Once again I'd like to encourage you to hop over Mom's blog and see hers SWF.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday Thirteen--15th Edition


  2. HOUSE
  6. BONES
  11. BEVERLY HILLS 90210
  13. SAM WHO?

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A couple days early, but as the Jack-O-Laterns guard the House, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Israel y Raquel baila Kizomba

Kizomba comes to Australia

Boy!Do I miss the days I used to go to African Clubs with hubby!
This is what we dance and the way we dance.
I bet that 90% of you didn't know any of this! ;)

Awesome quote!!!

myspace layouts

myspace layouts

Wordless Wednesday--8th Edition

Once again I'll have to skip the Wordless part of it!LOL!
This picture was taken in 2003 when we took the kids to the Zoo.
We were watching the elephants when this bird (I believe it's a sparrow),just landed on my hubby's sunglasses!
Thanks God I had my camera on my hand and took a shot of it!

Say it Right Hon!

Justin Timberlake feat Nelly Furtado

Just wanna say some things about this 3:
  • I like Nelly Furtado....I honestly do!...Thou her giggling annoys the hell out of me!...And despite the fact that her parents are PORTUGUESE!...And despite the fact she"loves" Portugal very much (so would I Nelly,if I were living in Canada!)...
  • Timbaland!...Ahhh Timb!...You rock!Timbaland is the nowadays King Midas!Everything he touches turns into gold!
  • And finally Justin Timberlake...I've got to admit it!...Cameron Diaz I sooooooo understand you girl!Who could resist to that lil'angel face begging to be cuddled!? ...

I'm Sorry Girls!....

myspace layout codes

I'm sorry girls for being such a lousy Blogging Friend!....
I know I'm owing you some visits and I know I'm way behind with all the lovely awards you lovely ladies have given to me!...Not to mention some tags!....
These last couple of weeks have been kinda crazy for me...Everything seemed to be happening at the same time!...
And then I had the crazy idea of starting a 2nd blog!LOL!
I promise I'll make it up to you girls!

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Hotel California-By Eagles

Eagles - Hotel California

I grew up listening to this (among many other fabulous ones) music.
My father loved it and so do I.
Hope you girls have a great week!

Who Is Obama? My Quest to Find Out

The other day I tried to really find out who Barack Obama is. What a better way to do so than to travel to the South Side of Chicago and see for my self what this man is all about.

I arrived in front of his huge mansion, gated and unpenetrable. There didn't seem to be anyone around, so I went into town to see what I could find. As I approached an Islamic Mosque, there seemed to be quite a few people hanging around. I made my way around the crowd, up the steps, and into the vestibule of the Mosque. There, kneeled on the floor, was Mr. Obama himself, facing east and praying to Allah! His head wore a covering and the Quaran was opened in front of him. Not wanting to disturb Mr. Obama, I waited patiently outside.

As Mr. Obama came out of the Mosque, I approached to say hello. Mr. Obama told me to move along as he did not think I was as wealthy or as good as he. He could not be bothered with such a minute being as me. What an elitist! However, I was not to be stopped so I followed Mr. Obama and watched as he stood at a podium. "To Hell with Life," Mr. Obama shouted! "You know I do not believe in the sanctity of life! You know I don't care about the unborn!" Mr. Obama continued. "Get ready, People! I am about to raise your taxes and make your life miserable! I will increase the size and role of the government in your lives! That's what I'm all about!" What a speech!

Mr. Obama got into his vehicle and left. I could see him heading toward his home. I made my way there, and as I approached, I could see there was a gathering. It looked like a barbeque was about to take place. I went around back and peeked through a small hole in the fence. I saw Osama bin Laden and other men who I recognized as terrorists holding their drinks and talking with Mr. Obama! They're right! Obama does "pal around with terrorists!"

Of course none of this happened. Just like all the other misinformation that is spewed about, the above account is also incorrect and imagined fear about an Obama Presidency. I do know who Barack Obama is, and I believe he is the one candidate for President that will bring about the true change this country needs!


THERE are all kinds of lives in the world. It builds one's character. It makes life interesting. It makes the world go round.

The difference make people think, believe and want different things, they want to achieve different goals, they have different motives, and makes one face his or her problem differently.

I have come to term that my family may not be the best in the world, but we are what we are. My sisters and I are not the same, may be because of the age, the sense of responsibility, the interest.

(Little background here - I am the eldest of four girls. My father, Barnabas Sokial, is an ex-public relations officer and was attached to the Sabah Police Headquarters in Kepayan and my mom, Litty Jomboh Anthony, is a teacher with Sekolah Kebangsaan Kepayan. The second daughter in the family, Marianne Pamela, is attached to Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd, the third, Emmy Jane, is a policewoman in Keningau, while the youngest of us all, Stephanie Laura, is still studying)

This time around, we are blessed with the additional people in our family. My brother-in-laws Martin and Lowrance, my niece Jasmine Natasha and soon another Little Angel will come along. It makes the days merrier.

