The Arrogance Continues

The picture of the three who got us into the quagmire of Iraq! War criminals if ever there were any! Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld all should be held accountable for crimes against humanity! That is my opinion and has been since the beginning of the Iraq war 5 years ago. Time has proven me correct! Time has proven all those who opposed the war correct!

This weekend, Mickey Edwards, a Congressman from 1977 to 1993, wrote, "For at least six years, as I've become increasingly frustrated by the Bush administration's repeated betrayal of constitutional — and conservative — principles, I have defended Vice President Cheney, a man I've known for decades and with whom I served and made common cause in Congress. No longer." Edwards cites Cheney's recent interview with ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz. When Raddatz reminded Cheney of America's overwhelming dislike for the war, Cheney's response was, "So?" Oh the arrogance! Isn't government "For the People, by the People"? Guess not in the Bush Administration.

Over the weekend I watched a television show documenting the rationale for war with Iraq. Rumsfeld insisted without a shadow of a doubt that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. It wasn't that Iraq may have weapons of mass destruction, but they did, and the US knew where they were. Five years later, how wrong Rumsfeld was.

And Bush! He insists to this day that we are making progress in Iraq. Last week, when the Iraq government began its new offensive against rebel forces, we were again told it is a defining point for Iraq. How many defining points have there been?

Lies, lies, lies! All lies and distortions! And many bought it! Many didn't but today we can see where it has gotten the US. It has totally ruined us. Not only 4,000 dead, but look at our economy. Any relationship to Iraq? I would say so. This war, started by Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld has led the US down a spiralling hole. I only hope Bush's successor can get us out of it.

Um horror! "Dreadful!"

Realmente é um horror a forma com se legisla neste país!
Eu só gostava de saber, se uma das crianças atropleladas pelo taxista bêbado fosse filho de um deputado ou ministro as coisas também se resolviam assim?...Como é possível que um potencial assassino (porque sim, uma pessoa que tem como profissão estar ao volante e bebe até cair é um assassino!) que quase matou 4 crianças, esteja em menos de 1 mês novamente em serviço e com a mesma viatura?????
Depois ainda querem que sinta orgulho em ser portuguesa!...
No dia que isso acontecer podem me passar um atestado de insanidade mental!

«It's dreadful how laws are made in this country!
I wonder if one of the children hit by the drunk taxi driver where related to some member or minister things would have been solved like that?...How can it be that a potential murderer (yeah!A person which job is to drive and drinks like that is a MURDERER!) who almost killed 4 innocent children, be out and on duty again, plus driving the exactly same vehicle?????
Then you want me to feel proud of being Portuguese!...
Yeah!Right!When that happen you can pass me a certificate of mental insanity!»

Obama's Foreign Policy Overhaul

"When Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama met in California for the Jan. 31 debate, their back-and-forth resembled their many previous encounters, with the Democratic presidential hopefuls scrambling for the small policy yardage between them. And then Obama said something about the Iraq War that wasn't incremental at all. "I don't want to just end the war," he said, "but I want to end the mind-set that got us into war in the first place.""

This quote was in an interesting article I read in The American Prospect, Liberal Intelligence. I think anyone who is still debating in his/her own mind which presidential candidate would make a better President should read what The American Prospect article has to say. To sum it up, Obama is the only presidential candidate that not only wants to stop the Iraq war, but also change the American mindset when dealing with other nations. Obama wants to restore America's global leadership and protect America by cooperating with other nations, not simply insisting other nations do as the US says because we're the US. The article discusses the advisors that a President Obama would use to accomplish his sweeping foreign policy change.

If you're for peace, real peace in the world, read the article. Is Obama the man that brings the world to a more evolved state of thinking when it comes to world peace?

Mehdi Kazemi Update

Just to update you on the status of Mehdi Kazemi, the Iranian teen who faces deportation from the UK back to Iran where he faces death for being gay. British authorities have temporarily halted the deportation of a gay Iranian teen while they review his case. British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced Mar 13 that Kazemi would be granted a temporary reprieve from deportation. On Mar 13, the European Parliament passed a resolution asking the Netherlands and the UK to "find a common solution to ensure that Mehdi Kazemi is granted asylum or protection on EU soil and not sent back to Iran, where he would be executed." This issue is still not resolved, but things look a little better for Kazemi.

Hillary Dodges Sniper Bullets?

I will admit that I voted for Hillary Clinton in NJ's Primary in February. If the primary were held in June, as has been in the past, I am not so sure my vote would have been the same. I was faced with the dilemma most were: vote for the new guy who speaks well, but maybe doesn't have the experience necessary to lead our nation, or vote for the woman who has more experience and has been around Washington alot longer, knowing the "ropes" and how Washington works? The other hesitation I had in deciding was the Hillary that plays politics to the max. Obama does not do that to the extent Hillary does. Again, would this be a benefit for Hillary or a hindrance? Would understanding Washington allow one to maneuver better to forward an agenda?

