My Adventure with the Peanut Butter Cookies

Well, I think that now I'm officially prepared to live in the States or in Canada!
Thanks to my dear friend Tammy I've managed to bake these yummilicious cookies for the kids!....

Thanks Tammy!!!!!

My English ain't that bad...
I'm a pretty fast learner...
And I even know how to bake peanut butter cookies!!!
So all I need now is: a job opportunity!!!

Sandra's Sunday Corner

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And my today choices are:

Ne Yo--Mad

Ne-Yo - Mad (Official Video)

Book:"Congo" by Michael Crichton

Perfume:"Pleasures" by Ester Lauder

What Could Have Been That Important?

In a way, I'm glad I had to work on Black Friday. No way am was I going to deal with the traffic, crowds and morons out shopping trying to get a bargain on that day! What was so important in a Long Island Walmart that customers had to storm the door, break it open, and trample an employee to death? Was it worth the death of someone to get a Tickle-Me Elmo or a cheap laptop computer? It just baffles the mind to think that this man was trampled to death and nobody even realized they were stepping all over him. From what I have read, even when word got out that someone was killed, the response of the shoppers was to keep shopping. One person even said, "I've been waiting in that line since yesterday."

There will be sales and deals througout the Christmas shopping season, especially given the fact that stores will do what they must to end their year in the black with the economic problems at hand. Black Friday is not the only day of shopping for the Christmas season. But so many think it is! I went shopping on Saturday and it wasn't too bad. The stores were a bit more crowded than a normal Saturday. The sales were still there. I made purchases!

There is nothing in the world that cannot wait to be bought when one realizes the tragedy that happened in Long Island on Black Friday. Hopefully the people who were a part of that crowd will come forth and admit they were a part of it. However that is doubtful because when people act as a group, they lose that individuality.

Eric and Santa!...

A couple of days ago, while heading home after all my errands, Eric came up with this conversation:
He:«I want Pocoyo Game.»
Me:«Oh yeah?Then you'll have to ask Santa for that.»
He:«No.I have to ask dad for that.»
Me:«No...You have to ask Santa cause he's the one who brings kids their presents.»
He:«NO!I have to ask DAD cause he's the one who's got the "MONEYS"!
I think it's so cute when they have their lil' hearts filled with hopes and dreams...
I think nowadays kids are smarter then we believe!...
3 years old...And he doesn't believe in Santa anymore!....*Big sigh*.....

Silly cat

The other day, while having breakfast, one of our cats Hippo decided to join me. Now this little guy is 17 years old right now, has lost the sight in his left eye and is, truly, slowly but surely losing his marbles.

I thought cats were supposed to eat MEAT. I was having breakfast with a sandwich with Heinz Sandwich Spread... now, I don't know if you folks across the pond have heard of this product, and I don't know of any other breakfast product that is like it but the taste of the 'regular' spread is fresh and sour, so nothing like meat.

Here's the jar....

Anyway, our lovely old Hippo wanted a taste and then went for it! He loved it!

I seriously wonder what good old Charles Darwin would say about this....

Let The Preparations Begin

Now that I've put away the pumpkins and eaten the turkey, I can begin to think about Christmas! So the preparations now begin!
We push the holiday too much. I know it's the merchants that want the big bucks during the Christmas season that causes this push, but I like to enjoy the holidays as they occur. I don't want to worry about Christmas before Halloween has even come. we go! "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas..." And now, I can appreciate it!

I Am Thankful For.....

MY HEALTH: I know I take it for granted, but I am thankful for good health. When I look around and see all that could be wrong with me, I realize just how thankful I am for this.

MY FAMILY: I don't always tell them enough, but I am so very thankful for a loving family. I was fortunate enough to have been raised in a 2 parent household, with a mother (who is deceased) and father that always provided for my brothers and sisters an I. We were by no means rich growing up, but my parents always made ends meet and then some. I remember my mother sitting out in the cold and rain watching her boy play football. She gave everything for her husband and children. My sisters and brothers and I still remain close and enjoy our times together.

FOR MY CHILDRE: Again, I don't tell them enough. But they mean everything to me! They are one of those things in my life why I don't dwell on, "IF I had done it differently." If I had done it differently, my 2 kids wouldn't be! That would be a loss for me!

FOR MY FRIENDS: Friends that are there when I just need someone to talk to! Friends who give me a laugh now and again.

FOR MYGUY: He means the world to me! Kind, sweet, generous, caring...just a few words to describe him!

FOR MY JOB: I have been very lucky throughout life, with a job that is secure and provides me with what I need. I may not appreciate it everyday, but without it, life would be so much harder!

The list could go on and on I'm sure.


