tHe CloSuRe...

it's been two months since i last jotted, and many things happened during my absence here - both good and bad

my sorta 10-years relationship ended through an SMS, just as simple as that, dunno whether i should thank the IT for this super-canggih way of breaking-up or otherwise ... but i guess i saw it coming. so i supposedly needed time to destress, to gain my strength back and realise that it was meant to be ... life must go on!

funny thing though, i didn't cry ... is that normal? ok i lied, i cried a little, during my drive home from work on that eventful day, but that was it ... i didn't shed a tear after that, strange?!?...

apart from that black spot in my life, everything else is, suprisingly well.

i get to witness a close friend tying-the-knot. i also got the opportunity to learn that i have really caring, understanding, supporting, good friends out there, who shared my laughters and tears, who held me up when i feel everthing else is tumbling down, they raised me up in my downs ... thanks guys!

ok, no mushy mushy stuff here.

i also went on a fully-paid vacation to Macau, thanks to the Macau Government, had so much fun there ... and best of all, i get to shop in Zhuhai, China, the best place to shop, got myself some good stuff ... and of course for family members. this is the best part of my job, getting free trips but of course, we still have to produce stories at the end of the day.

this time around, i get to spend more time with my nieces ... they're just adorable! Jasmine is now running and baby Cheryl can't stand her walker, she just needs to get out. Their smiles are addictive, jus can't get enough of 'em...

overall, i will live my life to the fullest, will i ever find love again? yes, i will, i have and i intend to keep it buried in my heart for the rest of my life