Maybe There Is Hope For The Republican Party

Meghan McCain on Larry King Live

Humans should take a lesson!....

Hero Dog Tries to Help Mortally Wounded Dog - Chile


My dear friends

Today I got this email from my beloved niece warning about pedophile signs and symbols...Of course I had to publish it over my blog, cause this is something that we all should be aware of!

So here's the deal:

Last January the FBI released a report about pedophiles.
In this report a series of symbols are shown.Symbols and signs used by the pedophiles so they can be able to recognize them.
The symbols are always composed by the union of two similar shapes (one inside the other).
The bigger shape represents the adult and the smaller shape represents the child.
The size difference between them demonstrates the preference for older or younger children.
Boys are represented by the triangular shapes and the girls by the hearts.

This symbols can be found on websites,coins,jewelry among other objects...

The triangular shapes represent men that like boys (the cruel detail is that the thinner triangle stands for those who like boys of a very tender age);the heart represent men who like girls and the butterfly represents those who like both genders.


Please be AWARE and pass the message through!

The White Masai

Remember my "Sandra's Sunday Corner" recomended book?
Well, while I was out of computer I read this AMAZING book!...Yes, it's a wonderful book!I devoured it!In less of a week I had this "gorgeous" read!
This is definitively one of the best books I've ever read in my life. I love true stories cause it takes us to somebody else's life and we can experience all they went through...The good stuff and the bad stuff!...
This lady here is a heck of a woman!!!
All the things she went through in the name of love!...Oh my goodness!You girls have no idea!...
Just picture this:
Over 20 years ago this gorgeous lady (Corinne Hofmann,a 28 years old woman from Switzerland)  went on vacation to Kenya...Thou she (kinda) had company with her she immediately fell in love with this Masai warrior that she had spot on the boat.That was love at the first sight!
Despite the huge cultural differences she decided that she would face everything and everyone for the man she loved.
She sold her store in Bern (Switzerland) to marry the Samburu warrior.
She endured several deadly diseases,
malnutrition,jealousy and a pregnancy and delivery while living in the bush!.... WOW!
She endured all that for 4 years...When she decided to escape from there with her gorgeous baby daughter Napirai.
I can assure you that this book is awesome!
After reading such an amazing story I had to see the movie but to be honest, it was a big turn off...
Any way...
Here's the link to Corinne's website and the movie trailer:


The White Masai trailer

Song Sharing Sunday

This is a Sunday Meme presented by my sweet friend Angeline over "Anything Under the Sun".

Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply with Lyrics !!

More Involvement?

President Obama seems fixated on widening the US involvement in Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban. This is causing some, particularly my fellow left-wing democrats, to question why put more troops in Afghanistan. Isn't that, after all, just following Bush's lead? Isn't that what we did NOT want to happen?
Believe me, I am not happy about more US troops being deployed anywhere. I want them all home. But I still trust President Obama (with this and the economy). I think he must have strong evidence that the Taliban or Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan are definitely planning more attacks on US citizens here and abroad. I do not think President Obama is just putting more US troops in harms way because he's a power hungry, war-obsessed person.
Unlike George W. & Company, that were bent on World Domination, I truly feel President Obama is doing what is in the best interest of the US.

Through my Eyes Fridays

This is a Friday Meme hosted by my BBF Tina Lapadula over "Life in the Lapadula House".

Spring has presented us with warm and sunny gorgeous days!
Yesterday I took some pics...

This is what you see when you look through my eyes!

I just don't GET IT!!!

I consider my self an open mind type of person but there are some rituals that drive me NUTS!
I know that in some cultures they just seem to "ignore" the sense of danger but ....I don't know!I don't even know what to say about this!...
If some one could enlighten me about this I'd surely appreciate!What's this for?What is its purpose?What's the good in it?What's the benefit for those children?....

Wordless Wednesday- 23rd Edition


Sexy Lady

"Sexy Lady-by Nelson Freitas"

This is one of my favorite African songs.One thing that is really cool about this song is that the lyrics are divided in 3 different languages:
English,French and Criolo (from Cape Vert).
I know that many of you are not acquainted with this sort of rhythms so every now and then I like to post one so you get to be a bit more familiarized with it.
You know, when I used to go to clubs I never went to the the "regular" ones!...I always preferred the African clubs!...Hmmmmmmm....
You know what they say....Once you taste black you can never go back!!!!LOL!I guess they are totally right!LOL!

