So disappointed

I'm so disappointed.....
I have been feeling unlike my normal self lately and my doctor told me that I could be having a reaction to certain adhesives.
He said the retreat might of been the last straw so to speak because of the concentration of adhesives.
So he recommended I have a break from scrapping or anything crafty using glue  for 3 months!!!
I'm was in shock! I asked him if he realised the phsycological effects this could have and he said it was the only way to pin point the problem.
So I might have to give digital scrapping another go.... but it won't be the same. I love getting my hands on the paper....If it is the adhesives, I might have to scrap using a mask....Won't that be a funny sight at the next retreat!!

The technical term for this condition  is itsaprelphulsdy

Try saying that fast 3 times....( better yet try saying it slowly :-p :-p :-p)

Oh and Happy Birthday to my boy Ryan who turns 10 today!!

Lorentz house

I pass this house regularly and I love the green of the wood and the stepgable. This house was once owned by the Lorentz family. The slab above the window says "Lorentz" as well.

The house was owned by famous physicist Hendrik Lorentz, see here:

Mel's class

Here is my layout for Mel's class.
I had soooo much fun doing this class! Not only was it fun to do it myself but seeing all the "scrunching virgins" scrunch their first bit of paper and also distressing their papers and realise that a few tears here or there didn't matter was so much fun to watch.
Here is a link to Mel's blog where you can see the original layout.
Meeting Mel irl was wonderful. Just as lovely as I imagined her to be.

Retreat Layouts

Here are the 2 layouts I completed at the Retreat plus Amanda's class layout. I also did Mel Forbes class and I will post that when I have the original to link to!!

This layout is Amanda's class layout 
 here is the link to her original layout. Teagan loved the layout and Ryan has put in his order for his layout ASAP. lol
Oh and an update on the ironing front....sorted, folded, and only half ironed.. think I might start taking your advice girls.......and bugger the ironing!!

******Edit Alert**************
I had to remove my layout of Amanda's class because her original was selected for publication!
No surprises there hey? Congrat's Amanda... deserved of the pick up!!

Escape2Create Retreat.....Totally Amazing!

I had such an amazing weekend.
The girls who put on the retreat leave no stone unturned in their endeavour to give us girls a fantastic retreat.
I tend to "walk the room" and I did not hear one negative thing about the retreat... other than it is  not long enough ;-)
I had a great bunch of girls sitting with me at my table....such great company.. the weekend just flew by.
I don't think I have laughed so hard for ages....thanks Ted...(long story)
Met up with some old friends and made some new friends and even managed to scrap a whole 2 layouts! (other than the classes). 2 is not many I know, but considering it takes me a couple of days sometimes just to do one, I'm pretty happy with 2, lol.
For a much more detailed wrap up of the retreat and some photos click on these links.....
Escape 2 Create

Now what would  a Back in my Corner post be without a link?
While I was at the retreat I met the lovely Michelle from Scrapframes, which is unfortunately closing down :-(
Everything is 50% off sales prices.
I really recommend you go and have a browse, there are some totally amazing bargains! Better be quick though!

Now better be off... work to do....after the "surreallness" of  the weekend,  real life hits hard when you come home.
Something I learn't from this retreat is that I should get rid of this......

before I go, so that it's not there waiting for me when I get home.
Sorry about the crappy hands were shaking just at the thought of all that ironing..(uggh!) and I think I might get altitude sickness reaching the top of this mountain!!!

Also just a quick thank you for all the lovely comments, love it when someone stops by to say hello, don't you??

Lauren's Butterfly Garden Birthday Cake

I designed this cake for Lauren's birthday.  Her husband Paul wanted a super special cake for her.  She loves butterflies and he wanted a cake that would resemble a forest with butterflies, of course.  Everything is this colorful butterfly theme cake is edible.  The face on the doll, which is hand painted, was inspired by a talented self taught artist, called Flor Lario. This was a tasty vanilla rum cake filled with passion fruit buttercream. 

365 cards

If you enjoy making cards but sometimes get stuck for inspiration check out this site.
365 Cards

They post a new challenge every day! And if that doesn't inspire you enough, check out the participants links under each post and you are sure to get heaps of ideas. Just be warned! You can get lost in there...I often  tend to go from one link to the other and can't find my way back!!

