what a massive job

We have decided to get our garden landscaped, its quite a large garden and is 3 different levels and allsorts of rubbish on it, we want to get it all flattened and relawned, to make it safe for the kids and then when its done we are getting a new patio set and a pagoda, we wanted it to be done for his summer but looking at the slow progress i think it will be ready for next summer instead lol,
This is what it looked like to start with........the fence is new as well we had that put in a couple of months ago,
We hired a lawn cutter to get rid of the old lawn as it was full of weeds etc, we are getting grade a turf when its readyI cant wait to get this all clear, then we are getting a mini digger and some chaps in to get it all level,
Im so sick of all this mess, it will look great when its all done xx