Bad Mouthing Portugal take 1000!!!LOL!

Diamonds are Forever - José Castelo Branco

Ok this is just one more drop in the ocean of the "Sandra doesn't like Portugal because of...." roll!...(*eyes rolled back*)
This "gentleman" here is Mr.Jose Castelo Branco....He's a jet set celebrity (so he says...).He's married to Lady Betty Grafstein (see the picture bellow)...
He sings just as bad as a horse...And he claims that he is NOT gay!....Oh and he is profoundly religious!...(yeah right!...)

I wonder when has this man lost his self consciousness?....Hmmmmmm............................................................... 

Remember this?--"The Heights - How Do You Talk To An Angel"

The Heights - How Do You Talk To An Angel

This was one of my fav Tv Shows when I was a teen (this and Beverly Hills 90210 and a few more!).And I loved these guys songs!

Mommy is so proud!!!!!

Today is my first born 12th Birthday!!!
Filipe is now 12 years old!Can you believe it???
It looks like it was yesterday....On the 24th March of 1997, by 11pm Filipe was born with 9.34lbs and 20.47 inches long...He was the bigger baby in that room...He was so big that I couldn't push him out by my self...The doctors had to pull him out with the help of forceps (reallyyyyyyyy painful!)...I lost so much blood that I had to stay in the Hospital for 5 days (with penicilin shots 3 times per day!!!) but he was all worthy!...He's a bright young man who is very respectful,caring and loving...And I'm very proud of him!...
Mommy loves you very much!!!!
Happy Birthday my dear son!May your life be full of blessings!


Wow you guys probably think I've taken off seeing as I've not been updating my blog. I'm SO sorry I haven't been back but I'm sure that you guys will be happy that I'm going to give both you girls who commented on my blogcandy a really cool gift. I'm working on them so please send me your email address so I can send you some stuff via snail mail.

Well I have to run, but I'll leave you with a little something I've done last week.


Song Sharing Sunday

This is a Sunday Meme hosted by my dear BBF Angeline over "Anything under the sun".

This pretty much declares my state of mind these past months.Not that I need finding somebody to love, but to find a resolution to my life yes!Definitely yes!...

Somebody to Love (with words)


Lotus Flower Cake

I designed this cake for Mydhili's Mom. She wanted to surprise her mom with a birthday party and a special cake. The inspiration for this cake came from a piece of art I found on line. I just love making bright and colorful cakes like this. I am pretty happy with the end result. The top cake is a moist vanilla rum filled with french vanilla buttercream. The bottom is a yummy chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and alternating layers of chocolate almond buttercream and vanilla almond buttercream.

Take me back!....Pleeeaaaaase!....

Today Spring arrives but what I'm really looking for is SUMMER !!!!!!!!
That and my (not so good) mood made me feel nostalgic...Can I reverse time and go back to that specific time in my life????......

I'm a TOP MOMMA...Again!

I'm a Top Mommma!

Can you girls believe it?!I'm a TopMomma again!!!And this time I'm a TopMomma over my 2 blogs!So go check it out and don't forget to click on my badges!!!!
Love ya girls!

Where we stand...

This morning while having breakfast my TV was on the morning news and when the news reporter started telling about this I almost choked!OMG! Laughing and having coffee at the same time is not a good idea!!!LOL!
Yes,I had a good laugh with this news...Not that that was something cheerful, absolutely not!But it was at least....How can I put it?....OUTRAGEOUS!
Just picture this:
Our Forensics Team (our CSI team) has run out of working material!!!For the past 6 months they have no material to collect  evidences from a crime scene!!!How can this be????????????So, what can we expect from this?!Should we consider that crime pays?!Well in Portugal it always did due to our very poor law system (no life sentence or death penalty...) but now the criminals feel even more "comfortable" doin' their stuff!
Now just look at us!...We, Portuguese,part of  Europe, a so called civilized country, land of the great conquerors, just had hit
the bottom!....

PS--Let me just remind you that when I mentioned "civilized" and "great conquerors" I was being ironic! You all know how much I love (NOT!!!!) my country!LOL!

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!

Today, here in Portugal is Father's Day!So to both best Dad's in the world here's our tribute!

To my hubby who's an awesome Dad!

And to my Dad, that despite is no longer among us he still watches over me and his grand kids!