So Much To Think About

My last post here was July 4th! WOW! I can't believe I've been on "vacation" for so long. Guess I've been doing most of my venting/thinking on Believe me, there has been so much on my mind the past 4 weeks, but I just have not felt like writing it all down.
The healthcare battle in the US has been something I have thought often about. My confusion lies in "what is the problem with getting healthcare to all our people?" The US has so much money that it wastes elsewhere in the world, why oh why can't we just spend a small portion of it here! Why is it that the people who seem so opposed to any kind of Universal Healthcare (if that's what you want to call it) are those that have good health insurance? Why is it that those who oppose Universal Healthcare in the US are those that are so afraid it might cost them something?
The budget crisis of the US states has also been something I've thought about. NJ's budget is a mess, but PA's is even worse. The poor State employees in PA didn't even get a pay check yesterday! Can you imagine working your week or 2 weeks only to find out you get no money? Can you imagine having sent out that mortgage check a day or 2 before payday expecting the money to be in the bank by time the check gets to the mortgage company, only to find out there is no money in your bank account? NJ might be in bad shape, but we are not experiencing what some other states are going through. Which again makes me think (this thought was brought to me by a coworker, RM): why does the US send out so much foreign aid and not give some to its own people that need it?
The race for NJ Governor has been on my mind. I know Jon Corzine maybe hasn't been the most productive Governor, but the economy situation isn't his fault! He's been holding NJ together and believe me, I am totally afraid of Chris Christie! I saw this interesting commentary yesterday abut the race for NJ Governor:
So even though I haven't been writing, there's been alot on my mind. I will try, try hard, to keep everything posted here. (Even though nobody reads it).