Hope In NJ Or A Political Move?

NJ Governor Jon Corzine has promised to bring gay marriage to NJ if reelected in November. Corzine says gay marriage is a “fundamental right” and has promised to back a gay marriage bill, after he's elected to a second term. Corzine has not always been a fan of same-sex marriage. In 2005 he held that marriage should be between a man and a woman, but he has since :evolved on the issue." Corzine's opponent, Chris Christie, has moved his position closer to the center, but believes civil unions are sufficient for same-sex couples.
One has to be wary that Corzine's move may just be a political maneuver, but one has to also hope that he truly believes in his position and will fight for the right of same-sex couples to have full rights in NJ. Corzine has said previously that has a "progressive record" in regards to NJ.