Bring Out Your Old Toys Meme

My dear friend Tina tagged me with this cute meme about our childhood favorite toys.

Basically all you need to do is pick one of your favorite toys as a
kid, post a picture of it (Google images is great if you don't have a
picture of it), and tell us about it.

At the end tag a couple of people for it.

So, here are mine:

This is actually me at the age of 8!

This cutie pie is my baby sister.She's 28 nowadays.
Believe it or not all those toys are mine.That's my fav kitchen!She was just posing for the pic cause thou she has that lil'angel look, she has always been a tom boy!!!
Some day I'll post about her and you'll be amazed how different she is from that look!LOL!

I'll be tagging my BBF's Angeline,Tisha and Petula .