A bit further back in time

I'm continuing my search on the rest of the mothers. My mother's mother, my grandmother of course, was also called Petronella. She was born in Odoorn, in 1915.

Here's what Odoorn, a small hamlet in the province of Drenthe looked like in the 1920s

Petronella's mother was called Jantien, and she was born in Sleen in 1888. Sleen is also in Drenthe. This is an old photo of the Sleen Town Hall, not bad huh?

I am almost ready to start stitching! I bought nice linen and thread and now all I need is a decent pattern for the tree.
Hints and tips are welcome peeps!

This is the mother tree up to now:
1888 Jantien, mother of
1915 Petronella, mother of
1940 Petronella, mother of
1969 Sandra, mother of
2009 Rune Gjilke

I hope to add some photos of the ladies involved soon :)

Here's my mum Petronella with Rune, just 2 days old