Honestly, it is not easy to be the eldest in the family, it's a lot of responsibilities, but it's not a burden at all. I'm prepared for anything. It's a lifetime 'contract'. I made a promise to my parents that I will take good care of my younger siblings and that is a promise I will treasure...even if it means sacrificing myself.

Well, I guess that's life. Although I'm not born into a perfect family, but this is my irreplacable family. I will not trade the very important people i.e my family, my life, or even my burden with anything.


Today is the Birthday of 2 people I truly adore!!!
My baby brother Andre is turning 13!
And it's also my big friend Tammy's Birthday!!!
Tammy is a very sweet lady with a great heart who I absolutely adore.
You can check on both of her sites over "Mom Knows Everything" and over "A Little Girl Talk".
Hope you guys have a great day!
I wish you both the best in life!

And now I'm heading to my mom's house to Andre's Birthday Party!

Sarah Palin Lookin' Good

First it was reported that the GOP spent $150,00.00 to dress Sarah Palin, and over $50,000.00 for make up. Today it has been noted that Palin's stylist has been paid $22,800.00, more than her political advisor who has only been paid $12,500.00.

John McCain is sure trying to make sure Palin looks good! Never mind that she doesn't know much about foreign policy or other political matters! As long as she looks good! To think that McCain and the GOP really believe people, especially women, will fall for that is ridiculous! But wait, people are falling for that! To date, almost 50% of those polled view Palin favorably. Fortunately that number is falling. I dubbed Palin the "Messiah of the Republican Party" when McCain first named her as his VP running mate. I was blown away by the support of Palin. I do not believe Palin is stupid as some assert. I think she's probably a very nice lady, a good family woman, and maybe even a good Governor. But VP, perhaps President at anytime! NO WAY!

You might look good Sarah, but soon, I am hoping and praying, you'll fade off into the sunset, never to return to national politics! And John McCain, if things go well, he'll serve the remainder of his term in the Senate, then retire in the desert of Arizona.

Nasty October-- Take 1

This month has not been easy for me!...
Kid's injuries...Trips to the ER...Family issues...Extra bills....Friendship disappointments...*Big Sigh*
Remember the cute picture I've posted on my last Wordless Wednesday?Yes...You got it right!...The one where my 9 year old Wilson is on the slide...That sweet lil'boy always had a lot of energy to spend!...
I keep saying to him when he's at home "Can't you stop still for a second?!" or "Stop jumping!You're not an ape you know?!"
Because he's like that I usually allow him to play outside with his school buddies so he can run and get exhausted!...

Well, yesterday he asked me to go and play outside...
Here's the outcome of that:

This was how he looked yesterday:

And this was how he looked this morning before going to school:

He said he was running away from one of his buddies...They were playing "Catch"...
He stumbled on his own feet!...
Everyone asked him (including the teacher) how he got that bruise...
By the look of it I bet everyone thought I had beat him!....*Big Sigh*............
One week ago Filipe fell on the the Gym's class...Dad took him to the ER...Was nothing serious (you can check that story over my other blog)...
About the other issues I'll post it later...
Right now I just feel like laying on my couch,cover my legs with a blanket and read an awesome book so I can be a different "person" for at least an half an hour...


A couple of days ago I woke up to set everything ready before the kids woke up and outside my window I had this gorgeous display!...

By the way, I'd like to encourage you to hop over my mom's blog "Fotos da Lurdes"(Lurdes Photos) and check on her SWF.

Thanks and  Happy SWF everyone!

Thursday Thirteen--14 th Edition

Thirteen Things about WHEN I WAS 13 YEARS OLD...

  1. I was absolutely crazy about NKOTB!
  2. My bedroom walls were covered with their posters and US mini-flags;
  3. My hair was just as long as it is nowadays;
  4. Me ,dad, mom and sister were living in a small village called Malveira;
  5. I was a proud firefighter;
  6. I had the best score in the 1st aids classes (even better than my dad did!);
  7. I used to think that my life sucked cause my dad didn't want me to dance with boys!
  8. I had my first heartbreak;
  9. I was so proud cause every one thought that I was 18!
  10. I fell down from a skate board and got a cyst on my right wrist (20 years later I still have it!);
  11. When I was home alone and had the house chores to do I used to set everything to look like I was an Hotel manager en charged ( I had ambiance music playing for my guests and everything!LOL);
  12. I loved to sing in front of the mirror (My father used to sing when he was young so he always encouraged me to do the same...);
  13. My favorite book was Charles Dickens "Scrooge" and my favorite movies were "Dirty Dancing" and "The Blue Lagoon"

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Brotherly Love...

When Eric's big bros are at school, the boy has got a big sis to play with him...
Either she likes it or not!...


Wilson -2002-

Want Some?...

