Next big thing?

Is it me, or is Alice in Wonderland mania really starting to set in?
It seems to be Everywhere.
Wondering if it will be the next big thing in scrapbooking??
Imagine the possibilities.
Tea parties, queen of hearts, mad hatter (oooo love Johnny Depp!) hats  rabbits, clocks, cats, toadstools, chessboards and pieces, well, you get the idea.
I am starting to see heaps of Alice in Wonderland inspired layouts in  overseas blogs and forum galleries and they look great.
My mind  is already starting to churn with layout and card ideas!
So what do you think?
Will Alice in Wonderland be the next craze in scrapbooking???
Would love to hear what you think.

Now off to dream about Johnny ...or Hugh Jackman...either/either really! lol