Danças Quentes "When the music is Hot"

Eu adoro música!...
Acho que nem saberia viver sem ela!
O meu gosto é muito variado e depende muito do meu estado de espírito.
Desde o R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop,Reggae, Ragga, Salsa,Música Africana, Pop,Rock,Blues, Country,Música clássica e por aí em diante...
Não gosto de música Portuguesa de uma forma geral...
Nem tão pouco aprecio Heavy metal e afins...
Tenho que admitir que tenho o meu estilo preferido, sendo ele a Música Africana e o Hip-Hop.
Aliás, eu penso que é quase impossivel escutar Música Africana sem que esta se entranhe em todos os nossos poros!
Adicionei agora no Blog 2 músicas para vos dar um gostinho...
Oiçam com o som alto e fechem os olhos...Deixem se levar pelos ritmos quentes e imaginem tudo o que esta música vos faz sentir...

«I love music!...
I think that I wouldn't be able to live with out it!
I'm not very picky about music, so I like about everything.It depends mostly on my mood and the way I'm feeling at that moment...
From R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Ragga, Salsa, African Music, Pop, Rock, Blues, Country to Classic Music and so on...
I do not like (at all) Portuguese Music...
Nor Heavy Metal...
I have to say that I do have my favorite styles thou, and that would be African Music and Hip-Hop.
In fact, it's almost impossible to listen to African Music and not feel touched by it.
It kind of gets into you...
I've added to my blog 2 audio clips to give you a taste of it...
Turn on your speakers (loud LOL), close your eyes and let yourselves be driven by the hot rhythms...Imagine all that this music makes you feel and enjoy it...

PS--For those who thought that African Music it's all about drums in the jungle,this will be a huge turn on!LOL!!! »

There's Still The Pain

I happened upon this letter to the editor in The Press of Atlantic City online website the other day from a parent of a gay young adult:

Help gay students
feel safer in school

In the May 19 Education by the Numbers feature, one item mentioned that 33 percent of secondary-school principals say that gay, lesbian and bisexual students would feel safe in their schools. What about the other 67 percent? What are they doing to make their schools safe for all young people?
As a mother of a gay son who just graduated college, I was appalled by that low number. I would be interested in knowing what part of the country this info came from. Were the schools public or private, inner-city schools, small or large-sized schools?
While living in northern New Jersey, my husband and I attended Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays meetings. PFLAG of Bergen County has an excellent safe-schools program and a speakers bureau to educate those who have no idea what this is really all about.
I would hope that more principals would avail their schools of the service so as to better inform their staff and, in turn, their students concerning this extremely important matter.
Egg Harbor Township

Ms. Millard's point: that although 33% of gay students feel safe, what about the other 67%?

Then I read this comment to Ms. Millard's letter and I could hardly believe what I read:

I am appalled there is any special effort to protect young people who decide to come out of the closet in any size or type of school system. School is not about there sexual orientation , it is to learn and move into the real world . If a kid has an abnormal interest in sex partners, they should keep it to themselves until they get out of school.
Posted by: social chemist on Wed May 28, 2008, 9:15 AM

To think that this is 2008! To believe that attitudes like this still exist is beyond me. It makes my blood boil when kids of any kind, gay, straight, black, white, fat, thin, etc. have to go to school fearing their safety. Then a moron like "social chemist" makes a statement such as above!

When are we going to get over discriminating against anyone for any reason? Then today in my mail I received some information about The Trevor Project, an organization based in California, that helps gay teens get through their difficult times. I urge you to check it out.

O antes e o depois... "As times goes by..."

Ao dar uma vista de olhos pelos blogs das mães a tempo inteiro estrangeiras , os quais tenho frequentado bastante ultimamente, vi um tag entre elas que achei muito engraçado.Chamava-se "o antes e o depois" e era referente ás bloggers em questão...
Aqui fica então um olhar sobre mim...

Looking around at the others foreign stay-at-home moms blogs,which are my favorite ones in this last weeks, I saw a tag between them that I considered quite funny.It was called "Now and then" and it was about the blog moms themselves...
So here's a quick pick about me...

Aos 5 meses « 5 months old»

Aos 2 aninhos... «At the age of 2 years old...»

Aos 4 aninhos... «At the age of 4...»

Aos 8 anos... «At the age of 8...»

Aos 13 anos...
«At the age of 13...»

