Congratulations on your Wedding Yailyn!

This is my interpretation of a quite popular and modern cake design. Please forgive me, but I don't know who the original designer is, perhaps "The Cake Girls" in Chicago!. The cake is covered in an ivory marshmallow fondant with chocolate and tiffany blue details. The butterflies are gumpaste and dusted with super pearl.

Step Aside Republicans and Pundits

Barack Obama has been President of the US for a almost 6 weeks now. Already the Republicans and right-wing pundits have tried to derail his agenda! The right-wing have been doing nothing but complaining about this strategy and criticizing the agenda of President Obama. They really want to see President Obama fail!

I say to them: "Step aside. Get out of the way! Watch as President Obama turns this nation around with our help!" The Republicans had the past 8 years to mess everything up. The Bush Administration had the last 8 years to let the important things facing this country like the environment, health care, education, take a back seat to their wordly domination philosophy. Now it's a Democratic President that has to step in and make some hard choices. The people of this nation put Barack Obama in office to make change, to start a REVOLUTION, and that is what he will do.

President Obama has my total support! He has done more in the past 6 weeks to try and restore the greatness of the US than George W. & Company did in the past 8 years! Get move up to the front of the bus or take a back seat, but don't let the change the people want stop!
The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For you!This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
2. What I create will be just for you.
3. It'll be done this year! (I will get it to you in the next month or so, hopefully - grin).
4. You have no clue what it's going to be. I have tons of ideas, but who knows what it will be? Not you, that's for sure!
5. The catch? Oh, the catch is that you must repost this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on your blog! (then come here and post, I WILL check your blog *wink*) The first 5 people to do so and leave a comment telling me they did win a homemade gift by me! Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it!

Little Einsteins

This Little Einstein birthday cake was a fun cake to make. Started with a sheet cake for the bottom and a ball pan for the top. Covered in fondant and airbrushed to achieve a deep red. The engines are rice crispies covered in fondant too. Bottom cake is a moist coconut amaretto cake filled with coconut scented buttercream, toasted coconut and walnut crunch. Top cake is chocolate filled with cookies and cream.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball...

Dear Folks,

There is good news and bad news. The good news is that Rune is doing fabulously! "What a pretty girl" the doctor said this morning at the monthly check-up. I was so proud I was about to explode!

The bad news... Over the past few days I myself wasn't feeling so great so a quick visit to the doctor would easily and rapidly fix me... or so I thought. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

The diagnosis hit me like a bomb: a hernia (slipped disc in my spine) and a bad infection in my breasts. Yup, not one, but two serious problems a new mum could do without. So now what...?

After feeling very inadequate as a woman and mother because my breastfeeding days are definitely over... (boy, you really don't want to know how much I cried over the past two days...) I decided to just take it one step at the time. After all, what else can I do? Rune's two grandmothers, Nellie and Ria, are here to help us out and for the rest all I can do is take my medication regularly and do the exercises for my back.

Rune likes the milk in bottles so that is not a problem and she is sleeping fine too, so nothing to worry about there. As a matter of fact, she is drinking better from a bottle than from me. Do you think she knew already? Those little ones are so clever you know.

All I need to do is shift into another gear and get my hormones/emotions in check. And take lots of photos.... Here the little diva is enjoying bath time with daddy :).

We'll be alright!

XBOX 360 Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my older son Dominick who turned 13 this month. He loves to play video games...what 13 year old doesn't? He was thrilled with the cake and I made his favorite chocolate cake filled with cookies and cream whipped cream. The controller was made using rice crispies covered in fondant.

We celebrated the birthday party at the new Port St. Lucie Civic Center. They spent some time playing basketball and the rest of the party was held in the game room, where they played video games, air hockey, arcade games, ping pong, and pool.

Why Is SOCIALISM Such A Bad Word?

The "in" word of this past week seemed to be socialism. The Conservatives and Conservative Media have been using this word to describe President Obama's agenda, particularly his economic agenda. I ask: what is so wrong with socialism anyway?

Wikipedia defines the term as, "Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating public or state ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and a society characterized by equal opportunities for all individuals....Socialists mainly share the belief that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital, creates an unequal society, and does not provide equal opportunities for everyone in society."

Socialism has its beginnings many times throughout history during revolutions. The People get tired of being left with nothing and being treated with inequality, and revolution brings about change. Did the American people begin a revolution with the election of Barack Obama? Did the people in this country finally get so sick of the wealth being distributed unevenly amongst the rich, that they said, "Enough is enough!" Isn't it said that 1% of the US population has 95% of the wealth?

I ask again, "What is so wrong with Socialism?"

