One Cheap B*tch

Oh! I bet that post title got your attention!
Just thought I would pop in and share another blog which I find inspirational.
I guarantee that after browsing this girls blog, going to the op shop or garage sales will never be the same again.
I reckon you could give this girl a rock from your backyard and she could find something crafty to make with it!!
Now I wasn't calling her names in my post title, that is actually the name of her it!!! lol

So grab a coffee, have a browse in her blog  One Cheap B*tch  and then challenge yourself to go find something tucked away in your shed or local op shop and go create something!!!
I would LOVE  to see it if you do (or already have!) Leave a comment with a link to your blog and please share!

My scraproom is starting to fill up with all sorts of treasures waiting to be altered... These are 2 projects I will be tackling after the retreat.
Would you believe I found these chest of drawers at a garage sale for only ....wait for it......

.....$1 !!
 Well DH actually found it, he called me over at the sale and pointed it all credit should go to him.. but he didn't expect me to clap my hands and then go all "When Harry met Sally"over it and actually want to BUY it!  hehe.
THEN we had to work out how to get it in the car and back home  (67kms away)
I LOVE IT! DH just shakes his head everytime he sees it :p
There are 4 drawers about 14" by 14" in size, perfect for my papers!
And just under the 1st drawer is a pull out work bench, cool huh? Now just to work out how I am going to alter it... any ideas?? Or should I just leave it as it is? With the state of my scrap room it fits in perfectly as it is, lol.
The case on top of it is another project, my neighbour was going to throw it out! Imagine that!!
This holds my I am thinking of altering it using vintage papers and of course stamps!

Well that's my share for today.
I hope you and your families are well. Thanks for stopping by and take care of you!