Today, Hillary admitted to "misspeaking" about her visit to Bosnia 12 years ago as First Lady. She admitted she exaggerated the whole experience. Hillary had previously cited landing under sniper fire, having to run with her head down to safety. When responding to a reporter who had video footage of the landing, not as dangerous as Hillary said, Hillary responded by saying "I say a lot of things -- millions of words a day -- so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement." And there's my problem. When Hillary gets caught in a "misstatement" she always has an excuse. She's always playing politics!

Just like the now famous 3am telephone commercial. It must have worked because people bought it. But really, has Hillary ever had to answer the phone at 3am for a major disaster? I doubt it! So which one, Hillary or Obama, would handle it best? That remains to be seen.

More and more, my leaning is toward Obama. I believe he is more electable against John McCain. More Independents and even some Republicans, who would never, never vote for another Clinton, would vote for Obama. Sounds like I'm making up my least for today! Either Hillary or Obama will have my support in November to stop the Republican devils is all I know.


Faz hoje 11 aninhos que nasceu o meu primogénito!
Para grande orgulho do pai, que sempre quis que fosse rapaz o seu primeiro filho!...
Dotado de extrema inteligência, e de uma personalidade muito doce, mais não posso pedir de um filho!
Parabéns meu amor!!!

PS--(um aparte que não posso deixar de relacionar a este dia:faz hoje também para grande tristeza minha,10 anos que o meu pai faleceu.Podem agora imaginar a dor que senti ao receber um telefonema de Moçambique que não era o avô a dar os parabéns ao seu netinho...Enfim...Tenho a certeza que de onde o meu pai está, está a olhar pelos seus netos queridos).

«It's been 11 years since my first son was born! It made his father very proud 'cause he always said he wanted a boy first!...
Gifted with high intelligence and a sweet personality, more I can not ask from a child!...
Happy birthday my sweet love!!!

PS--(there's something I have always to relate to this day: to my great sorrow it's been 10 years today since my father passed away.Can you imagine how I felt when I got this phone call from Mozambique...It wasn't my dad calling to wish an happy birthday to his grandson...Oh well...I'm pretty sure that where ever my father is right now he's watching for his dear grandchildren).»

Stop With The BS That Guns Don't Kill

The following letter was found in the Voice of the People in Today's PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY:

We don't blame
cars; why guns?
Once again, recent letters about firearms focus on the wrong element - firearms - and not people.
Firearms are inanimate objects, useless tools without a human. They don't jump up in the middle of the night and go on a shooting spree without a person behind them. No one blames the car in a drunken driving accident - they blame the driver. Cars kill hundreds of times more people than firearms do in the United States every day, and you don't hear people clamoring to ban those deadly cars, do you?
It is already illegal to carry a firearm. Why would an additional ban stop someone who is already breaking the law? Enforce the 20,000 other gun laws on the books already and punish the offenders. Bans only punish the innocent.

Egg Harbor City

I am so sick and tired of this rationale: "Guns don't kill people; people kill people!" To equate a gun with a car is one of the most moronic comparisons I can think of. Guns were made for one purpose, and one purpose only, TO KILL! One can argue all he wants that using a gun is sport, but KILL is a gun's only reason for existence. One target shoots to better his aim to better his shot to KILL! One hunts, in today's world, not to put food on the table, but to KILL! Don't for a moment tell me hunters do not get a thrill out of killing! (I did not say I am against hunting, but come on with the excuses)! A car's intent is not to kill, but unfortunately because of human error death is sometimes the result!

There is no reason I can think of for the legal purchase of some of the guns we have in society. Nobody target shoots or hunts with some of the weaponry around today, so stop with the BS excuses and rationale about why guns are good!

Has It Been Worth The Price?

Thousands dead? Many more injured and maimed? Trillions of dollars? The WMD were not there! The war has not paid for itself! Electricity and oil DO NOT flow! What have we gained?


I was just playing around today with some new stamps and after cruising around the gallary on SCS I made a couple of cards. The first one is an Easter card that I'm putting in my mailbox tomorrow for my Maillady Sharon. She's so awesome and never folds stuff into my mailbox but rather puts it on my doorstep. She's awesome so I had to make her something special.

Then I played around with my new Watercolor mini set that I received from Katie on a PIF thread over on SCS. It's a lovely little set and that little lilac type stamp is WONDERFUL for background and fillers. I love it. Thanks KATIE!!!! The dots are all the rave right now so I dotted just about everything! LOL had fun making it.

