Wordless Wednesday--27th Edition

---The chubby little blond---

Damn Lucky Woman!....LOL!

Ciara ft Justin Timberlake- Love Sex Magic Official Video

And Connecticut Makes Four

The little state of Connecticut has become the fourth state to legalize gay marriage! (Massachusetts, Vermont and Iowa are the other three). Come on New Jersey! What's the holdup?

Happily Exhausted!

So...Shell I start with the good news or the bad news!?LOL!
Maybe I should start with what went wrong first!...
Yesterday afternoon, after Eric take his nap, he woke up burning in fever...I guess my lil'rugrat subconsciously knew that he would be with out his momma for an whole day and his little body responded to it...I don't know!....So, yesterday I spent 90% of the day trying to organize everything for today...Finally, I went to bed around 00h30...Eric had fever all night long so he kept turning and tossing in bed...Around 2am he vomited... So I got up from bed and cleaned him and everything else up...He only fell asleep again (which means that I fell asleep again too!) around 5h30am...6h30 I was up!Getting dressed and ready for my 1st day at work!...I got the kids up around 7am...7h35am I was knocking at my MIL's door to leave the kids...Eric grabbed my hand and refused to let it go so I had to just kinda push him away(my heart was broken to do that!...) cause now I was late to catch the bus which was leaving at 7h46!...So I looked at my watch and thought «Oh s****!!!Now I've got to run!» So I ran!When I got to the bus stop the bus was just about to leave!The driver hit the brakes so I could get in!LOL!As I was entering I stumbled on the step and fell on my knees cause my hands were occupied holding my bags!Everybody laughed!....Geeez!....
But that was it....After that everything went smoothly!...I loved the crew who's providing us the training.They are all very friendly.My working group is quite good too.We have people from all over the world:US, Canada,Finland,Brazil,Goa,UK!....A nice mangle!LOL!
I got home a bit earlier than I was expecting once it was our 1st day there.My whole body is aching!...But I feel very happy!...
The only thing bothering me right now is the fact that Eric is still feverish!...
Hope he gets better ASAP...

Life is precious

I'm a great movie fan and if there's a movie worth watching, I'm usually the first to spread the word. I saw a great movie yesterday: The Notebook.

This is not your average sappy love story, folks, although that is how it starts. An older gentleman (James Garner) reads a love story to an elderly lady (Gena Rowlands). As the story progresses you find out how two young people find love, lose it and win it back again. The end is sad but refreshing, and a wake-up call really: Live your life, my friends, and take care of those you love. You never know how long they'll be here.

Have a great weekend!

Wordless Wednesday--27th Edition

New job...New Shoes!

Couple of new cards

Hi everyone. Man been a bit hectic the last couple of days so I apologize for not posting sooner. I don't have very much to share today - in fact only 2 cards - but I hope they inspire you to make something new as well.

This first card was made with a chocolate chip mini card and I used it on top of a regular sized card *4 1/4 x 5 1/2*. Inside of the little card is a Ghirardelli chocolate sqaure and it fits very nicely. It's held down with a mini gluedot.

I was blurfing that day and found a neat tut on useing your edge punch to make a scallop square or rectangle and used the technique to make the large brown scallop sqaure in chocolate chip cardstock.

Here's a picture of the card with the mini part open, showing the chocolate inside.

I used the new set Dreams de Jour for the image on the outside focal point. LOVE this new set of mine. I aslo used a new wheel for the Baja breeze background.

It's fun to play with all kinds of new goodies and seeing as the occasions mini has some new transaprencies with white images on them I tried my own with white stazon and an overhead transarency.

I love the swirl from the Baroque motifs set and used that as well as a saying from the set on the outside part of the card. The background band was rolled with yet another new wheel I bought and I have to say it's very nice to use.

Well that's it for today. Hope you all enjoyed some of the things I've shared today.

See you all again soon.


Dick Continues His Assaults

Dick continues his bashing of President Obama. Does the man have nothing positive to say? Miserable, old man!

A bit more of my kinda music!....