The weather has been kinda crazy lately.
In the same day we can experience the four seasons!
The night is cold as Winter, the mornings look like Spring, the afternoon is hot and the evening is a typical Fall day...
Eric doesn't mind the chilly nights as long he can have his favorites ice creams in the afternoon!

Colin Powell: A HUGE Endorsement For Obama

Colin Powell today announced his endorsement for Barack Obama. What a huge endorsement this is!

First of all, Powell is a Republican. When a perosn of Powell's status does not support one of his own, this is a big thing! For someone as prominent as Colin Powell to lend his support to someone in the opposite party he must have very strong feelings either for the person he's endorsing or against the person he's not. Powell said that Obama has shown the "ability to inspire" and the "inclusive nature of his campaign." Powell also hinted at not favoring McCain's negative campaign.

Secondly, Powell was the former Secretary of State under George W. It was Powell who had to "sell" the Iraq War to the UN Security Council. It was Powell who was "used" by Bush & Company to spread misinformation so the Security Council would grant Bush permission to eventually invade Iraq. Powell, probably more than anyone else, was duped into believing Iraq had WMD's and was a direct threat to the US. Powell, unlike other former Bush men and women, left the Bush Administration and has yet to say anything bad about Bush. I believe Powell has too much respect for the Office of the President to denigrate it in any way. I do think Powell will eventually speak out against the whole mess when George W. leaves office. Powell's endorsement of Obama could be the start of Powell's commentary on the Iraq War.

Thirdly, Powell is a very BIG figure in US politics. He is well respected by both Republicans and Democrats. Most view Powell as a no-nonsense, unpolitical man who puts the best interest of his country ahead of his own fame and power. The respect for Powell will win over some of those still undecided as to who to vote for in a few weeks, and it may even change the minds of others.

Thank you, Mr. Powell. Thanks for seeing the truth and putting aside politics.

A new baby for me!

Just a short post to introduce to you my most recent creation.
This is my new baby.
You're welcome to stop by.
It's about family and parenting as well, but give it more focus into the "Baby Subject"!
Hope you girls like it.

"Love In My Veins..."

Watch Out Ladies!

Watch out ladies!
Filipe will be 12 soon and he's becoming a handsome young man!
And quoting my MIL:

"Women hold your cows, cause my bulls are running free!"


appreciate and be appreciated

I appreciate shapes. I appreciate colours. I appreciate sounds. I appreciate silence. I appreciate life.

Often we refuse to listen. Often we refuse to look. Often we refuse to speak. Often we take things for granted. Often we believe in something unbelievable, something impossible, something unacceptable.

Sometimes we forget to reflect. Sometimes we forget to look at our past. Sometimes we forget to look at ourselves.

Most of the time we demand appreciation. We want to be appreciated, and blame it to "human nature". But do you know how to appreciate. Do you actually stop and smell the roses, or any flowers, plants for that matter? Do you actually listen to the birds chirping in the morning? Do you understand why people think differently? Do you know why people are so obssessed with something that they refuse to accept other things?

I, honestly, can be very critical. I critic almost everything, cloths, shoes, bags, hair, nails, underwear ... it becomes an addiction. I often tell friends that it is an art, an art of observation, scrutinising every detail ... I get the kicks of looking at people's flaws, but I always forget to look at myself, I should ask myself: "am I perfect?"

But, of course, as fast as we could run, we cannot hide from the fact that we all like to look, listen and speak. May be criticising people is a way of appreciating them. They have made their point that their weirdness would draw attention, that's an achievement to their effort. I am sure, we made someone's day.

For one to be appreciated, one must first appreciate. Appreciation is earned ... just like respect. So the next time you see something nice, spare some time to appreciate it. Tell the one you love and your loved ones how much you love them. Thank your parents for their sacrifices and contribution, do it now while you still can ... I just did!

Having Fun (with PhotoFunia!)

I saw this over my BBF Tina's "Game Freakz".
I thought it was so cool that I had to have some fun with it!!!
If you wanna have some fun too, just go to PhotoFunia.Com.
Here's what I've been up to:

Sky Watch Friday #4

This beautiful shots of the sun rising were taken by my Mom (Fotos da Lurdes).She's kinda new in the blogging thingy so she handed them to me for today's Sky Watch Friday.
Have a great weekend!

Bring Out Your Old Toys Meme

My dear friend Tina tagged me with this cute meme about our childhood favorite toys.

Basically all you need to do is pick one of your favorite toys as a
kid, post a picture of it (Google images is great if you don't have a
picture of it), and tell us about it.

At the end tag a couple of people for it.

So, here are mine:

This is actually me at the age of 8!

This cutie pie is my baby sister.She's 28 nowadays.
Believe it or not all those toys are mine.That's my fav kitchen!She was just posing for the pic cause thou she has that lil'angel look, she has always been a tom boy!!!
Some day I'll post about her and you'll be amazed how different she is from that look!LOL!

I'll be tagging my BBF's Angeline,Tisha and Petula .