Flu shot

Today was the big day: Rune had to go to the health services for her flu shot. The swine flu, or Mexican flu as we call it, has hit the country and the world and so little people under the age of 4 get two shots to protect them.

Today was her first shot. Guess who was nervous? Yup... me! I dropped my coffee while having breakfast and you know how sacred my morning coffee is. I took a long shower and for the first time in weeks I didn't know what to wear. I'm nervous alright.

It all went quickly; we were in and out of the building in 5 minutes, probably less. The lady who gave Rune her shot was friendly and of course the tough little cookie that our daughter is didn't even blink. The needle in her leg didn't hurt her a bit, in fact, she looked at the nurse with her famous f** you look.

Guess who was crying? Hormones are crazy things, I'm telling you!