A Warm Welcome For Obama

I thought it was great to see the warm welcome President Obama received earlier this week in Canada. More than 3000 people withstood freezing temperatures and snow on Ottawa's Parliament Hill to watch as the US President waved to the crowds during his meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Lesley Marshall, a university student, said, "We came for the Bush protest here (in 2004). There were just lines of police officers with gas masks because there was so much anti- American sentiment. It was horrifying..." What a difference!

It made me proud to be an American to see this welcome of our President! Even during the campaign, I felt a tingle of pride when then Candidate Obama met with other world leaders. To see the crowds then come to see OUR future President was awe-inspiring. I remember Obama being criticized for taking this trip during the campaign, but other candidates for US President would not have received the same reception!

It was actually embarrassing to see George W. visit other countries! Nothing but protests and scenes of police in riot gear were seen on TV. The world hated Bush, and the world hated US Americans! Now maybe we will be seen in a different light!

Just some random info...

Life these days is pretty good for the three of us. Apart from learning to speak eachothers "language", Rune is doing very very well. Sometimes it's not so easy to figure out what she means when she cries but we are slowly but surely getting the hang of it!
Here's a photo of our house, by the way, the sun is shining today and although it is still a bit cold, we look very forward to spring!
The roses are beginning to grow flowers again, the red climber is ours and has been decorating our outside wall since we first moved here 7 years ago. I sold the pink bike in September because we are going to order a cargo-bike, which will be more convenient to transport Rune in our medieval city centre where no cars are allowed.

Early Signs of Spring

The bulbs are starting to pop!

It's Criminal And Someone Should Pay

In January, China sentenced two men to death and imposed life in prison on Sanlu Group Co.’s former head for their involvement in the tainted-milk scandal that claimed the lives of at least six babies, Xinhua news agency said. If you recall that incident, at least six babies died, and 294,000 suffered kidney ailments and urinary problems after drinking infant formula tainted with melamine.
In the US, we have had our episode of food poisoning as well. Our culprit, salmonella-laced PEANUT BUTTER! One of my favorite foods (excluding the salmonella)! Now the president of a peanut company and a plant manager are accused of knowingly distributing contaminated food. During a grilling by a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee, these men refused to answer many of the questions posed to them. At one point, Rep. Greg Walden, R-Oregon, displayed a container sealed with yellow "caution" tape and said to Stewart Parnell, president of the Peanut Corp. of America, and Sammy Lightsey, manager of the company's Blakely, Georgia plant, "In this container are products that have your ingredients in them, some of which were on the recall list, some of which are probably contaminated....It seems like, from what we've read, you were willing to send out that peanut base [that] went into these ingredients. And I just wonder, would either of you be willing to take the lid off and eat any of these products now, like the people on the panel ahead of you, their relatives, their loved ones did?"
Nine people in the US have died as a direct result of the peanut butter contamination and many others have been sickened. This is criminal and someone should pay, and pay with more than just a monetary fine, which will come out of an insurance company. I am not suggesting these men, if it is they that are guilty, be executed like the case in China, but the guilty in the US peanut butter case are guilty of murder and should be sentenced for such a crime.
“China pays great attention to food safety and product quality,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said at a press briefing today. “In the Sanlu case, China is strictly handling the case according to the law,” she said, adding the country has strengthened its rules and regulations after the scandal. The US should be following the same standards! After all, aren't our standards so much higher than the rest of the world's?

Happy Valentine's Day!

November Rain

Through My Eyes Fridays

This is a Friday Meme hosted by my dear friend Tina Lapadula over "Life in the Lapadula House".

Last time we went to the zoo was in 2007.

This is what you see when you look through my eyes!

Photo Meme

My dear friend Misty tagged me in this cute meme.Thanks girl!
So here's the deal:

1. Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.
2. Go to the 6th Folder and then pick the 6th Picture.
3. Post it on your bloggy and tell the story that goes with the picture.
4. Tag 5 other glorious peoples to do the same thing and leave a comment on their bloggy tellin’ them ’bout it.

Let's see what's in mine 6th Folder!LOL!

And I'll be tagging:

Kelly K.
Gin E

Really Hoping Obama Fails

Has anyone else noticed how hard the right-winged media and others (Republicans) are trying their hardest to get negative reactions to everything Barack Obama says and does? Rush has said he hopes Obama fails, then tried to clear it up by stating that he only hoped Obama's stimulus plan failed. The other day some newscaster asked a "blog" question something like, "If the stimulus plan does not work, will you still support Obama? How much time will you give the stimulus plan to work?" The expected answer in each of these and many other questions/polls is a negative response against Obama.

Obama has been in office about four weeks now! He inherited a mess and it will take a lot longer than four weeks or even four months to fix it! So how long will I give him? I would say, FOUR YEARS maybe! George W. and his party took eight years to screw things up so badly, I think FOUR YEARS is enough to give Obama to start turning things around!

