Great Time in NYC

Saw 2 really good shows while in NYC this past weekend, SHREK, THE MUSICAL and GOD OF CARNAGE. Two completely different shows, one a musical, the other a play. But both very entertaining and enjoyable.

Waited in line at The Times Square ticket window for half price tickets on Friday. Got tickets to see SHREK. The show is not just for kids. As a matter of fact, there's lots of inuendos that children would not get! The main theme is that people should be allowed to be who they are, no matter what. One of the biggest "hit" songs is Waive Your Freak Flags High. You see, the Lord of the land has banished all the Fairy Tales, Pinocchio, the Wolf, and the likes to Shrek's swamp, and Shrek wants his swamp back! The Big Bad Wolf, who ends up being a cross-dressing wolf (that's why he dressed in granny's clothes), is one such Fairy Tale that in the end let's his Freak Flag fly!

God of Carnage is a play about 2 couples trying to make amends for one of their sons hitting the others' son in the mouth with a stick during a playground altercation. The couples start off very congenial toward each other, then begin to argue not only with the other couple but each other. Of course the men would just as soon drink rum and smoke cigars!

The Gay Pride Parade was on Sunday in NYC. It starts at 52nd Street and 5th Ave. and proceeds through the heart of NYC. Thousands line the streets to celebrate PRIDE!