McCain's "Gamble" With Our Future

Today, the day after John McCain announced that Sarah Palin, the unknown governor of Alaska, would be his Vice Presidential running mate, the headlines used word such as "gamble," "rolls the dice," and "chance." John McCain is taking a big chance on the future of the US, and I know I for one am not willing to play the odds!

McCain has chosen a running mate that has even less experience than Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and that has been one of the major criticisms of the McCain campaign in this election thus far. So what does John McCain do? Picks someone that is only a heartbeat away from being Commander-In-Chief with NO national experience at all! Let's face it, John McCain is 72 years old and has fought cancer. I know he could live another 20 years, but the odds of him doing so are not that great.

Wake up America! Don't "roll the dice" on our future. Look at which candidate has the most to offer for the change, and stability, we need.