Are the Republicans just jealous that Obama still has such a favorable rating? Are the Republicans going to continue their hardest to try and change peoples' feelings about Obama? I hate to tell them,but I believe the American people are tired of the BS that the Republicans have fed them for the past eight years! I think, and I am hoping, that the Republican strategy will backfire on them and make people dislike the Republicans even more.

Get on board, Republicans! You and your strategy has failed this country. Get on board and give Obama an honest chance to turn things around. Guess what? He's going to do it with or without you anyway!

Wordless Wednesday-- 21st Edition

In Spain...Be Spanish...

~Diary of a 13 years old girl~ Short Tale 3


Dear Angel

The Summer is almost over and school starts next week.I've loved this Summer cause so many cool stuff happened!!!I've had several crushes on several boys during these 3 whole months, but no boyfriends what so ever!...
But my friend Susy did get one!She's dating my friend Rob.They look so good together!I''m so happy for them!!!
Rob is a nice guy,but you know how boys are!And once he goes to the same school than me, I better keep an eye on him cause he's a ladies man!LOL!And I don't want my friend to be hurt by him.


Dear Angel

The school started 3 days ago.And Rob is behaving.LOL!
He'd better!Or I'll kick his ass!
And there are no new boys this year....Boring!
Those who attend there are such a nerds! ....


Dear Angel

You will not believe what happened!Rob had a car accident!
When I heard it, my heart almost jumped out of my chest!I started crying and I was desperate to call Susy and tell her about it...
My mom bugged me out about my "behavior" ...She gave me that look, like "You're over reacting Missy!"....
Well...HELLO MOM!!!He's my best friend's boyfriend!Of course I freaked out!
Gee...These grown up people.....
Anyway...He's ok now.Just had some minor injuries.
Thanks God for that.


Dear  Angel

My head is a mess...
I don't know what to think anymore....
I just feel like disappearing ...Nobody understands me...
I had the most awful day at school today...
After lunch me, Nicole and Mel went for a walk around the school and I saw Rob making out with a girl from his class...
How dares he???Cheating my best friend!?What a JERK!
But I told him good!I sure did!And I almost slap that girl if it weren't for Mel...She hold me...
Then I locked my self in the girls restroom and cried for an whole hour...I didn't even attend the rest of today  classes ...
Mel and Nicole said I'm only acting like this cause I'm in love with him.Yeah!...Right!...Can't they understand??He's cheating my friend!
How am I going to tell her this?She'll be devastated!
I DON'T love him!!!
I hate him!!!!!

Dear Angel

I called Susy today to tell her about Rob...Guess what?...
She said she was counting on it. so it was kinda ok?!....And that she was already considering breaking up with him,so....
I just don't understand why my heart still aches about this situation...


Dear Angel

I've finally realized that Nicole and Mel were right...I love Rob...I love him so much that it hurts!...
I take every chance I have to watch him ...I love to see him practicing  football at school....I've been at all his games as well...
The worst part of this is that since that day he barely looks at me...And when he does it, it looks like he wants to kill me!...
What should I do?....

Dear Angel

Today we had a fire drill at school....I had a part as one of the victims...A group of boys had to carry me out of the building cause I had a "broken leg".LOL!
Know who was on that group???Rob!!!!!
OMG!I thought I'd faint when I felt his hands under my legs!

Dear Angel

I see no reason to keep on living...
Everyone was laughing at me at school...I heard someone saying that Rob said that all he felt like was "drop my fat ass on the floor"...
Why??What have I done to deserve this??
Can't he realize how deep is my love for him?Why he's he hurting me like this?
I don't wanna eat...drink...go to school...And mostly, I don't wanna breath....Cause it hurts too much...»

To be continued...)

By:Sandra Carvalho

Freedom To Marry Week

Today is the first day of Freedom To Marry week. Across the nation, there are activities being planned in churches, homes, schools, businesses, government offices and community spaces. Please visit the site for more information.

Song Sharing Sunday

This is a Sunday meme presented by my dear friend Angeline.

I could just say that I'm posting this song cause it's a beautiful song...But I'd be lying!!! I'm posting this video cause it's hot, sexy and ......Uhhmmmm....Sorry!I'm watching this video again...And I'm drooling so talking right now it's an hard task!LOL!