My third card was a card that Jilanne - a new SCS buddy - and I did. We decided to have our very own little virtual stamp date and chose a sketch challenge from the past to do it. We both used the Loads of Love and Loads of Love accesorries sets to make these. Once again, thanks SO much Jilanne for being my friend. It's FUN haning with you and I have to have Jilannemail in my inbox at LEAST once a day.

Férias de Páscoa " Spring Break"

Férias certamente, mas não para mim LOL!!! Com os 3 rufias em casa saltando e gritando nos meus ouvidinhos todo o santo dia, está-se mesmo a ver não é??O pequenino anda todo excitado de ter os irmãos em casa e está com os sonos trocados...Eu a tentar conciliar os afazeres domésticos com o cuidar deles e dar-lhes a devida atenção e com um trabalho que tenho em mãos há mais de 2 meses (miga!Estou me a esfalfar acredita!Mas vou conseguir!)....Ai ai!...
Se eu não vos mandar mails nem postar nada aqui no blog por um período superior a 3 dias, mandem alguém cá a casa pois devo estar desmaiada no meio so chão com a cadela á minha volta e os 3 pestinhas a destruir a casa LOL!!!!

It's Spring break alright, but not for me LOL!!! With 3 little rugrats running all around and jumping up and down the entire time all day long, you can picture this out! The baby is all excited 'cause his brothers are home so he isn't sleeping when he's supposed to (skipping naps and so on...) I'm trying to reconcile the housekeeping with the taking care of them and pay them the due attention and a job I have in hands for over 2 months (Girl, I'm working my butt out, but I'll make it!) Oh my...
If by any chance I don't mail you or post anything here for a period longer then 3 days, send someone in here, 'cause I'll probably be pasted out on the floor with my dog trying to wake me up and the 3 little rugrats trashing the whole house LOL!!!»

Swap Cards

Ok so I promised yesterday that I would share the swap cards I've made.

Here they are. Isn't that a gorgeous purple. So very nice and deep it's almost blue. And the flowered paper is SO cute. LOL I had a ton of fun putting this together for Marci's swap. See info for that swap here. I'll be mailing this out to you next week Marci!!! Thanks for hosting!!!

I've been having so much fun on the SCS forums and making so many new friends that it makes me sit in front of my computer WAY too long lol. I'm gonna have to start doing computer aerobics or something when I plant my butt in my computer chair!!! Think of all the money I'd be able to make having people do computer aerobics while surfing the net!!!!

Anyhoo that's it for today.

See you tomorrow.


More new cards

I've had lots of time to play and make cards this week so I'll share with you what I have.
I got these Bella images in a PIF group and decided it was time that paper see some INK. Lol so I colored with my SU markers and added some crystal effects to the boots in this first card.

It was a lot of fun coloring the background stamp in 2 different colors and then stamping it. I stamped it on the first card and then again on this one getting a lighter background with the same colors. Loved how it turned out.

This card uses the technique Faux Cloissonne. It was for SCS Challenge here. The page I used from the magazine was for a jellybean add and I just loved the colors. They looked like they would match the new In Color Blue bayou and River Rock. This is a VERY fun technique to do and so very easy too. The hardest part is finding a stamp that has nice outlines to work well with your embossing powder.

This next card is so totally Tonni's idea and I have to give her credit. It is such a sweet fold and she made this for her friend who's also in our stamp club because it was her birthday on Monday. LOL after I saw her card I bought the set Kanji from my demo - she has a huge tub filled with all her retired sets and all at 50% off the catty price. So this is my take on her card.

Ok all the new cards for right now. I'll be sure to post some new ones again later. I have a swap set that I'll be posting on here tomorrow for ya'll to see.

Happy weekend.


So What's The Big Deal?

So what's the big deal about what Rep. Sally Kern(R-Oklahoma) said about gays and lesbians being more of a threat to America than terrorists? After all, like any American, Kern is entitled to her opinion, right? Does she have to be politically correct in all that she says or does? Well I'll tell you why it matters to me.

Sally Kern is a public figure, a leader in her state of Oklahoma. What leaders say has a big impact upon what their followers believe and do. When a leader makes derogatory comments about a group of individuals, such as Kern's, which in reality makes gays and lesbians the enemy, those followers get downright defensive. For people who can't think for themselves, just think about the impact the words of leaders has (Jim Jones, Adolf Hitler, the Church). Some of those followers then believe it is OK to do whatever they have to do to eliminate the "enemy." Thus, the killings of others!

Public leaders should be encouraging the positive and creating an atmosphere of harmony between people, not dividing and causing hatred. Kern continues to do this. She has every right to believe what she wants, but she should keep it to herself. My only hope is that by publically vocalizing her inner feelings, the public will be so outrage that they will realize this is not the leader for them, and Kern will be booted out. A YouTube audio clip of Kern's creed against gays and lesbians has indeed outraged gay activists. Hopefully not too much damage is done in the meantime.

