Still about the Baby Bags...

Some you girls wondered how come I have so many baby bags and purses...
Well, first of all: I am a gal!!!And you know, women=bags=shoes!
When I was working I used to buy for my self, but when Eric was born I became a shoppaholic for baby stuff!
And 2 more things:

-#1-I have more bags!LOL!
#2--The 1st bag displayed was made by me.Yep!I love to do those kinda things! And the Pocoyo one I bought for Eric but the rest of them were give aways freebies.Mostly by Mustela, Chicco and Klorane.
Every month I buy some cosmetic products for Eric once he has a very sensitive skin , and when you buy at least 2 of one of those brands they usually have this freebies to offer.