The DayDreamer Within Me

Jay Sean - Ride It

Thou you probably think it the answer is no.I'm not turning my blog into a music blog!
The thing is music has always been very important to me,therefor I always have a whole bunch of videos.My parents gave me a strong musical background.When my parents met, dad was the lead singer of a local band back in the late 60's early 70's.My dad's deep blue eyes and blond hair caught my mom's attention!She was only 14 then.
Any way...I'm bringing this up so you can understand my passion about music.
So...As I was saying....
Short while ago I was finishing my dishes and cleaning up my kitchen and of course the radio was on...And this music started to play...And BANG!!!All the sudden this Sandra you know wasn't there anymore....I closed my eyes and let myself drift away by this awesome song....
Thou I had my rubber gloves on,one dish in one hand and the sponge on the other...Thou the dog was barking and the kids were fighting each other,I wasn't here in my kitchen...
The Sandra with these extra pounds,flaccid tummy full of stretch marks was gone...
This Sandra here was on a tropical paradise, where the sun was setting in gorgeous tones and shades of purple and orange...Lying on the sand that was still warm due to the hot sunny day,letting her sexy perfect body be caressed by the gentle waves...And of course I was NOT alone....Hubby was there....All over me....The music keeps playing...Now I can feel the salty taste on my lips as I kiss him passionately...The waves keep coming...Slowly and gently...Touching our bodies...And....
DAMN!The music ends!
Hey Mr.DJ!Play that song again!

En Vogue- Don't Let Go

En Vogue- Don't Let Go

Through My Eyes Fridays

This is a Friday Meme hosted by my dear friend Tina Lapadula over "life in the Lapadula House"

This week I have filled in the papers so Eric can enter the pre-school next September...
It hurts to see that he's growing up so fast....
I miss when he was just this tinny...

This is what you see when you look through my eyes!

Bad,bad girl!...

Yeah!... I know....Iknow...
I haven't been the best blogging friend...There's been a while since I've been over some of my BBF's blogs to see what's up and to leave a comment...That's me:Guilty as Charged!...
But the fact is that things haven't been easy around here...I've been busy, busy, busy...
  • My laptop is broken so it's 1 desktop for 5 people!Yep...5!!!Cause everyone around here loves net surfing!Even Eric(my 3 year old) loves to be up here watching videos in YouTube!...So this hot momma over here, gets less time to her biggest new addiction!... 
  • Kids have been sick as well (again!)since last weekend.It all started with Wilson, than passed on to Eric and now to Filipe...
  • Every time I get to be on the computer it's to apply for jobs!I usually spend around 2 hours doing it! (Remember I'm applying for jobs over here as well as overseas)
So I'm exhausted...Physically and psychologically ....I do!...I honestly do....
I'm start to get in the desperate mode!....I'm usually a fighter and the one with the positive attitude....But I feel like I'm breaking down a bit....
And the weather is not helping!...Gray skies and rain don't kick me into the "all cheered up" mood....
So...Would you please get me a job or bring the hot sunny weather back to me???

Wordless Wednesday-- 20th Edition

Eric (July-2006)

"I think I screwed up"

"To err is human..." Barack Obama never said he wasn't human! He made a mistake! I think there is nothing better than to admit it and move on................That's exactly what Obama is doing. When was the last time we heard a President say, "I think I screwed up"?

Here she is!

Well, folks, 9 days after the due date, on January 29th at 06.37am, our daughter Rune Gjilke was born. Rune comes from Old Norse and means 'magic spell' and Gjilke is Frisian and means 'happy'. She is our Happy Magic Spell!!

Michael Phelps-You Don't Need To Aplogize To Anyone

By now I'm sure everyone has heard about the photo of Michael Phelps smoking a pot pipe that surfaced in a British tabloid. Michael response to this was, "I engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment.... I’m 23 years old and despite the successes I’ve had in the pool, I acted in a youthful and inappropriate way, not in a manner people have come to expect from me. For this, I am sorry. I promise my fans and the public it will not happen again.”

Yes, Michael, you acted in a "youthful" way. Maybe that' because you are a youth! (Or "yoot" as Pesci would say). You need not apologize to anyone for being "youthful!" Enjoy your youth while you can because it will be gone all too soon! Sure you're a role model, but that doesn't mean you have to be perfect for the entire world! It's ok to cut loose and lighten up once in awhile!

Joe Windish, The Moderate Voice, wrote an interesting "interview" with Michael Phelps in which Phelps says, "Dear America,
I take it back. I don’t apologize.
Because you know what? It’s none of your…business. I work my ass off 10 months per year. It’s that hard work that gave you all those gooey feelings of patriotism last summer. If during my brief window of down time I want to relax, enjoy myself, and partake of a substance that’s a hell of a lot less bad for me than alcohol, tobacco, or, frankly, most of the prescription drugs most of you are taking, well, you can spare me the lecture."

How great would that be? And Michael, don't worry about your sponsorships and commercials, I'm sure Budweiser will give you a nice contract.