Iranian Teen, Part 2

British authorities have halted the extradition of Mehdi Kazemi, the gay Iranian teen that faces execution if sent back to Iran, while the case is reviewed. Kazemi requested asylum in the UK, but when his application was turned down, he fled to the Netherlands. Dutch authorities examined his case and decided to send him back to the UK. Why has the US not weighed in on this injustice? Why doesn't Condi or George W. express outrage? Who knows. By the way, I haven't heard any of the presidential candidates make a statement either. Is it that the US does not really care? Maybe it's too controversial? Well, I'm sure there are plenty of Americans, as well as others around the world, expressing their disgust!

O nascimento do meu princepezinho "My little prince's birth"

Para mim aquele era mais um domingo, por sinal chuvoso, no final da minha gravidez.Comecei o dia sentido-me meio estranha e um pouco preocupada,pois tinha a sensação que não sentia o bebé se mexer.De vez em quando lá vinham as dores, mas não era nada que não suporta-se com relativa facilidade.Afinal este era o meu 3º filho, e eu pensava que não me esperariam grandes surpresas.Passei o dia todo arrumando e limpando,com o famoso síndrome do ninho que quase todas as grávidas têm.Depois do almoço liguei á minha mãe e disse-lhe que se continuasse sem sentir o bebé,"se calhar" ainda iria ao Hospital.Tomei o meu banho,fiz a depilação (pois só de pensar que poderia ter que ir ao Hospital e não estar preparada era uma ideia pavorosa!...) voltei a arrumar, limpar, passar a ferro...Fui ás compras...Voltei e fiz o jantar...Por volta das 06h00 da tarde tive o primeiro sinal de parto mais evidente, um ligeiro (quase minusculo)pedacinho de rolhão mucoso.Nas maiores das calmas telefonei á minha sogra para me vir buscar por volta das 07h30, pois ainda queria dar o jantar aos meninos.Passava um pouco da hora marcada quando a minha sogra apareceu (muito mais nervosa do que eu!).Dei entrada no Hospital do Barreiro ás 19h55,ainda fui a andar muito lentamente por causa das contrações até ao bloco de partos (sempre com a minha sogra a correr com os sacos á minha frente e a dizer para me despachar!LOL),depois ainda estive á espera de ser chamada para ser vista pelo obstetra.Quando efectivamente fui chamada pelo médico ,ele lá fez as perguntas de praxe e quando me mandou deitar para me fazer o exame do toque o homem teve um ataque de stress!Começou a gritar e a chamar todas as enfermeiras pois eu já tinha o bebé quase a nascer!Eram 5 enfermeiras á minha volta,despindo-me e preparando-me como podiam... Assim que elas me rebentaram as águas artificialmente, já nem tiveram tempo para mais nada...Dei 2 gritos e o Eric nasceu!Saíu de tal forma disparado que eu pensei que a enfermeira o deixava caír.Eram 20h20!Só posso dizer que uma vez que não tiveram tempo para me cortar, foi a melhor recuperação pós-parto que tive.É certo que ao nascer assim, ele rasgou um pouquinho, mas a verdade é que no dia seguinte eu já andava e sentava-me quase sem dificuldade.
Tomara que fosse sempre assim!...

«To me, that was just another rainy Sunday close to the end of my pregnancy.I got up feeling kind of weird and a little bit worried 'cause it seemed to me that the baby wasn't moving like he used to do.Every now and then, I felt pain but nothing to serious I thought...I was handling it quite easily...After all, this was my 3rd child so I wasn't expecting anything new...No big surprises...I spent the whole day cleaning and dusting.After lunch I called my mom and told her if I kept feeling that way, that I would "probably" go to the Hospital.I took my bath, shaved my legs (just the idea of going to the ER without being prepared was dreadful to me!) and got back to my cleaning and ironing...Went out to buy bread...Came back and cooked supper...By 6 pm I had the first real labor sign, I tiny little piece of bloody show.Very calm and relaxed I called my mother-in-law to pick me up around 7h30 pm 'cause I wanted to give the supper to the kids and hubby first. And so she did.A little bit after the scheduled hour there she was, and she was even more nervous than me! I checked-in in the Hospital at 7h55 pm, walked very slowly (due to the contractions) till I got into the OR and waited to be attended by the obstetrician.Then he called me and did all those regular questions and told me to lay down on the stretcher to see how it was...When he saw that I was fully dilated he had a nervous attack LOL!!!He started yelling and calling out all the nurses available,'cause the baby was about the be born!I had 5 nurses around me taking my clothes off and getting me ready...Once they artificially broke my waters, they didn't have time even to blink.I screamed twice and Eric got out!It happened so fast that for one brief moment I thought that the nurse wouldn't catch the baby!It was 8h20 pm!The only thing I can say is that once they didn't have time to cut me ( episiotomy) I had the faster and better after birth recovery ever!!! The very nest day I was walking all round and sitting with( almost) no pains what so ever.
I wish things were always this smooth!»

