appreciate and be appreciated

I appreciate shapes. I appreciate colours. I appreciate sounds. I appreciate silence. I appreciate life.

Often we refuse to listen. Often we refuse to look. Often we refuse to speak. Often we take things for granted. Often we believe in something unbelievable, something impossible, something unacceptable.

Sometimes we forget to reflect. Sometimes we forget to look at our past. Sometimes we forget to look at ourselves.

Most of the time we demand appreciation. We want to be appreciated, and blame it to "human nature". But do you know how to appreciate. Do you actually stop and smell the roses, or any flowers, plants for that matter? Do you actually listen to the birds chirping in the morning? Do you understand why people think differently? Do you know why people are so obssessed with something that they refuse to accept other things?

I, honestly, can be very critical. I critic almost everything, cloths, shoes, bags, hair, nails, underwear ... it becomes an addiction. I often tell friends that it is an art, an art of observation, scrutinising every detail ... I get the kicks of looking at people's flaws, but I always forget to look at myself, I should ask myself: "am I perfect?"

But, of course, as fast as we could run, we cannot hide from the fact that we all like to look, listen and speak. May be criticising people is a way of appreciating them. They have made their point that their weirdness would draw attention, that's an achievement to their effort. I am sure, we made someone's day.

For one to be appreciated, one must first appreciate. Appreciation is earned ... just like respect. So the next time you see something nice, spare some time to appreciate it. Tell the one you love and your loved ones how much you love them. Thank your parents for their sacrifices and contribution, do it now while you still can ... I just did!