Oh and the challenge for Monday??

Use this poster or the movie as inspiration for a card. 
How cool is that ? Love the colours and the toadstools, especially the one right at the top. (for those of you who don't follow my blog, I have a bit of a thing for Alice in Wonderland atm ;)
I want to start creating straight away but.....
Bugger! All my scrapping gear is packed away for the retreat this weekend (eek 3 sleeps!)
Might just have to put this bit of inspiration on the back burner for a while, or see if I can rustle something up at the retreat.

as always thanks for stopping by and take care of you!

Abby Caddaby Birthday Cake

Yesterday we celebrated our nice Samantha's 1st Birthday.  Isn't she adorable!!!! I made a special Abby Caddaby birthday cake for her.  I know, Abby is a little too pink, lol, but believe me when I tell you that I put this together the morning before the party.  I had great plans for her cake, and though I was happy with it, I wish I had more time to work on it.  The cake was a vanilla cake filled with strawberry buttercream. God bless you Sam!

Pink and Black

I made this cake for my friend Bobbie, who surprised her daughter's teacher on her birthday with this beautiful cake.  Chocolate all the way...chocolate cake, thin layer of chocolate ganache and light chocolate buttercream.

Moose A. Moose Birthday Cake

Created this Moose A. Moose theme birthday cake for Peyton's 1st Birthday.  Characters are hand modeled in fondant. 

One Cheap B*tch

Oh! I bet that post title got your attention!
Just thought I would pop in and share another blog which I find inspirational.
I guarantee that after browsing this girls blog, going to the op shop or garage sales will never be the same again.
I reckon you could give this girl a rock from your backyard and she could find something crafty to make with it!!
Now I wasn't calling her names in my post title, that is actually the name of her it!!! lol

So grab a coffee, have a browse in her blog  One Cheap B*tch  and then challenge yourself to go find something tucked away in your shed or local op shop and go create something!!!
I would LOVE  to see it if you do (or already have!) Leave a comment with a link to your blog and please share!

My scraproom is starting to fill up with all sorts of treasures waiting to be altered... These are 2 projects I will be tackling after the retreat.
Would you believe I found these chest of drawers at a garage sale for only ....wait for it......

.....$1 !!
 Well DH actually found it, he called me over at the sale and pointed it all credit should go to him.. but he didn't expect me to clap my hands and then go all "When Harry met Sally"over it and actually want to BUY it!  hehe.
THEN we had to work out how to get it in the car and back home  (67kms away)
I LOVE IT! DH just shakes his head everytime he sees it :p
There are 4 drawers about 14" by 14" in size, perfect for my papers!
And just under the 1st drawer is a pull out work bench, cool huh? Now just to work out how I am going to alter it... any ideas?? Or should I just leave it as it is? With the state of my scrap room it fits in perfectly as it is, lol.
The case on top of it is another project, my neighbour was going to throw it out! Imagine that!!
This holds my I am thinking of altering it using vintage papers and of course stamps!

Well that's my share for today.
I hope you and your families are well. Thanks for stopping by and take care of you!

You Heart Rocks

Another layout for a challenge over at Escape2Create.
Use only one colour for the layout (brown in my case) and then add only one element of colour (the blue heart)
I tried a different kind of layout for this one...and I'm not sure if I'm 100% happy with it...Feels like I have to add more to it.......

Martha Stewart Inspired Wedding Cake

The design for this beautiful buttercream wedding cake was inspired by a Martha Stewart cake the bride loved.  This was a moist vanilla rum cake. 

E2C Orange and White challenge

This is for the  Escape 2 Create Orange and White challenge...

Thanks for stopping by.

Getting some more hang of it...

Well, here's another small chapter in my knitting adventures. A friend from the USA sent me some lovely yarn in the fall and with the winter being dreadfully long with heaps of snow, I wanted to knit myself a hat. Only the brim is knitted, as you can probably see, and I decided to crochet the rest of the hat! Knitting with a circular needle is no small task, but fun and works really quick.

The scarf is crocheted as well. It makes the scarf a bit too sturdy, so next time I'll stick to knitting but I must say I like how it all turned out.

I made this guitar cake,  a little while ago, for Timmie, who wanted to honor her son on his wedding with this cake.  