Aos 19, no dia do meu casamento com o meu irmão ao colo!...

«At the age of 19, on my wedding day, carrying my baby brother!...»
Nos dias de hoje...


Righto seems I had some trouble finding my blog this morning lol. It's working again so I'll be back later with a post of goodies I made yesterday so stay tuned.

(12:17am May 29)
Here's a card I made using Dawn's tutorial here. It's a fast and easy project with terrific results.


Movie Maker

Well seems Windows movie maker and I became friends today. I FINALLY figured out some things on there and produced my second video. Hope this is a better quality than the last one. I had so much fun figuring out - well yeah I had some frustration tooo!!!!!! - WMM but now I think I can navigate around it pretty good and enjoy playing with the features. I still have TONS of features that I can add and play with but more of those next time.

So here's the project we're going to be making today. Enjoy the video and feedback and comments are always welcomed.


Vida no útero! "Life in the womb!"

Aos 6 meses de gravidez

«In my 6th month of pregnancy»

Aos 6 meses da gravidez do meu 3º filho, fiz esta eco a 3/4 Dimensões.É impressionante o poder da tecnologia.Muito antes do Eric nascer já conhecia o seu rostinho lindo...Quem poderia imaginar uma coisa destas há 20 anos atrás?!

«By my 6th month of pregnancy of my 3rd child, I had this 3/4 D ultrasound .The power of modern technology is amazing.Way before Eric was born, we were able to see his little baeutiful face...Who could imagine such thing 20 years ago?!»

Mantendo contacto "To keep in touch!"

Tanto tempo sem saber!
Como é possivel que já se tenham passado 17 anos desde que esta minha amiga me mandou esta foto?!
17 anos sem saber por onde andava e como estava!...Ao longo de todo este tempo eu tentei por várias vezes contactá-la, mas sempre em vão...
No outro dia ao assistir ao programa da Oprah, vi como davam dicas para encontrar pessoas com as quais perdemos contacto ao longo da vida...
Hoje fui e á internet escrevi o seu nome e Voilá! Lá estava ela!...A um click de distância...
Rapidamente deixei-lhe uma mensagem e mais rapidamente ainda obtive resposta.
Fiquei muito feliz por saber que se encontra bem.
Espero nunca mais perder contacto!

«Long time no see!
How is it possible that it's been 17 years since this friend of mine sent me this pic?!
17 long years without knowing where she was and how she was doing!...During the whole time I've been trying to reach her, but I had no results...
In the other day while watching Oprah, I learned some tips about how to reach people that we loose touch...
So I went to my computer and search for her name there and Voilá!There she was!...Just one click away...
I left her a message to what she replied very quickly!
I'm so happy to know that she's doing great!
I hope we never loose touch again!...»

A Night At The Movies

I went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull last night. I was not disappointed. Yes, the movie was unbelievable! Yes, Indiana Jones is old and in no way could do the things he did! Yes, it ended in a sort of stupid manner for me. BUT, Yes, it took me away for 2 hours and I had a good time! That to me is what's important in a movie!

The story goes pretty much the same as any other Indiana Jones movie. Indiana finds himself in some hot water in the beginning of the movie, and he manages to get out of it, then he is in his calm setting in the university, and then he gets the "call" that his help is needed, this time in Peru, then you meet the rest of the characters, and then the plot thickens, more action occurs, and Indiana wins and all is well. Full of action and scenery, full of the "gross" stuff that Indiana and companions meet, and full of the "that couldn't really happen" reaction from the viewers.

I had fun, and isn't that what a movie should be? Nothing I had to think about. Nothing I had to feel bad about. I didn't sit and watch 2 hours of real stuff, only fantasy. Just good old fun. Just an escape from the world for a couple of hours.

My next movie: Sex and the City. Then it's The Dark Knight. Maybe there will be a few in between, but most of them will be on DVD.

Um dia maravilhoso! "What a Lovely Day!"

Há dois dias atrás, aproveitamos a folga do marido e o facto de o dia estar mais ou menos (pois, não estava grande coisa, mas enfim...) e fomos almoçar fora e depois do almoço fomos com os miúdos até ao Parque da Cidade.Os miúdos estavam radiantes!Correram que se fartaram!
O meu Eric então, nem tenho palavras para descrever o quão eufórico ele estava...Adorou andara a correr atrás dos patos!
Foi um dia maravilhoso.

