follow!
Don't be put off by the foreign language.. there is english translation throughout the posts.
and don't forget to browse!!

and another site
Such a Pretty Mess
pretty pretty pretty.. and also great tutorials...just go back through her older posts!

and another!! (I'm on a roll ;-) )
Going Green Crafters and Artists
Great site for thinking outside the box.

and last one (for now hehe)

I LURVE this girls work! so inspiring!!

In the Blink of an Eye

My girl is growing up way too fast, but I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming.

New year

Hello everyone

I've been gone for almost 6 months now, and maybe it's time to start blogging again.

I did this card a while back for a challenge on SCS but seeing as I'm in the process of moving I have no new project today. So I hope you'll enjoy this previous card I've made. I used the much loved set "A rose is a rose". Colors used were Tangerine Tango, Ridinghood Red and Kiwi Kiss. All these are SU colors and stampset.

See ya'll tomorrow.


Mardi's web

I received this photo in my inbox this afternoon....
Mardi took this photo this morning then happened to see my challenge via Tiff's blog

Howdy, I just saw your challange for Tiff today and it cracked me up. Attached is what I took at the petrol pump this morning. Not a good angle, but I was in a rush!! xx
How cool is that? LOVE the little 'jewels'. Thanks Mardi!!
Tiff also supplied a photo...(one she prepared earlier lol) check hers out on her blog here
thanks for humouring an old chook girls ;-)

Mother Nature...

was showing off some of her work this morning.
We had a heavy dew here and the spider webs were GLORIOUS!
simply stunning.
I took this photo at work with my phone camera...wish I had my camera with me... the spider who created this masterpiece would not be happy with this photo... it does not do her any justice at all!

So with that in mind I text a few friends and set them a mini photo challenge.. go out and find a web and capture it! LOL.. wonder if I got any takers?? They take wonderful photos, so the spiders in their neck of the woods will probably be much happier than my poor little spider ;-)
If YOU have any spider web photos you would like to share leave a link in the comments below... would LOVE to see it!

Take care of you

EVERY LAST ONE- Anna Quindlen

For the last year, I have been trying not to spend so much money on books. I go to the library more. I borrow books from friends (or anyone else who will lend them to me). A few weeks ago, however, my sister gave me a bookstore gift card for my birthday. Although I almost always buy children's books, this time, I made an exception. I bought Anna Quindlen's newest novel, EVERY LAST ONE. I just couldn't wait for it to become available at the library or come out in paperback. And I gotta tell you it was worth every penny, (like everything else Anna Quindlen writes). I know, because I stayed up half the night and skipped church this morning to finish it.

Mary Beth Latham is a "typical" mom. She owns Latham's Landscaping. She has an opthamologist husband and is the mom to three teenagers- Ruby, a gifted writer, and fraternal twins Alex and Max. Mary Beth spends her days caring for her family, worrying about her teenagers' emotional needs, juggling teenagers' schedules, driving carpools, etc. The Latham's home is where kids hang out-- Ruby's boyfriend, Kiernan, her best friends, Sarah and Rachel, and Alex's soccer teammates. It all seems very ordinary until the unthinkable happens…

A great, great read by one of my all-time favorite authors.

Lady Bug Cake

This was also a first timer...making a 3D lady bug!  I thought she turned out so adorable!  Chocolate cake filled with raspberry buttercream. 

A Work in Progress

I'm cheating a bit here... this layout covers 2 challenges
Escape 2 Create sketch challenge
Kraft It Up! monochromatic challenge

this layout was inspired by the purple coir flowers. They were part of a placemat which I found at the local op shop! So now I have heaps of purple flowers and circles... for just 50cents! Cool huh?

edited to add that those lovely little bits of nature were part of a lovely bouquet that Lou gave me, love them!!

A few cards to share

I have been playing with a couple of  365 cards challenges.
This week they are focusing on white space challenges but there are heaps of other challenges on offer to inspire you.

Challenge 45
you can only use the darkened area, leaving the rest as 'white space'

my entry:

challenge 44

my entry

and one just for the fun of it ;-)


In The End, Only Kindness Matters

This is a photo for Aussie ScrapJack
It was inspired by a photo by Lynette Van Barrelo

The title of the post will probably be the title of the page when I eventually scrap it. (lol)
 Its comes from the song These Hands, by Jewel.  A song which I ADORE.

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Miami Dolphins Helmet Cake

Created this cake for a surprise 50th birthday party for a Dolphins fan, of course!  My first time at making a 3D helmet.  Not very hard, but time consuming since I'm a freak of perfection.  I was very pleased with the end result.  This was a chocolate cake brushed with Amaretto liquor and filled with an almond scented buttercream.  The Jersey cake was a vanilla rum cake filled with passion fruit buttercream.