Nelson Freitas-I've got a girl

Nelson Freitas ft Edson Freitas - You're Beautiful

Latest News Upon My Crib

I've been quite absent lately but as you know I've been looking for a job cause life was demanding ASAP!...
And you all hotmommas know how demanding it is to take care of our children 24/7, plus the house...The dog...The birdie....LOL!
Well...Finally, last week I was called for an interview!...In fact, that same call was the 1st part of my interview:testing my English Skills! And I did fine!So they scheduled me for the second interview live on scene!LOL!And I did good again!Last Friday I went through the 3rd part of it:a little chat on the phone with the company's chairman (in this case a chairwoman!LOL) who's British!And I did good again!
So today the manager called me to say that they did like me and so I was hired!YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How great is that????I'm so excited!!!
First cause I loved the working environment, I have the chance to work speaking in English and the salary ain't that bad compared to my previous job!
That's due to the fact that the company is NOT PORTUGUESE!And when I settle I got the chance to achieve one of my biggest dreams in life!Move overseas!Yeah you heard me!Their company is spread worldwide so I can work for them any where!!!
I'm still head over hills about it and I'm all stressed up trying to figure out everything at the same time cause I've been home for the past 3 years and I'm kinda stuck on the "mommy gear"!
Another big achievement around here was made by Eric:he's fully potty trained at last!No more diapers for him!!!For the past 2 nights he has been sleeping with out it and did not wet the bed!Ain't he the sweetest thing ever!?Yay for the both of us!

So I hope you all lovely girls, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Welcome Baby Samantha!

This weekend I hosted an "all family" baby shower to welcome our newest family addition, baby Samantha. My sister in law, Aileen and Mark Turner are the proud parents of this beautiful baby girl. And, of course, I made a special cake for the occasion. This was a 10" moist vanilla rum cake filled with cream cheese/vanilla pudding and fresh strawberries. It was so good!

Proud parents with baby Sam and other son Mikey.

Mom and Dad, Pampa Carl and Abu Mary

Baby Sam with cousins!

I made these letters for Samantha's room. I love scrapbooking, though I have not had the time to scrapbook or the energy! in a long time. I'm glad I made time to make these for baby Sam.

Oh Baby!

I made this cake for my friend Jen who was hosting a baby shower. I matched the colors and some patterns of the baby's room decor and bedding and made a sweet little baby for the cake topper. The bottom cake was a yummy chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache, vanilla buttercream, Snickers candy and caramel. The top tier was a moist almond cake filled with vanilla buttercream. Jenny called me after the party to tell me that everyone loved the cake and that the chocolate cake was amazing! Jenny you are always so sweet!

Sara's Birthday Cake

I created this tropical luau cake as a gift from Paula to Sara. Paula wanted me to make her friend a special cake to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Another Good Job By Obama

I give President Obama an A+ for his endeavors at the Summit of the Americas. Isn't it time we learn to listen and work with our neighbors instead of trying to dictate to them how things are going to be?

Oh well...

Well, I believe the shit has really hit the fan right now. I'm lying on the sofa typing this, since my arms are the only body parts I can move in a normal fashion from the belly-button up...

Remember that fabulous cargobike I was going to buy? Well, it is bought and paid for and it is actually indeed a great bike BUT since yours truly is an enthusiastic idiot I started using this bike too early... leastways before my back had properly cured....

Ah, you've guessed it, the hernia is back and bigger than ever. I can barely move and Renz went to the hospital this morning (yes on Sunday) to get me some heavy duty painkillers and I'm not allowed to work for a while.

SOOOOOOOOOO... I'll be on Skype a lot, folks, log on please and keep me company!

Wordless Wednesday--26th Edition

These pictures were taken that day.
Do you wanna take a chance and guess who is the little troublemaker?!
Don't be afraid to speak out!...

Robbed by a 9 year old!...