«A couple of days ago we went out for lunch once it was my hubby's day off.After lunch we took the kids to the park.What can I say?!....The kids were so happy to be outdoors that they ran and ran till they couldn't ran anymore LOL!!!Eric was so thrilled with it that he was giggling the whole time!The thing that he loved the most was to chase the ducks as you can watch in this short clips...
What a lovely day we had!...»


Nope, this is not my belly, but it will be soon I guess :D
The little one is due 20-01-2009, can't wait...

Stop the Crying, Hillary

"It's so unfair! They have to count all the votes, including Michigan and Florida! I will not give up until all the votes are counted!" That's how Hillary, and her husband Bill, I might add, are campaigning now that they are behind and it looks like Hillary will not be the democratic nominee for president. More politics on Hillary's part, as usual for her?
I think the rules that the Democratic National Committee adopted by not seating the Michigan and Florida delegates is just plain STUPID! I don't understand how the DNC can just not count people's votes just because the democratic party in a particular state went against the rules for the primary in that state. However, these are the rules that were adopted and that democrats have to live with. I am almost certain that Hillary and Bill probably had a say and a part in instituting these rules. Now that the rules of the DNC are working against Hillary, she's crying about it!
If roles were reversed, and Hillary was leading Obama in the delegate count, I am also certain Hillary and Bill would be shouting that, "These are the rules! Fair or not, we've got to live by them!" More of why I do not support Hillary anymore: she continues to play the politic game. She will do anything she has to to win!


A minha foto favorita "My favourite pic"

O maridão mais o caçulinha!
«Hubby and my baby boy Eric!»

Esta foto foi tirada há 2 anos no Algarve.

«This pic was taken 2 years ago during our Summer vacations in Algarve.»
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I Can Feel It Already

There isn't even a clear democratic nominee yet and already I can feel the pressure of the November election. I can feel my blood pressure starting to rise, and I know it will be an up-and-down roller coaster ride the entire campaign season.
George Bush got me so aggravated the other day when he spoke in the Israeli Kinnesset about "appeasement" of terrorist groups. Really, George? What is the harm in talking to countries such as Iran and North Korea? What is so bad about diplomacy? Is that "appeasement"? How in the world can we ever get along with other nations when we don't even know what it is that really bothers and upsets them about the US? I know; Bush always says it's that they hate our freedom. Well, Bush, maybe there's more to it than that! Could it be our arrogance? Could it be that the US has portrayed itself during the past 7+ years as the "god of the world"? Could it be that the US has become one big bully that nobody likes?
Then I read my friend Pax Romano's blog today and find this moron, Kevin James, also ranting about how bad Obama is going to be for the US and Israel. To make matters worse, this guy doesn't even know what the hell he's talking about!
It's going to be a long and intense campaign ahead. I am confident Obama can handle it. I'm sure he knows what he's in for. GO OBAMA!


I've always had a fondness of "old" crafts. Take naalbinding, this is basically the older sister of crochet and a niece of knitting, albeit that this technique of naalbinding has been around since the Stone Age and knitting dates from the 15th century and crochet from the 17th century.

Larry Schmitt wrote several books on Naalbinding, one of them is called A Lot of Socks and I when I got a hold of this booklet I immediately tried it out. And you know what? Naalbinding is GREAT!

The idea is that you use just one needle for your work and you cut off pieces of strand to knot through the previous row of stitches. Schmitt's book has a pattern called the Simple Sock and it is just that. Simple.

Here are my humble beginnings. Contrary to knitting or crochet, you can start at the ankle part of the sock, not a the toe. There are patterns with a toe-start, but not this Simple Sock.

After the ankle bit you move on to the rest of the foot, leaving you with a heelless sock. The heel is what you make last.

These are the 'tools' I've used: one simple bone needle and medieval style scissors. You can use normal scissors of course, this just made a cute photo. Because this is such an ancient craft, I decided to 'honour' it with real wool, not the supermarket stuff, but real homespun and hand-dyed wool. So, the creamy colour is how it came straight from the sheep and the red is the same wool dyed with madder!

The finished socks! Enjoy this folks, and mail me if you have questions about this superb craft!

Celtic sampler

I've always wanted to make a Celtic sampler but I was never really able to find a pattern I liked, so using the idea of the Dutch folkore sampler I decided to put together Celtic designs and alphabets I liked. This is what it looks like now.