Splitcoast Challenges

Today's cards are all about the challenges over on SCS. When I saw the heaing for today's challenge WT157 PP Here, PP There, PP/DP EVERYwhere! ROFL I just HAD to go sit down and make a card. I pulled out an all time favorite of mine - boy you gotta see how stained the wood is from use - Delight In Life. I'd used this DP on a criss-cross card earlier and had some scraps left over on my craft table so because I just LOVE the new in colors - and these go really well with the Groovy Guava and River Rock - that's exactly what I used. What a fun way to use up all those scarp pieces of PP lying around too.

Rox71 had an awesome challenge for the Sketch Challenge yesterday
Sketch Challenge 167 (03/12/08). I saw in card in the gallary the other day useing In Full Bloom and masking flowers for the background. So I used that technique on my block panels and then embossed it all in holographic EP. I love the sparkle and bling and enjoyed playing along a lot. Thanks for a great challenge Rox!!!

Well more about the challenges and new cards tomorrow.


Ai que Saudades!... "How I miss it !...."

Ai que saudades do Verão...das férias no Algarve...Do Eric quando tinha esta idade....
Saudades do cheirinho a bebé pequeno, super dependente da mãe a exigir colinho o tempo todo...E das mudanças de roupinha 3 a 4 vezes por dia...Umas vezes porque o bebé se suja e outras por capricho de mãe babada...
Ai que saudades!...

«I miss the Summer...I miss the vacations in Algarve...And I miss when Eric was this old...
I miss the smell of a small baby skin, who's always depending on his mother and asks for attention 24/7...I miss changing baby outfits 3/4 times per day, sometimes because the baby got dirty but mostly because mommy just likes to do it...
How I miss all this...»

Lots of new cards

LOL I've been busy stamping and been doing some more challenges. I also played along in the Mini VSN (Virtual Stamp Night) on SCS this weekend. It was a BLAST and so so fun. LOL I've also been spending WAY too much time on the PIF threads and got to meet some wonderful new friends.

On Saturday one of the girls (scraphappilly on SCS) and I decided spur of the moment to get together and go shopping at Hobby Lobby. We found out we live about 30 min from each other so it was a nice quick trip. LOL we had a HOOT and gabbed and gabbed and gabbed. The shopping was fun too I just wish I had more money to spend on my addic....... I'm I mean my stamping habit. Heidi did buy 2 copics and I'm still waiting on her info about how nice they are. LOL then maybe I'll get on the copic bandwagon TOO. Talking about that I just got MY very first ever Bella. I got her in a PIF thread and she's Bubblebella. When I first heard about Bella's I didn't think too much about them and thought igh I'm not gonna go there and start that up. LOL well oh boy I'm HOOKED. And all it took was ONE little Bella. So go see what there is on the Stampingbella site maybe just maybe you'll get bit by the Bellabug too lol.

Ok on to the cards.

This cutey card here I made on Monday. I was browsing the new cards and found a card that used this flower scallop from the new So Many Scallops SAB set. LOL I just HAD to make my own and so out came the DP and the colors went from there. Man the new 5/8 grossgrain from SU is SO fun to use.

This is the first of the VSN night cards. It uses the Faux Silk technique and it's SO easy. LOL to think I was intimidated at first to try this technique. Well let me tell you it's SUPA easy and fun. I LOVE the retired set In the Spotlight. LOL so glad my demo sold it to me!! Luv ya Jill!!!

The next challenge was to have (0r in my case make) a card and then case it but doing a SLIM version lol. Because the mini VSN was all about fashion, and we ALL know models are supposed to be tall and skinny right? Anyhoo these use the also retired hostess set Flowers for a Friend. Three of the flowers on each card is cut out and popped up on dimensionals.

Here's another technique I've never tried until this weekend. It's called Split negative and a tutorial can be found here. It's a lot easier than it looks believe me. Only trouble I had was cutting the paper once the embossing powder was already heated on it. The cutter kept wanting to scrape off the EP. Not sure I like the summer sun on there but oh well.

The last of the 4 challenges I did was this beauty. I LOVE pearl ex because it makes everything so shiny and sparkly. This is ANOTHER hostess set I used. Not sure when it retired but it's called Haute Couture. LOL it just sounded so "right" for this night that I had to reach for it. The certainly celery piece is stamped with the shoe image and then embossed with my cuttlebug embossing folder called Texture. Gotta love that cuttlebug eh?

Well I'm off to go to some challenges on SCS and HOPEFULLY I'll be able to upload those today. If not look for 'em tomorrow.

Till then


Just When You Think The World Has Changed!

