just got back

I have just got back from taking my mum to 2 appointments at the queens med, and to add to her angina, heart attack at 45 and mental health problems she has just been diagnosed with emphysema and has abnormal nodules on her lungs which look to be fibrosis, and she is only 51
she has to have yet another ct in 4 months to check the nodules out,
now i do realise that things could be worse and there are far worse conditions but i feel so upset as i worry so much for her health and well being as it is, im struggling to manage everything at the moment what with sorting mum out my 2 under 5's and a husband that works away mon-fri.
well anyway to cheer myself up i have ordered few crafty bits today so there is something to look forward to when postie arrives i hope everyone is having a lovely day today?