Luau Birthday Cake

Designed this luau themed cake also for my friend Christy, who surprised her sister with this cake for her 40th birthday.   I love making bright and colorful cakes like this one.  Everything is edible.  This was a fragrant and flavorful coconut cake filled with vanilla buttercream.


I designed this WarCraft themed cake for Zach's 9th Birthday today.  He celebrated his birthday at Port St. Lucie's Super Play with his family and friends.  Christy, his mom, had asked me to make the cake based on the video game that he plays on-line along with the character he created.  She was thrilled with the cake.  This was Zach's favorite cake combination; a chocolate cake with mint buttercream.

Starting to get a tad excited ;)

I cannot believe that the E2C Retreat is just around the corner!

These girls sure know how to put on a great retreat!  No stones are left unturned in their endeavour to provide us lucky retreat goers a wonderful weekend! Great venue, Great classes, Great food (and heaps of it!!) great giveaways etc etc. And as always there are so many other wonderful scrappers there, who make for a  fun and friendly atmosphere!

For the write up of E2C 2009 click here

This year the classes are awesome (again) and I am really looking forward to meeting Mel Forbes and doing her class. So many other talented girls coming as well and I just love walking around the room and watching all the layouts coming together...hmm maybe that's why I didn't get many layouts of my own finished last year... too busy sticky beaking and socialising!! lol

So now I am busily getting my photos and "kits" ready for the retreat. I have so many layouts buzzing through my head that I feel as though it might explode!!
I have a half finished layout on my desk feeling a little bit neglected at the moment. Hopefully I will get back to it once I have myself sorted!

Well off to do some housework.. maybe with that out of the way I might be able to concentrate on the more important matter of retreat organisation!

Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Tinkerbell 1st Birthday Cake

I made this beautiful cake a few weeks ago for my friend Thelma who celebrated her daughter's birthday with Tinkerbell!  The cake included sugar figurines that resembled the birthday girl, big brother and little brother and colorful flowers, butterflies and ladybugs, and of course Tinkerbell!  This was a yummy red velvet cake filled with cream cheese buttercream and toasted almonds and a chocolate cake filled with banana cream, fresh bananas and caramel drizzle.  

Boy or Girl?!

This cake is a second version of a previous cake I had made for a baby shower.  At the request of my friend and awesome baker JC from JC's Daily Bread, who by the way, makes the most amazing breads and pastries, I made this blue and pink version for his friend's baby shower.  Mom and dad don't know what they are having so this was the perfect color combination.  Chocolate all the way!  Covered in fondant with sugar decor.

Baby Baby!

I know, I've neglected my blog lately, so I apologize to those who come back often to see my new creations.  I made this cake for Jeannie, who was throwing a baby shower for her sister.  The cake matched the invitation and party decor.  This was a tasty vanilla cake filled with a light chocolate buttercream.  Covered in fondant with edible decorations.

Acetate? How cool!

Just a very quick post to share another link to a fantastic tutorial over at Marcy's Blog at the moment, showing us how to make embellishments out of acetate!

She has me inspired to give it a go!
How cool does this sun look?

or this yummy banner?

To see the rest of this gorgeous layout and all the how to's pop over to Marcy's  and don't forget to have a browse while you're there and you'll see why this girl's blog is in amongst my favourites! Oh and don't forget to  say hi!

Placing all my bets!....

As some of you girls already know, I've made up my mind about change my life this year.I'm very stubborn and I've decided that this year will be one of the best years of my life!
I think I started pretty well by getting a tattoo done on my B'day right?!LOL!Well, that ain't all...2 weeks ago I went for a job interview...For my dream career!...Being a flight attendant!
It all went very well I should say....Thou my first thought when I got there was to turn around and walk away when I say over 50 people there applying for the same position (both genders) being 85% of them girls much younger, prettier and better groomed than me!...
Anyway...I decided to stick around and go for it no matter what!...
Turned out to be very positive for me!I actually found out that I really had a good chance of getting it!

By the end of that all I was the one who turned it out!
Thou I'm in 100% ok for all the requirements (age, education, skills , etc) it required me to move to Qatar...So...Thou I really want to become a flight attendant I had to say "No thanks!"...
Any hoo...I gave the 1st step towards it...Praying for new opps to come on over now!LOL!
Keep your fingers crossed for me girls!