Just when you think the world has changed and peoples' attitude toward gays, lesbians, and transgendered individuals may have become just a bit more positive, a news story pops up that reminds me that some people still HATE! The picture, not a recent incident, is of 2 young gay men hanging in Iran, their only crime was they were gay. Just today it was reported that A 19-year-old gay man from Iran who was refused asylum in Britain and fled to Holland will be deported back to the UK to face an extradition hearing that could send him back to Iran, where he too will face imprisonment, torture, and possible execution. Mehdi Kazemi fled Iran following the execution of his partner after being found guilty of sodomy. Kazemi hoped to find a safe haven in England. "What would you expect from Iran?" you might ask. However, I'm not sure the attitude toward gays, lesbians, and transgendered individual is much better in the US.

In the last year alone, young gay people have died at the hands of straight friends in central Florida, been beaten to death after leaving a bar in Greenville, S.C., and assassinated in an eighth grade classroom in California. Last weekend in Athens, Ga., a 17-year old gay man carrying a purse was beaten and verbally gay-bashed by three boys he knew. Then we have a Congresswoman, Sally Kern, who should be promoting civil rights, bash gays, saying they are a worse threat to the US than terrorists!

When are people going to just let people be who God made them to be? A person has a right to not like it! Someone can have a hard time understanding it! Some may not even accept it! But does that give them the right to kill or infringe on someone else's right? Maybe the US isn't any better than Iran!

Rep. Sally Kern's Anti-Gay Comments

Hear what Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern (R) has to say about gays and lesbians.......And then write to her to give her your point of view!

No posts

Ugg I've been bad again and not updating my blog everyday. I do have some GREAT news though. LOL I met another SCS buddy in real live. Turns out that scarphappily *Heidi* only lives 30 min from me and so yesterday SPUR of the MOMENT we decided to meet up and go spend some money at Hobby Lobby. LOL like I need an excuse to go shopping. ROFLMOA I did however spent a whole WHOPPING 1.67 on some stumps for my Prisma pencils. Heidi got some copics and she'll let me know how they are and whether I need to get some.

I'll post some pics of projects I did this weekend on the Mini VSN. It was fun playing along and this was the FIRST ever VSN where I could ACTUALLY see the stuff on my computer and work on the items at the same time. Last time I had to run back and forth between the upstairs and the downstairs. Not so good.

Well see ya'll tomorrow.


A Tale Of Two Manilas

In January MyGuy and I took a trip to the Philippines and Hong Kong. We visited friends in the Manila area and toured the sights in and around Manila. It was the most eye-opening experience of my life so far. I can only describe the visit to Manila as "interesting." Firstly let me say I had a great time, and the Filipino people are the most polite, hospitable people I have ever met. "Sir" was my name most places I went. (My friends joked that primarily because I was a white American, we always received special attention whenever I was present. Whatever the reason, it was great). Secondly, the Philippines has many great resort area and the cost of living is cheap there by US standards. A nice meal for four in a restaurant ran only about $30.00US. While in the hotel I had a 90 minute Hilot massage, which is a Filipino deep tissue massage, and that only cost me about $55.00US. In the US you spend at least $1.00/minute for any professional massage. When not at our friends' house, we stayed at the Peninsula Manila hotel, a five-star hotel, costing about $185.00US/night, a hotel that in the US would probably run between $300-500.00/night.
The reason I described my trip as "interesting" is mainly because of the dichotomy of life in the Philippines. There are many malls, ranging from new malls with high-end stores such as Gucci and Louis Vittan, to smaller malls with markets. The malls are packed! Because it is a tropical climate, and very warm, the temperature while we were there ranging most days from 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit with much humidity (and this was the cool season, November-January), and because most Filipino homes do not have central AC (AC in the bedrooms only if that), the people congregate in the malls in the evenings to spend time with friends and family and to eat meals, and quite honestly, to keep cool. When I explained that most Americans get done work, go home, eat dinner, and relax at home most weeknights, our Filipino friends said, "How boring!" The malls on the weeknights in Manila looked like our malls on a weekend at Christmas time in the US. The malls also have several food courts lined with traditional Filipino food as well as McDonald's, KFC, Starbucks, Pizza Hut and the likes, and the people are feasting! The money certainly flows in the malls. (One of the pictures above is in Makati, the financial district of Manila). The "interesting" thing is the poverty that is just outside those malls, and the lack of money a great deal of Filipinos have.
I expected to see poverty, but not to the extent I did. Villages like the one above exist all over! Not just in certain areas outside the city. We would be standing next to a modern, very nice building and just a few feet away were shacks and squatter villages where people lived. People sold things they made and tried to make a living anyway they could. (I realize this occurs in other places in the world, and even in the US, but I had never experienced it for myself). It was sad to see how some people have to exist! It really is just like I have seen on TV where the poor search for food to eat. The second day I was there, this actually put a tear in my eye. (I have since been inspired to donate to UNICEF/PHILIPPINES and to sponsor a child through Children International).
Manila and the area has a great deal of history, unfortunately most of it is occupation by foreign lands. The Philippines was first colonized by the Spanish, and the Dominicans (Catholics) remained in the Philippines for 500-600 years. The Spanish influence can be seen throughout the Philippines. So can the Catholic Church's influence. I wondered while I was there was the Catholic Church coming to the Philippines a good thing or a bad. Many of the hospitals and schools were founded by the Catholic Church so I guess that's good. But what if the Catholic Church never came, would the people be better off now? The Filipinos, although influenced tremendously by the Catholic Church, also incorporate alot of cultural rituals/beliefs into their religion. For many, I believe the only hope they have is that God and the Catholic Church will help them. I did not see much of that help while there, I must admit. After gaining independence from the Spanish, the Philippines was again occupied during WWII by the Japanese, who were vicious. The US eventually liberated the Philippines from the Japanese.
Much more to come about my trip to the Philippines as there is just too much to write here. I can say this will not be my last trip to the Philippines.