The bird turned out really well, I was slightly hesitant about the light blue, but it looks 'sweet'.

Enjoy the patterns and copy them if you like!

First Video Tutorial

First of all I just want to let everyone know that this isn't my idea that I came up with. Here's a link to the original video on Fiskars TV that I found and the person who made these for the very first time is Julie McGuffee. So thanks Julie for a wonderful idea. These are SO darling.

Ok this is my very first try at making a tut and it's not all that wonderful yet. I guess I need to get a couple gadgets like a tripod to make it easier to film. You guys DON"T want to know how I rigged up my camera to videotape this lol. Anyhow I hope that it works. I don't have a video editing program so this might be a bit long. I hope it works.



PS I'm SO sorry for the poor quality of this video, maybe by the next one I'll know better what to do.

Avó Babada--" Proud Grandma "

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Life: A Never Ending Battle

OK............Let me get philosophical on you.

The other day while driving to work after the torrential rain and damaging winds we experienced, I noticed a guy cleaning up along the road. I thought to myself that this man is cleaning up, only to have to do it again after the next storm comes along. Then I thought about some of my plants I just planted in pots on my patio that were damaged. I may have to replace them. And the bird's nest that blew off the beam, and the poor birds that would have to find a new home. Then I remembered the typhoon that hit Myanmar; all that loss. Then came the earthquake in China and the thousands killed and even more left homeless. I also thought about the many wars that have been fought throughout history, and the many more that will no doubtedly come in the future. Life really is one battle after another.

Is it nature's way? Survival of the fittest? There is this constant fight for existence. Nature fights to exist, and humankind fights to exist. There always seems to be something or someone that tries to stop everything. Some fight disease. Some fight literal wars. Some battle survival in other ways, but we all face the struggle of just keeping it together and life going on. And in the end, what's it all for?

The struggle to survive is done for what purpose? To leave it to our children? For what? To better our world? For what? To see our names in lights? Only to be forgotten?

Nugget Purses

I've had a few request for a template or tut for the nugget purses and I'm currently working on a tut for my blog. Check back soon to see it.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


And The Winner Is.....

When I watched Barack Obama's acceptance speech after the North Carolina democratic primary, it felt as if the "acceptance" was for much more than the primary in NC. Obama's speech was more of an "acceptance" of the Democratic nomination to battle John McCain in November. Obama appeared to be calling on all democrats to leave differences behind and join together to defeat the Republicans in Novemeber. I felt excited at Obama's words, as I have during many of his speeches, but this one seemed even more energetic to me. As one writer put it, Obama seemed to be "re-tooling" for the general November election, and I felt it too. Ever since that May 6th NC primary, Obama has seemed to totally ignore Hillary Clinton and move forward with his November presidential campaign. And I gotta say, "I LIKE IT!"

Nine more super delegates have come to Obama's side, including some who had already declared their support for Clinton. The tide is turning to Obama. I, like many others, now feel it. I have stated before that in the February NJ Primary I did vote for Clinton, but if the NJ primary were held in June, as in previous years, I too would be supporting Obama. Obama is planning his strategy against McCain as the democratic primary process moves on. Will Clinton continue to stand in the way?

Many argue that Obama will not be able to defeat McCain. Honestly, I wonder also if America is really ready for an African-American president. Let's face reality: there are some in America that simply will not vote for a black man. But then there are some, keeping it real, that would simply not vote for a woman. I believe that when Obama focuses on McCain, when Obama can really show the differences between himself and McCain's continued Bush agenda, the voters will rally behind Obama. I also believe, and still have faith in Hillary Clinton, that she, her husband, and the rest of the democratic bigwigs will encourage all democrats to support Obama in November. GO BARACK OBAMA!

Momentos para recordar... O Pianista. "Moments to treasure...The Pianist"

Eis um dos momentos em família, mais engraçados que já presenciei...
Para ver e desfrutar ao máximo!...

«Here's one of the funniest family moments...
Enjoy it as much as you can!...»

Just a card

Today I don't have much to share. Just one card I've made. I SO enjoy stamping and sometimes forget how long I'm down in my stamproom. LOL time certainly get's away from you when you're having fun eh?

Well here's the card I made. I'm very much into the pinks right now. Don't know why, but I LOVE the new in colors and then of course Regal Rose and Rose Red will always be on my list.

