Just a Wee Little Toot

A while ago now I received an email from Scrapbooking Memories asking if I would like to do a technique feature in their magazine.
I was floored!
YES!! I replied!!! YES YES YES! Enthusiastically, blushing like mad. And with my hand to mouth in astonishment, I hit the send button.

Then panic set in. Serious panic. The hyperventilating kind of panic...(you know the kind)
What on earth was I thinking????!!!

Now I know you are supposed to keep all hush hush about these things, but I needed help, serious help. (sorry SM)
 I sent an SOS to Mel Forbes, ( seriously LOVE this chick, well, not THAT seriously, but you get my drift... lol... I have lot of respect for her, and her wonderful creations are to die for. Do yourself a BIG favour and check out her blog)
Oops!! I digress.  Now where was I?? Oh yes , I asked  Mel if she would she be so kind as to offer me some advice on how to go about this kind of thing?
I received a reply straight away.. and with her wonderful advice, encouragement and extreme patience she gave me the confidence to think,
YES I CAN do this!!!!
and I did.

My Tearing and Sanding feature is published in this month's issue and I must admit to being a little bit proud of myself :-) seeing it  there  in print. (thanks for letting me peek at your issue Tiff, as they haven't hit the news stands yet)

 and Thank you Mel!!!!