Os dançarinos "Little dancers"

No quarto da confusão (é assim que chamo o quarto dos brinquedos pois está sempre de fugir!), estes dois estão sempre na "desbunda" LOL!

«In the messed up room (that's how I call to the the room where the kids have their play space 'cause it's always a mess!) this two love to have some fun !!!LOL!»

Ai ai ai!... "Oh well...."

Mais um dia de clausura...
Agora estão cheios de tosse e ranhocas...
Daqui a nada começo a cheirar a mofo!(
Isto ainda que as minhas saidas se limitem quase sempre ás idas ás compras e ao cafézito com a sogra! E o pior é qua amanhã lá vai ela toda airosa passar 3 mesitos a Moçambique e eu vou ficar sem parceira pra o cafézito diário!Oh para mim cheia de inveja!LOL!Ela é que faz bem pois isto aqui está do piorio!)

«Another day of confinement...
Now they have stuffy noses and they're coughing a lot...
If things keep going like this, I'll be smelling like mold in a very short period!LOL!(this despite my exits resume mostly to going to the grosseryshop or going out to have a coffee with my mother in law! And the worst is that tomorrow she´s going for a 3 month vacation trip to Mozambique, so I'm about to loose my daily coffee partner!I'm so jealous of her!Lol!I'm kidding!Good for her!She's doing the right thing 'cause things here don't get much better than this!)
Oh well....»

Socorro! "Help!"

Desde o passado fim-de-semana que não ponho um cabelinho fora de casa!!!Na sexta-feira á noite o Filipe ficou doente, no sábado já estava o Wilson, e no domingo o Eric! É uma virose qualquer...O Wilson e o Eric nem febre fazem, mas sentem-se com se tivessem. O Filipe é o que tem estado mais atacado coitado...Está farto de faltar á escola e ainda por cima esta semana está cheio de testes! Por estas e por outras é que eu detesto o Inverno!
Só me apetece é fugir para as Maldivas!...

«Since last weekend that I'm not able to step outside!!! Friday night Filipe got sick, saturday morning Wilson got sick and by sunday night Eric was sick as well!It's some kind of a viral infection...Wilson and Eric don't even have fever, but they feel like they do. Filipe is whom is feeling worst poor thing!...He has being skipping school a lot and this is a very important week to him at school once he has a whole bunch of evaluation tests!...This is why I hate Winters!
I just feel like running away to the Maldivas!»

Color challenge

OOOOOHH over on SCS today the color challenge was Purely Pomegranite, Wild Wasabi and So Saffron. SOSO pretty. So of course I had to play along. I took forever to decide what set I wanted to use and found a cute card in one of the older catalogs. I totally cased it but changed the colors and some of the stamping elements. I enjoyed playing along today and look forward to next weeks colors.

I also wanted to add the pictures of the very first squash book that I did. I LOVED the one my demo showed me and she also had some printed out instructions so I got those from here and started out. I did OSW on the background pages as I thought that was going to be heavier than the DP that I had. I love the white CS that I bought at Office Max for $10. And there's 250 sheets in there, 110lb weight. Super nice for cards and background papers. Once AGAIN I used Purely pomegranite - as this is my favorite color right now.

So hope that some of these inspire you to sit down and do some stamping. Come back again soon to see what new goodies I have.

O começo... "The beginning"...

