Genealogy project

The sampler you see hereunder inspired me not only to do some needlework but also to trace back my own line of Mothers!

I haven't started the needlework yet, because I want to do a lot of research on names and such. Besides, the colours of this sampler are a bit too boring for me and I don't think Rune is going to appreciate boring colours either....

I suppose I should start with myself... Here goes: I was born in 1969 in Alkmaar. The streetname was Camphuysenstraat and this is the apartment building where I was born. This photo dates from 1975 :). I found the picture online and nope, it's not me in this picture. I do remember this playground though! Our apartment, at no. 128 was a bit more to the left and you can't see it on this photo.
Later, in my twenties, I myself owned the flat at no. 10, on the far right corner and not visible in this photo either.

Two years ago, the building was demolished so I can no longer visit my old house.

My mum Nellie (Petronella) was born 5 October 1940 in Emmen. This is an old photo I found, if the website is correct this photo actually dates from 1940! From stories I remember that my grandmother was with her sister in Emmen, while my grandfather stayed in their house in Wieringen. Wieringen was a strategic place during World War II so grandma had to go away to a safer place to to have my mum.

So this is what we have so far:
1940 Petronella, mother of
1969 Sandra, mother of
2009 Rune Gjilke