"Last Night..."--Short Tale #2

" I woke up this morning with a smile on my face...I didn't even dare to open up my eyes!...
It all felt like a dream...A dream from what I didn't want to wake up...
I could still feel the taste of your kisses on my lips...
The warm of your body against mine...
The touch of your hands on my skin...
I could still hear you whispering in my ears how much you love me...
I wanted more! More of it!...More of you!...
I turned to hold you against me...But you weren't there!...
I try not to panic...
I take a deep breath, dress up my robe and look for you around the house...
There's no sign of you...Just a couple of glasses and an empty wine bottle on the table...That's all that was left...
I look around for a note or something from you!...My heart beat increases madly and I felt like I'm choking!...
NO!!!Why did you do that?!
Where did I go wrong with you?!
Why you had to leave me like that?...
I pick up my cell phone desperate for a text message...But there's nothing!...No signs of you!...
My trembling fingers dial your number...But I can't get through...
I break down in tears...
I hate you!!!!
I hate all about you!...
I hate the way you look at me!...
I hate the way you smile!...
I hate your male perfume!...
I hate the way you talk!...
I hate the touch of your hands!...
I hate the way you make love to me!...
But most of all, I hate my self for loving you so much!...
The doorbell rings...
I can hardly stand on my legs, but I get up from the floor and walk towards the door...
It's a delivery...For me...
The most amazing flower bouquet I've ever seen!...
It has a card on it:
«You look so beautiful when you're sleeping.
I had to fight myself to not wake you up and make love to you again...
Thanks for the magical night.
Let's have dinner tonight.I'll pick you up at 8pm.
Love you »"

Thursday Thirteen--19th Edition

Thirteen R&B/Hip-Hop Singers I'm Into

  1. Missy Elliot
  2. Usher
  3. Chris Brown
  4. Ne Yo
  5. Alicia Keys
  6. Ja Rule
  7. Busta Rhymes
  8. Sisqo
  9. Leona Lewis
  10. Nelly
  11. Mary J. Blige
  12. Eve
  13. Timbaland

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Catching Up With The News

IF-One of the Biggest Words

The other night a friend of mine said, "If only I had done it differently!" My reply, "I haven't done everything in my life right, but I wouldn't do it differently even if I could." IF is something I don't dwell on for too long. IF isn't real and cannot happen no matter what. No matter how much you wish you could do something different, no matter how often you think, "what if?," no matter how long you consider how things would have turned out "if only," IF will NEVER be!
That one little word is one of the most thought about, discussed, wished for words in the world, and it can't even happen! Besides, if it could be, remember this: that one little word would change your entire life! Change one little thing about your life, and your entire life changes! As I said to my friend, "If you never got married, you wouldn't have that wonderful daughter you always speak of with such pride and joy. You would not have met me!"
I don't know why things happen in life. I used to say it was God's will. That I'm not so sure of anymore, but this I am sure: things happen in our lives for a reason. We are put in a situation and in contact with certain people at a specific time, for a specific reason. I have met many people throughout my life who made a difference for me, and I hope there are people I've met that I have made things just a little better for. Life is in constant motion, and we are pieces moved on a chess board.
So instead of wondering, "what IF," be thankful and appreciate what HAS happened in your life. For IF could alter all.

How Old?...

I believe that men get more affected about the age issue than us women.More than once I had this conversation with my hubby cause he says that he's getting older and that that reflects on men easier then in women...
I always reply that he doesn't need to worry about that cause God (and his parents!LOL!) provided him with a baby face, but he still has an issue about it and seems to not believing in what I say.
So...What do you think girls?
How old you think he is?


I usually don't watch Idols, Popstars, X-factor or all those other shows on new musical talent. It's mostly about the rough and insulting comments by the jury and boy what a hoot that is... not!

I don't think breaking down someone's ego will get them places, but hey I'm just a simple teacher.

So, why am I writing this? The last Idols winner actually ROCKS! I love this chick, she can SING!

Watch the video on You Tube folks:

Sandra's Sunday Corner

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And my Today Choices are:

Book:"THINNER"--By Stephen King

Perfume:"CINEMA"--By Yves Saint Laurent

Music:"Cry To Me"--Dirty Dancing

Cry To Me ~ Dirty Dancing

A Taste of Justin Timberlake (1993-2008)

For the JT's fans!
Big, big improvements!....

A Taste of Justin Timberlake (1993-2008)

The Birthday Lunch/Party

Yesterday we had a small family gathering over my MIL's to celebrate Eric's birthday.Everything went smoothly and the kids had a great time eating all those candies! LOL!The grown up's also had a blast having their booze and yummy food!LOL!
There were some relatives that were not able to attend to the birthday party.Some of them I missed but some others I was glad they weren't there!LOL!(Like that lady I've mentioned on my guesting post over my friend Tina Lapadula's place).
So here's some pics of Eric's B'Day:

The Birthday Boy

Eric and Mommy's present (his buddy teddy bear)

The Birthday Cake

Dad and the Birthday Boy

Eric blowing the candle

MIL,Mom, Me and my SIL Joana

3 of my Nieces :Susana, Mafalda and Sara

The kids playing PS2

My nephew/godson Daniel,Eric and Wilson

2 Remarks about these pics:
1--I almost fainted when hubby told me the b'day cake price!I asked the smallest size (which is 1.5 killos=3.30lbs)!We payed 26€=$33.8 for it!I think it's quite expensive for a birthday cake!....
2--Eric didn't have the chance to play with that airplane that he won from his cousin Carina and her boyfriend.Wilson and my brother Andre broke it before he had the chance to do it...

