Training Champions

While watching the Olympic Games I told to my hubby once (I was just joking of course!):
"Honey do you know how come Michael Phelps is so darn good at his swimming?"
"Nop"-he replied.
"It's cause North-Americans are use to swim as fast as they can to run away from sharks!!!!"
He laughed and said:"Oh yeah!?But the Australians are not that bad too!..."
"So would I be to run away from the salt water crocs!"We both laughed...
Then he said--"No wonder Kenyans run so fast then!"
Me:"And that would be because?...."
We laughed and said at the same time:"They're used to run away from lions!..."
Later on checking upon our emails I found out this video....
Man!!!I couldn't ever imagine that I was soooooooooooooo right about it!

How Australian's Train To Swim