Harsh Temper Lady

Sometimes I feel sorry for men.Yep, I honestly do!
We woman give them some harsh times, well at least I recognize that I do that.
For the past couple of days my hubby took us out so we could enjoy the nice hot weather and have some family time.
Sunday night it took us out to dinner and then we went to the park with the kids once the night was so warm and pleasant...So far so good right?...
Yesterday he took us out again.This time to the big city (Lisbon).
We went to one of the big Shopping Centers we have there.
The kids had a blast at the Fun Center and having ice creams and so...
Me?Well, I was in a bad mood set up!No matter how hard my poor hubby tried to please me I kept giving him some really harsh time!...
I had in mind buying some new stuff for Eric, but once I didn't find what I was looking for it made me really mad!...
My fav stores didn't have the clothes I was looking for and I had in mind buying him a new lighter stroller but he didn't agree with that (in a manner he was right I have to say.Eric is almost 3 and doesn't like to ride it any longer).
Plus,I'm in that time of the month where my hormones go crazy.So each time I saw a preg woman or people with very young babies (and they were all over!)It putted tears in my eyes!(yeah...I'm nuts!You should know that by now!)
What can I say?I'm an harsh temper lady (at least one time per month!LOL!)
I promise that today I'll go easy on him. ;)