I know that my posts are not much bright lately...
And that I complaint a LOT!...
But common,please!!!Give me a break will ya???Lately I haven't been much lucky !....And I don't even know why it all happens to me!I think I'm a good person...I'm always nice to everyone!...
As some of you may know, here in Portugal Spring Break ends today...So for the past 2 weeks my kids were at  home with me...Almost everyday Wilson's buddies were here knocking at my door cause they love to be here playing with my kids!...I love children!So it didn't bother me at all!...(I'll post some pics I actually took today soon)
They always make a mess each time they come!...But its was fine by me!...
I was always doing snacks and yummy stuff for them!...So coming to "Auntie Sandra" means lots of fun and yummy stuff!...
So far so good right?
There was a particular child in that group that always made me feel like "I gotta keep an eye on him!..."
But I thought he had understand the rules and he was kinda behaving...
Today I don't know why but when they came knocking I wasn't really in a mood to put up with a bunch of kids running and screaming..Still, I invited them in and let them stay for 3 hours...After they left I asked Filipe to go and buy more bread cause they had been eating and there wasn't much left...I reached for my purse that was in the living room (where the kids were playing) grabbed my wallet and the money I had there was GONE!No it wasn't much...Just a few coins (about $5) ...I'm not mad because the money but because he betrayed my trust!The kid had the audacity to go through my
purse while I was in the bathroom or so to take money from me!Me! The one who's always been so good to them!!!
I asked Wilson to go look for them all and say that I was really mad and I didn't want them to come anymore cause one of them had took money from me.They instantaneously  said that was that boy (the one I haven't ever trusted) who did it!...And that little rugrat wasn't there anymore playing with his mates!Sure he wasn't! Who wants to be caught anyway???
I'm really pissed off!...And I blame his parents!...
My kids (I know that they are not better then anyone!) had never EVER take any money from me!And I have 3 boys!
I believe it's all a matter of education!The education that we PARENTS are supposed to give to our children!...
He does this now and he's only 9 so what's going to be like when he's 16?!....

To Union Or Not To Union?

I am Pro-Union, but not a Union Fanatic! I am also a State of NJ employee, and union member State employee! I DO NOT BELIEVE THE STATE OF NJ BUDGET SHOULD BE BALANCED ON THE BACKS OF ITS WORKERS! My job is to serve the public, a particularly vulnerable part of our citizenship. I believe that MOST state employees work hard to support and serve the people of NJ. We keep the disabled, the mentally ill, children, and the general public safe. I also believe that most of the public hasn't a clue what NJ State employees do to make their lives better.
This is, in my opinion, what the Union should be publicizing on a daily basis. The Union should be informing the public on a routine basis of what it is NJ State employees are doing for the people. However, the Union usually reacts to situations rather than being proactive. Last week, the Union asked its members to participate in a lunchtime picket over forced furloughs and wage increase give-backs. Does this work or does this make the public even angrier at State employees? I'm not sure, but the following is one response from one reader of The Press of Atlantic City to the lunchtime protests that occurred last week:
How arrogant for state workers to fight furloughs
Published: Monday, April 13, 2009
" Regarding the mass demonstrations last week at our state colleges by workers protesting furloughs:
I'm blown away by the arrogance of these folks. These are all state employees who believe they are exempt from any type of personnel cuts when the state is suffering a sharp revenue decline. Why should the state act any differently from a private business?
Most of these folks make the same or more than private business employees and should have to undergo the same as any other business. With the governor finally doing his job by cutting expenditures and standing up to the demands of the state's employees, we taxpayers will finally slow our rate of increase in our property taxes. New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the nation due to the demands of these employees, and it has to stop now.
Unfortunately, when the Union reacts this is the image that is portrayed.


Spent a few days in New York City last week. A few wet, cool days! I gotta say NYC is still a great place to be even in the wet and cool! Picture here is from Soho, but not "Soho in the rain." Fortunately we did have some good days as well.