Short Tale 4 -"Lost without ya"

«The minute I opened up the door I knew that that was just another huge mistake...
We just had a fight a couple of hours before and you said that you don't need this in your life...That I was too complicated for you...
I'm too complicated?...Those words kept pounding in my brain since the moment they came out of your mouth...
But there you were...Standing at my door again...Asking me to come inside and have a word...
I knew I should have said: "There's nothing else for us to say..." I knew I should have asked you to leave...
But I didn't...I couldn't...It was stronger than me...
You tried to hold me but I stepped away from you...Turned my back on you and faced the wall...I needed to stay focused and I couldn't do it staring at your eyes...
You apologized about the way you acted before...But I was hurt...
You came closer and put your arms around me...I asked you to stop and go away...
You turned me and made me face you...Placed your finger gently over my lips and shushed me...
My whole body was trembling and I could barely feel my legs...The way you pressed your body against mine allowed me to feel the heart beat on your chest....
My mind was saying "I want you no more!..." but my body was screaming for you!...
Gosh! I hated myself for being so weak!...
You pushed me against that wall and kissed me passionately...Your hands were all over me...I felt like you were discovering my body for the very first time thou you knew it better than me...
I wrapped my legs around you and you took me to the bed...
I knew it was a mistake...
I knew you'd hurt me again...
And still I gave myself to you completely...Heart....Body..And soul...
Three months later I received a letter from you....I sat on the sofa...Opened a bottle of wine and took a sip of it...
Tears were now running down my face...My world was crashing down with each word you placed in that letter...
You were getting married in three weeks time...With the girl your family wanted you to...
What about me?....What about us?....
Well...I guess I'm too complicated!....
And I always knew that....
Still...I couldn't stop loving you...
The fruit of my passion for you is now growing inside me...Nearly three months now...
But it's meaningless...It doesn't matter...Not anymore...
All I want now is to put an end to this pain...
I grabbed the bottle of wine...Filled up the tub..Lighted up some candles...Dropped my robe on the floor...And got in...
The warm water eased the pain on my body...
The razor eased the pain on my soul...
I closed my eyes and felt the pain being drained away...»

By:Sandra Carvalho

Designer Purse Cake

I created this purse for Jaime's 30th birthday.  All the decorations, except for the martini glass are edible.  This was a moist vanilla rum cake filled with vanilla buttercream and covered in fondant.  The LV letters were cut by hand and painted with gold luster dust. 

This is what Jaime had to say: ..."You created THE most AMAZING cake for my 30th Birthday on a
tight schedule! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my Birthday Party so Stylish! I have attached a couple of pictures of the great cake & me!

Long time since my last post

Yup....Definitely there's been quite some time since my last post.
As I told ya before I got a job last year and as you can imagine time is something that I'm still learning how to handle.Obviously some of the things I used to do before on a daily basis (such as blogging!) had to be left behind!Not very fond of that idea thou!LOL!But a lady gotta do what a lady gotta do right?!
Anyway, it's been almost an year since I started working and I still love to do what do (thou I got bigger plans for me!). The kids are doing great in all aspects and that makes me very happy.
Filipe is 13 years old now...Wilson is about to turn 11 next month...And Eric is 4 1/2 ....
It's a joy to see them grow strong and healthy but I miss the days they were little!...
Oh well...
Hope everything is running smoothly for ya as it is for me.
And like I said to a dear friend of mine: «If life gives ya lemons, make a lemonade!...And add some vodka!!!»

Actually managed to scrap today!!!!

Inspired by Ann-Christin Larsen

Happy Easter

Wishing all of you and your families a very Happy and Safe Easter!

(image from Graphics Fairy)

Genealogy project

The sampler you see hereunder inspired me not only to do some needlework but also to trace back my own line of Mothers!

I haven't started the needlework yet, because I want to do a lot of research on names and such. Besides, the colours of this sampler are a bit too boring for me and I don't think Rune is going to appreciate boring colours either....

I suppose I should start with myself... Here goes: I was born in 1969 in Alkmaar. The streetname was Camphuysenstraat and this is the apartment building where I was born. This photo dates from 1975 :). I found the picture online and nope, it's not me in this picture. I do remember this playground though! Our apartment, at no. 128 was a bit more to the left and you can't see it on this photo.
Later, in my twenties, I myself owned the flat at no. 10, on the far right corner and not visible in this photo either.

Two years ago, the building was demolished so I can no longer visit my old house.

My mum Nellie (Petronella) was born 5 October 1940 in Emmen. This is an old photo I found, if the website is correct this photo actually dates from 1940! From stories I remember that my grandmother was with her sister in Emmen, while my grandfather stayed in their house in Wieringen. Wieringen was a strategic place during World War II so grandma had to go away to a safer place to to have my mum.

So this is what we have so far:
1940 Petronella, mother of
1969 Sandra, mother of
2009 Rune Gjilke