Há aproximadamente 11 anos atrás, pela primeira vez na minha vida, algo me deslumbrou como nada antes...Estava de casamento marcado e esperava o meu primeiro filho...No dia 24 de Março de 1997, pelas 23H00 nascia o Filipe, com 4,240Kgs e 52cms. Apesar de ter sido um parto difícil a minha vida nunca mais viria a ser a mesma (mas pela positiva).A experiência de ser mãe foi tão arrebatadora para mim, tanto que 2 anos mais tarde dava á luz novamente mais um rebento...Desta feita, no dia 07 de Maio de 1999, pelas 22H40 nascia o Wilson (ás 36 semanas de gestação) permaturo, com 3,270Kgs e 49cms. Cresceram rápido tornando-se uns reguilas,consumindo todo o meu tempo e energia especialmente até aos 4/5 anitos de idade.Mas isso não foi impedimento para mim.Continuei sempre a trabalhar fora e a cumprir com todas as obrigações de mãe.Há 3 anos atrás quando o Wilson entrou para o 1º ano,comecei a sentir falta de toda aquela azáfama de ter um bebé nos braços...Sempre disse que pelo menos queria 3 filhos...Então engravidei de novo.Ás 12 semanas já sabia que era outro rapaz, mas não fiquei nem um pouco abalada.A bem dizer já contava com isso. A gravidez correu sobre rodas e o parto foi maravilhoso (mas isso é outra história que mais tarde contarei...). No dia 20 de Novembro de 2005 ás 20H20 (já sei! Estão a pensar que esta mulher só tem filhos á noite!LOL!) nascia o Eric com 3,650Kgs e 50cms. Presentemente tem 27 meses,ainda mama, e por causa dele optei por me despedir e dedicar-me a ser mãe a tempo inteiro.
Não me arrependo nem um pouco.
Os meus filhos são o ar que respiro...

«About 11 years ago ,for the first time in my life, something dazzled me like nothing before...I was about getting married and already expecting my first child... On the 24th of March of 1997, by 11 pm Filipe was born (weight: 11,36 lb-- hight:20,47 inches). Despite having been a very difficult childbirth, my life wouldn't ever be the same (but in a positive way!). The experience of becoming a mother was so overwhelming, so that 2 years later I was giving birth again...On the 7th of May of 1999, by 10h40 pm Wilson was born (on my 36th week of pregnancy) prematurely ( weight:8,76 lb--hight:19,29 inches). They grew up very quickly and became these darn cute rugrats! Which consumed all of my time and energy specially till the age of 4/5 years old. However that wasn't ever an issue to me. I kept my full-time job as a security guard and still managed to keep up with all my duties as a mom. Three years ago when Wilson got in into the 1st grade, I started missing all that bustle of taking care of a small baby again...I always said that I wanted 3 kids at least...So I got pregnant once again. Around the 12th week of pregancy my obstetrician told me I was expecting another boy, but that didn't surprised me. To be honest, I kind of was already counting on that...The pregancy went smoothly and the childbirth was wonderful (but that's another story that I'll tell you later). On the 20th of November of 2005, by 8h20 pm (I know what you're thinking:this lady only gives birth at night! Lol!)Eric was born (weight:9,77 lb--hight: 19,68 inches). Nowadays he's 27 months old, I'm still breastfeading him, and mostly because of him I realized that it would be better for everyone if I quit my job and become a full time mom.
I don't regret I did it....
My children are the air that I breath...»

New rubba

Ok so I've been totally SPOILED this weekend. I just got SIX brand new sets of rubba AND TWO retired sets. PLUS I have THREE more wheels now!!!

I've been wanting to order Lovely as a Tree since FOREVER but always keep bumping it down the list for something more affordable or just for paper and new "In Colors". So I finally broke down and got this set and Curvy Verses as well. LOL now I just hope they don't retire these in June!!!!

Anyhooo so I played with my new rubba after I mounted them all and made this fast and fun little card. I cuttle bugged the background for some texture and then just stamped my image in Stazon black and colored over top with chalks and a sponge dauber. The ribbon is retired and fitted JUST right with the sky color so I stapled 3 of them on the side after mounting the white on Basic black cardstock. I had fun making this card.

For my next card I used some images I got in the WRAK forum over on SCS. I love love love the retired set "Sassy Stems" and asked for some of the flowers in the vases. Out came the 2006/7 retired catty and I CASED one of the samples in there for this image. I wasn't TOO pleased with how it turned out, the catty's sample was a much darker Paisly BG but oh well. LOL and this was done upstairs last night as I was watching a movie, lol I carried about a 1/3 of my stamp room upstairs to play and then had to carry it all back downstairs again when I was done!!!

For this last card I used another retired set called Fun with Shapes. I saw a card in the gallery on SCS a long time ago and liked it so much that I just HAD to have this set. Luckily my SU demo had it in her retired stash and I scooped it up!!!! Hence the retired set. BUT I did play with my brand spanking new River Rock and it's GORGES!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really is a wonderful color and I think I like this Color combo that was Tuesdays challenge.

So hope you have a blessed Sunday and enjoy some stamping time.