So disappointed

I'm so disappointed.....
I have been feeling unlike my normal self lately and my doctor told me that I could be having a reaction to certain adhesives.
He said the retreat might of been the last straw so to speak because of the concentration of adhesives.
So he recommended I have a break from scrapping or anything crafty using glue  for 3 months!!!
I'm was in shock! I asked him if he realised the phsycological effects this could have and he said it was the only way to pin point the problem.
So I might have to give digital scrapping another go.... but it won't be the same. I love getting my hands on the paper....If it is the adhesives, I might have to scrap using a mask....Won't that be a funny sight at the next retreat!!

The technical term for this condition  is itsaprelphulsdy

Try saying that fast 3 times....( better yet try saying it slowly :-p :-p :-p)

Oh and Happy Birthday to my boy Ryan who turns 10 today!!