365 cards

If you enjoy making cards but sometimes get stuck for inspiration check out this site.
365 Cards

They post a new challenge every day! And if that doesn't inspire you enough, check out the participants links under each post and you are sure to get heaps of ideas. Just be warned! You can get lost in there...I often  tend to go from one link to the other and can't find my way back!!

Oh and the challenge for Monday??

Use this poster or the movie as inspiration for a card. 
How cool is that ? Love the colours and the toadstools, especially the one right at the top. (for those of you who don't follow my blog, I have a bit of a thing for Alice in Wonderland atm ;)
I want to start creating straight away but.....
Bugger! All my scrapping gear is packed away for the retreat this weekend (eek 3 sleeps!)
Might just have to put this bit of inspiration on the back burner for a while, or see if I can rustle something up at the retreat.

as always thanks for stopping by and take care of you!