My BBF Tina tagged me this cute meme about ourselves (yeah...I know what you're thinking...Again about me!)
So here it goes!...
I am: a daydreamer
I think: a lot!
I know:I never get to know all that I need to know
I have: a lovely family
I wish:I was working and living in the US
I hate: racism and fawny people
I miss: my dad
I fear: for my kids
I hear: lots and lots of music
I smell: fresh made coffee
I crave: chocolate ice cream
I search: for full filling my dreams
I wonder: what the future has for me
I regret: some things I've said to my mom when I was a teen
I love: my family
I ache: each time I receive a "no can do" answer from a job application in the US or AUS
I am not: A vain person
I believe: In Angels
I dance: The whole time
I sing: the whole time as well!
I cry: Geeez!When I'm happy,when I'm down, when I read a nice book or watch a romantic movie...
I fight: against feeling down
I win: playing word games
I lose: playing PS2 with my kids
I never: will feel home as long as I live here
I always: have my kids around
I confuse: my hubby sometimes
I listen: what people have to say
I can usually be found: home
I am scared: of spiders
I need: a tummy tuck!
I am happy about: having a lovely family and the fact that I have healthy children
I imagine: the day I'll step in the US for the first time

I'm not tagging anyone cause I guess you all have been tagged before...
Just in case you haven't, please feel free to grab it!