First knitting project

Hormones are crazy things, trust me, they make you do things you swear you never would... take knitting for example.
I've never had the patience to knit anything, until now. I saw these baby booties in a very old (1970s) crafts book and wanted to make them... yep, it's the hormones I tell ya!

But hey, these are CUTE aren't they ;) Sabah...

SABAH politics - always an interesting subject to talk about. It can be dull, it can be funny, it can be interesting, and it can be very tense.

when Datuk Seri Panglima Yong Teck Lee decided to pull out of the Barisan Nasional coalition on Sept 17, 2008, all eyes were on this Sabah-based political party, everyone wants to know whether this party, which has been under the BN wing for 14 years will divert their struggle to helping the Pakatan Rakyat. They already announced their no confidence vote against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ... so the only logical thing would be to join the opposition's fray. But of course, YTL has his own plan.

so on Nov 22, 2008, when he launched the SAPP Centre Putatan at Putatan Square, he announced that the party would not join the Pakatan Rakyat, but admitted to meeting Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, over breakfast.

when asked, YTL just told the media that they discussed on fuel prices, global economic turmoil, illegal immigrants and peace mission in Mindanao.

He shared DS DI's view that the Petroleum Agreement 1974 should be reviewed. "Why not, even the Federal Constitution is amended, so what's wrong with reviewing the oil royalty," he said.

YTL further commented: "Although the Chief Minister has announced that the State Government will not review the oil royalty, for us, it is not the end of the story ... we will fight to bring fairness for the people of Sabah."

The former Chief Minister also stressed that they will not join Pakatan Rakyat, simply because they do no want to refer or report to any other political parties outside Sabah, stressing that it defeats the whole purpose of having State autnomy, especially when the State is quite capable of making its own decision, managing its own financial ... after all, State autonomy is included in SAPP's eight points.

honestly, SAPP's struggle is noble. But time will tell on whether the party will remain firm with its stand. He said that com geneal elections, SAPP will be constructive and innovative with their relationshp with Pakatan Rakyat.

"Whether we are going to oppose or support the Pakatan Rakyat in the next general elections, we will be contructive and innovative with our relationship of the coalition. One thing for sure, we will not jeoparise our mision to have political autonomy for Sabah, Sabahans and other political party in the State," he explained.

for now, all we can do is to sit back and watch ... it is going to be an interesting experience ahead, I am sure of that!

Criminals? No, Just Two People In Love

In June 1958, police in Caroline County, Virginia, raided the home of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Loving (Mildred being the wife) while they were asleep in their home. The Lovings had recently returned to their home in Virginia after being married in Washington, DC. The police not only hoped to find the Lovings in bed, but engaged in a sex act. For you see, in Virginia, this couple's marriage was illegal, and sex between the two was another crime. Yes, a crime for a married couple to be engaged in sexual relations. In their defense, Ms. Loving had pointed to a marriage certificate on the wall in their bedroom. That, instead of defending them, became the evidence the police needed for a criminal charge since it showed they had been married in another state. This case was eventually fought and taken all the way to the US Supreme Court, where, almost 10 years later, the Court ruled that:
Marriage is one of the "basic civil rights of man," fundamental to our very existence and survival.... To deny this fundamental freedom on so unsupportable a basis as the racial classifications embodied in these statutes, classifications so directly subversive of the principle of equality at the heart of the Fourteenth Amendment, is surely to deprive all the State's citizens of liberty without due process of law. The Fourteenth Amendment requires that the freedom of choice to marry not be restricted by invidious racial discrimination. Under our Constitution, the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of another race resides with the individual and cannot be infringed by the State.
As I have previously stated, marriage has changed throughout the ages. Marriage was not, as most believe, an institution established by God. Marriage originally was a "business arrangement" between tribes and families. The woman became the man's property! Plain and simple. Why do you think the woman has taken the man's name? So when one argues against same-sex marriage, there's not much basis to state that gay marriage would redefine marriage. Marriage has been redefined for years!
In the US, it is a constitutional right to marry. That means it's a constitutional right for all! You don't have to like it, or approve of it, or participate in it, but not allowing gay couples to marry is DISCRIMINATION!

Leiden in november

Guess what the street looked like after the rain we had yesterday?