Happy Easter!!! and some new goodies to share

Hello everyone. Thanks SO much for the great comments on the last post. I so enjoyed making that set I just can't think of giving it away. LOL like I read on someone's blog the other day I guess I suffer from "Stampers Syndrome" - read more about it on Jan Tink's site. It's too hard for me to go giving away the very first project I make and then I just have to copy it or start on a new one, THEN what happens to the "stuff" I'm accumalating? It just sits around, looking nice. UMM yeah, but I'm running out of space man. Sheesh why's I gotta be such a packrat. My poor husband would probably love me more if I could get rid of a couple dozen boxes or so "stuff" hanging around with who knows what kind of stamping stuff in it. Seriously my space is getting smaller by the month - as I accumulate more "stuff" and stamps and whatnots. But hey, what's a girl to do, rubber therapy is the best therapy I've ever had. Gimme a shout if you suffer from any kind of stress and I'll give you the info to go on rubber therapy lol.

I'm still working on getting all the stampsets I bought last month mounted, but I'll just do it as I need the sets. Thank goodness Stampin Up has all the sets already pre cut now, so it's a breeze mounting them. Poor rubber scissors are going to start getting a complex, because now I hardly ever use them.

Well on to the fun stuff. I made a couple of thank you cards for some very special ladies. We went to supper at our Old Country Buffet on Tuesday and I just had to have a little something for them both. I made a little 3x3 magazine style card holder with 3 3x3's and envies. Of course I didn't remeber to take PICTURES so I'll have to make a new set - ha I didn't make one and keep it this time!!!!! But I did take pictures of the cards so here they are.

Lots of HugS everyone and have a Happy Blessed Easter Sunday!!!!!

This tells you all you need to know....

Tracy Lawrence - You find out who your friends are

I'm only human!

I just "exchanged" a few words with one of my Portuguese girl friends and all I feel like is crying...No she wasn't not rude or anything but...I feel like crying my guts out!...
Last time I saw her was almost 1 year ago...And she only lives 3.72 miles away from me!...I know she has a nearly 3 y.o. baby girl and she's going through divorce and that she's working and so...But a WHOLE year went by...So I said to her «Last time we saw each other was almost 1 year ago...» and she said «You have no idea how my life is right now» I replied «I can imagine» and she said «No you can't...»
That was such a stroke for me...My 1st thought was "Well if you just called me or came to me I WOULD know what's going on!!!!!"
I have a whole bunch of things going on in my mind and in my life too!And thou I'm blessed with a good handful of wonderful friends I've made through the blogging world I need HUMAN TOUCH!!!
I need to talk to grown up people from the same gender and about the same age then me!....People who understand me!I'm only human for the crying out loud!...

Happy Easter Everyone!

Through My Eyes Fridays

This is s Friday Meme hosted by my BBF Tina L. at "Life in the Lapadula House"

About 2 months ago I decided to make "the bean" experience so my younger kids realize how do plants grow.I put 1 single red bean with some cotton balls in 1 glass and watered it daily.

This is what you see when you look through my eyes!

the not so Good Friday

it's a Holy-day, i know, it's a time too reflect my wrongdoings and so on ... but something bad happened to me today...

i lost my phones ... cell phones ... again!

the cellphones were charging when i left them, when i woke up this morning, there were gone! I thought i had misplaced the phones and put 'em in my bag, but i thought wrong! they were gone...including all my contacts and pictures of my nieces, the most valuable things in my phones.

the culprit, or culprits, used a long stick to fish out the phones from my house, how come i did not see that coming, especially when i've writen stories about it, i guessed i got careless, stupid of me!!!

on a Good Friday morning, i lost my two cell phones ... so the Holy-day was not a good day for me ... but I just wish that the lost would bring something good for me ...

well, for my friends out there, please send me your contacts, i appreciate that a lot

Becky's totally awesome tote!!

I was a busy little girl and made this totally awesome tote from the pattern I bought from Becky over on Inking Idaho. I just love her projects and she's SO good at making tuts with colored pictures and awesome instructions.

This is a really neat project and I found the paper at Meijer for almost half off what it normally cost as it was on clearance. The sheets have a metallic sheen to them where the patterns are printed.

So without further ado here they are.