Enjoy the card and talk to you soon.


O meu pequerrucho está crescido!

O meu bebé grandão fez ontem 9 aninhos!!!Parece mentira o quão rápido passa o tempo!Parece que foi ontem que nasceu e já está o rapagão lindo e simpático e acima de tudo super doce e carinhoso...
Adora brincar com o irmão bebé pelo que ás vezes até me esqueço da diferença de idades entre os 2!...
Apareceu no Canal Panda na secção Parabéns de manhã, á tarde e á noite e ficou todo vaidoso com isso!...
Inteligente (adora puzzles e construções e tem um jeitaço para o desenho!) e meigo, amigo do seu amigo, é uma doçura de criança este meu filhote!Que tenhas muita saúde e muita sorte na vida!

New Jersey: On The Brink of Gay Marriage

I attended a Garden State Equality Neighborhood Action Summit tonight in Margate. These meetings are happening all over the State the next few weeks, as action is taken to push NJ over the brink and into gay marriage. NJ is on the verge of legalizing gay marriage, with just a few assemblymen and senators left to come on board. Governor Jon Corzine has stated previously that he will sign a marriage equality bill if it crosses his desk, but the governor does not want this issue to sidetrack the presidential election so the governor wants the bill to wait until after the November presidential election.

Tonight's action summit was designed to call legislative leadership to thank them for supporting the gay rights, but encouraging a marriage bill by the end of this year. Letters were also written to local legislators encouraging their support as well. NJ will become the 2nd state in the country to legalize gay marriage in the very near future.

Just across the river in Pennsylvania, a proposed constitutional amendment that would bar same-sex marriage and civil unions passed a key committee on Monday and is now headed for a full vote on the Senate floor. Hopefully this will be defeated when it gets to a full Pennsylvania Senate vote.

New items

I have a couple of new things I'd love to share with you. I found this totally cute box video on Dawn's blog and just had to give it a whirl. I don't have pictures just yet as my camera's batteries have died and I'm charging them at the moment. So pics to follow - I promise lol.

I also made a couple of these cute little purses - they hold 4 Hershey nuggets. This is SO cute and you can embellish it in so many ways it's not even funny. All of your purses can look different.

I'm busy working on some secret sister swaps and want to get most of them finished by next week so I can send them out. I'm waiting to order some more bind it all coils - smaller ones, for little mini notebooks and smaller items. Until I get those I won't be doing much with my bind it all. I do love it and it works great. Definetely a good investment.

Well check back later to see the pics and have a happy stamping day.


Dutch folkore sampler

I found this sampler on the cover of a book a few years ago and I immediately fell in love with it. Being Dutch, many patterns are familiar to me and I just loved how the author had pieced this together so beautifully.

Here are some details

Many of the designs were used to embellish collars, aprons, blouses and especially children's clothing.

Darker colours were used when people were in mourning, flowers and other happy designs were often used for young girls and brides.


A todas as mães que amam ser mães e para quem os filhos são o ar
que respiram, um Feliz Dia da Mãe!!! Parabéns por serem quem são: corajosas, determinadas, empenhadas, altruístas,carinhosas, lutadoras e preocupadas!
Um enorme bem haja a todas as mães!....

A Gas Holiday?

What difference does it really make what McCain, Clinton, or Obama think about a gas tax holiday from Memorial Day to Labor Day? After all, none of them will be President during the summer!

Personally, I have to agree with Obama; it is a political ploy that really will not help anything. It will only save the public a few dollars. It will only encourage more use of gasoline when alternatives to gas should be encouraged. It will not help one iota with our dependence on foreign oil, but it will only make that dependence even stronger.

Stomp the Yard

Acabei há pouco de ver este filme...O que posso dizer?...
Simplesmente amei!
Desde sempre que fui apaixonada por filmes de dança: Dirty Dancing, Salsa, Flashdance, Ao Ritmo do Hip Hop (1 e 2!) e agora esta maravilha!
Quem me conhece bem sabe que nas minhas veias (ainda que tenha nascido em Portugal) corre sangue dos trópicos, e que a cultura com a qual mais me identifico é sem dúvida a afro-americana...Estava a ver o filme e cheia de vontade de me levantar e participar naqueles duelos!LOL!
Só fiquei com mais vontade ainda de assistir a um espetaculo de STOMP...